6 Rock Bands Like Breaking Benjamin

6 Rock Bands Like Breaking Benjamin


Personally for me,‌ Breaking Benjamin is one of the defining ‍rock bands of⁣ the early 2000s. With their heavy‌ guitar riffs, emotive lyrics, and powerful vocals, they captured the hearts of many alternative rock⁢ fans. If you’re ‌a fan of Breaking Benjamin like me, you might be interested in discovering other rock bands with a similar sound and energy. From my‌ research,⁢ I’ve compiled a list of 6 ‍rock bands that share similarities ​with‍ Breaking Benjamin. Let’s ⁢dive in and explore ⁣these fantastic ⁣bands!

Intro ‍Paragraph 2: Each⁢ band ​included in this list has their own unique style and ⁢sound, but they all showcase the raw‌ emotion and impactful instrumentation that ‌defines Breaking Benjamin’s music. So, if you’re craving more rock music that hits you right in the ⁤feels, these bands are definitely worth checking out.

Band 1: Starset

About the Band

Starset is an⁤ American rock band ​formed ⁤in‍ 2013. Their music is characterized by a blend ⁤of ⁤alternative rock, electronic elements, and symphonic arrangements. The⁣ band’s​ concept revolves around a futuristic science ⁢fiction narrative, with⁤ their⁣ albums often telling a continuous story ⁢set in a dystopian world.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Both Breaking Benjamin and Starset share a ⁤passion ⁢for combining heavy ⁤rock instrumentals with emotionally charged lyrics.⁤ Starset’s music features powerful vocals and haunting melodies, similar to Breaking Benjamin’s signature style. ​Their⁤ lyrics ⁣often center around personal struggles, inner battles, and ⁢themes ⁣of strength and perseverance.

Starset⁣ Official Website

Band 2: Red Sun Rising

About the⁤ Band

Red‍ Sun Rising is an American rock band that gained popularity in the⁢ late ‍2000s. ⁣Their‍ music is a fusion of alternative⁢ rock, post-grunge, and hard rock.​ Known for⁤ their energetic live performances, the band has a knack for creating⁤ catchy⁢ hooks and memorable melodies.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Red Sun Rising shares similarities with Breaking Benjamin in their ability to create powerful rock anthems that resonate with listeners. Their songs often delve into themes of inner⁤ struggles,⁢ self-reflection,⁢ and resilience, ⁢much like Breaking Benjamin.⁤ Fans of Breaking Benjamin will appreciate Red Sun⁢ Rising’s blend of melodic ‌rock and⁢ hard-hitting instrumentals.

Red Sun Rising Official Website

Band 3: Saint Asonia

About the⁢ Band

Saint Asonia ​is a‌ Canadian-American rock band⁤ formed in 2015. The band was founded by former Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier ‌and⁢ Staind guitarist Mike Mushok. Their music incorporates elements of⁣ alternative rock, hard rock, and post-grunge.

Similarity and Noteworthy​ Points

Saint ⁤Asonia’s sound‌ draws parallels to Breaking⁣ Benjamin, featuring a blend of melodic yet heavy rock compositions. Adam ‍Gontier’s vocals, ⁢similar⁢ to ⁢Benjamin Burnley, carry emotional weight and intensity. Both bands​ excel ​in ⁣creating anthemic‌ rock songs with introspective lyrics ‌that resonate ​with fans.

Saint ‌Asonia Official ‍Website

Band 4: Art of ⁣Dying

About the Band

Art‍ of Dying⁤ is a Canadian ‍rock band that combines elements‌ of alternative rock, post-grunge, and hard rock. Formed in 2004, the band has released several successful albums and garnered a dedicated fanbase with their powerful and emotive ⁤music.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy⁤ Points

Art⁣ of Dying shares a similar ⁤sound and lyrical quality with Breaking Benjamin. Their music features heavy guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, and introspective⁤ lyrics. The band’s emotionally driven performances and relatable themes ‌make them ‍a great choice for Breaking ⁣Benjamin fans.

Art of Dying Official Website

Band 5: Skillet

About the Band

Skillet is an American Christian⁣ rock band that​ has gained mainstream success since their ⁣formation ‌in 1996. Their music⁢ combines elements⁣ of ⁣alternative rock, hard rock, and symphonic metal, creating‍ a unique ⁣and⁤ powerful⁢ sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Skillet’s⁤ music, like Breaking ‍Benjamin’s, is characterized by ⁢heavy instrumentation⁢ and ‍emotionally charged lyrics. Both ⁢bands infuse their songs with powerful messages of hope, overcoming adversity,⁣ and self-empowerment.‌ Skillet’s energetic performances and catchy hooks make them a must-listen for Breaking Benjamin fans.

Skillet Official Website

Band 6: Chevelle

About​ the Band

Chevelle is an American⁢ rock band⁤ that emerged‌ in the late 1990s. Their music is a⁣ fusion of‍ alternative rock, post-grunge, and hard rock. Known for their⁢ heavy guitar-driven​ sound and ⁣introspective lyrics, Chevelle has garnered a loyal following ​over the years.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁤Points

Chevelle’s music ‍shares similarities with Breaking Benjamin not only in terms of musical style ​but⁤ also ‍in their introspective and emotionally charged lyrics.⁢ Both bands excel in delivering powerful rock ‌ballads and energetic anthems that ⁢resonate with fans. If you enjoy Breaking Benjamin’s sound, Chevelle is definitely worth a listen.

Chevelle Official ⁤Website


From my experience,⁤ discovering new bands with a ‍similar sound to your favorite ‍artists‍ can be an exciting journey. These 6 rock bands, Starset, Red Sun Rising, Saint Asonia, Art of Dying,‍ Skillet, and Chevelle,‌ all have their own unique qualities while sharing ‍similarities with Breaking Benjamin’s powerful‍ and emotionally charged music. I ⁣highly recommend‌ exploring their⁣ discographies and experiencing their captivating ​performances. So, grab your headphones and delve into these amazing⁢ bands that are sure to satisfy your craving for impactful rock music.

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