6 Rock Bands Like Arctic Monkeys

6 Rock Bands Like Arctic Monkeys


Personally, for me, Arctic Monkeys are​ one of the most iconic and influential⁢ rock bands of our time. Their unique sound and cleverly crafted lyrics have‍ captivated audiences worldwide. If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys and craving more music with a similar vibe, I’ve got you⁣ covered. In this article, I’ll‍ introduce you to⁤ six rock bands that share ​similarities⁣ with Arctic Monkeys, both in style and substance. So, stick around and discover some fantastic music!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before diving into the bands, let me clarify that these suggestions‌ are based on my own research and experience as a fan. While some similarities exist, each band has their own unique flair that sets them apart. So, let’s explore some incredible music together.

Band 1: Royal Blood

About the Band

Royal Blood is a British rock duo formed in 2013. Consisting⁢ of bassist⁣ and vocalist Mike ⁣Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher, the⁢ band rose to fame with their⁣ self-titled debut album. Their music merges elements of alternative rock, ⁢garage rock, and blues rock. If you’re‌ a fan of Arctic Monkeys’ energetic and raw⁣ sound, Royal Blood’s ⁢powerful ⁣riffs and catchy hooks will undoubtedly resonate with you.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Royal Blood shares a knack for crafting infectious melodies and ​delivering⁣ them with a high-octane performance. Their distinctive sound, ⁣characterized by heavily distorted bass lines⁣ and thunderous‍ drumming, ⁤mirrors the Arctic⁤ Monkeys’ ability to create electrifying ​rock anthems. Check out Royal Blood’s ⁤official website ⁤ here.

Paragraph 2: The band’s sophomore⁢ album, “How ⁤Did We Get So ‌Dark?,” further solidifies their place in the rock scene. ⁢Its raw energy and hard-hitting ‍tracks, such as⁤ “Lights Out” ‍and “I Only Lie When I Love You,” will surely captivate fans of Arctic Monkeys.

Band 2: The Strokes

About ‍the Band

The Strokes, an⁤ American⁣ rock band formed in 1998, gained immense popularity during the early 2000s ‍indie ⁣rock revival.⁤ Comprising Julian Casablancas (vocals), Nick Valensi (guitar), ​Albert Hammond Jr. (guitar), Nikolai Fraiture (bass), and Fabrizio Moretti (drums), their⁣ music embodies garage ⁢rock, post-punk revival, and alternative rock. With their catchy hooks and edgy ​guitar-driven sound, The Strokes resonate well with fans of ⁢Arctic Monkeys.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Both The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys have a knack for producing infectious, guitar-driven rock music. The Strokes’ ​breakthrough ‌album,​ “Is This It,” became a defining record of the 2000s. Songs like “Last Nite” and‌ “Someday” showcase their signature sound and lyrical wit.‍ Check out The Strokes’ official ‍website ​ here.

Paragraph 2: ⁤The Strokes’ influence on Arctic Monkeys is evident, and their music offers a ⁤similar blend of energy and clever songwriting. Whether you’re discovering them for the‍ first time or rekindling your⁣ love for their early⁣ hits, The Strokes never disappoint.

Band 3: Catfish and the Bottlemen

About the Band

Catfish and the Bottlemen, a Welsh⁢ rock band formed in 2007,‍ quickly gained ⁣attention for ⁣their high-energy performances and ​melodic rock sound. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Van McCann, the band also includes Johnny Bond⁢ (guitar), ⁢Robert Hall (bass), and Benji Blakeway (bass). Their music lies ‍in the realm ⁢of indie rock and alternative rock. Fans of Arctic Monkeys’ relatable⁣ lyrics and anthemic choruses will find solace in Catfish and the Bottlemen’s discography.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Arctic‍ Monkeys, Catfish and the ⁣Bottlemen excel at‌ crafting catchy melodies that hook listeners from the ⁤get-go. Their debut album,⁤ “The ​Balcony,” propelled ⁢them into the mainstream with tracks such as “Kathleen” ⁢and “Cocoon.” Their energetic live shows and ​infectious ⁣indie rock vibes make them a perfect recommendation ​for Arctic ​Monkeys fans. Check out Catfish‌ and the​ Bottlemen’s official website here.

Paragraph⁣ 2: If you’re longing for new music that captures the essence of British rock, Catfish and the Bottlemen are definitely worth a⁢ listen. ⁤Their passionate performances ⁤and relatable lyrics will have ⁢you singing along in no time.

Band 4: The Last Shadow Puppets

About the Band

The ⁢Last Shadow Puppets ⁤is a side-project formed by Arctic Monkeys’ ⁣frontman Alex Turner and former Rascals member Miles Kane. ⁢This collaboration produced a fantastic amalgamation of indie rock, baroque pop, and chamber​ pop. Their music, characterized by lush orchestration and poetic lyrics, offers a unique sonic experience that complements⁤ Arctic Monkeys’ discography.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Giving a nod to the 1960s⁣ rock era, The Last Shadow Puppets bring a refreshing ⁣sound that resonates with fans of Arctic Monkeys. Their debut album, “The Age of ⁢the Understatement,” showcases ⁢their talent for‌ crafting soaring melodies and rich⁤ musical arrangements. Check out The Last Shadow⁢ Puppets’ official website here.

Paragraph ⁤2: The Last Shadow Puppets’s unique blend of orchestral ⁣elements and indie rock sensibilities offers a different yet enticing listening experience. It’s⁢ a journey worth embarking on for Arctic⁣ Monkeys fans looking to ​explore something a little out of the ordinary.

Band‍ 5: The Vaccines

About the Band

The Vaccines, a British indie ​rock band formed in 2010, burst onto ‍the scene with their infectious and ⁣energetic⁣ sound. Consisting of Justin ‍Young (vocals), Freddie ⁤Cowan (guitar), Tommy English (bass), and Yoann ​Intonti (drums), their music blends garage rock, post-punk revival, and indie rock.​ If you enjoy ‍Arctic Monkeys’ knack for creating irresistible hooks, The ⁢Vaccines won’t ​disappoint.

Similarity​ and Noteworthy‍ Points

The Vaccines, like‍ Arctic Monkeys, have‍ a remarkable ability to craft instantly⁤ catchy ‌songs that leave a lasting impact. Their debut album, “What Did You Expect⁣ from The Vaccines?,” propelled them into the limelight with tracks ‌such as “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)”⁢ and “Post ⁣Break-Up Sex.” Check out The Vaccines’ official website here.

Paragraph⁢ 2: ‌ The Vaccines’ energy and⁢ infectious melodies make ⁢them a perfect recommendation for any Arctic ⁢Monkeys fan seeking an ​adrenaline-fueled rock experience. Give ⁢them ⁣a ‌listen, and you’ll find yourself hooked in no time.

Band 6: Franz Ferdinand

About⁢ the Band

Franz Ferdinand, a ⁣Scottish rock⁢ band formed in 2002,​ combines elements of indie rock, post-punk revival, and dance-rock to create their unique sound. With Alex Kapranos on vocals and guitar, Bob Hardy on bass, Paul Thomson⁣ on drums, and Dino ​Bardot on guitar, the band’s music is a ​perfect match for fans of​ Arctic Monkeys.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Franz Ferdinand shares a ⁤similar inclination for crafting infectious hooks and thought-provoking lyrics. Their self-titled album, ⁤”Franz Ferdinand,” was a massive hit, producing tracks like “Take ⁤Me Out” and “Matinee” that quickly became indie ​rock anthems. Check​ out Franz Ferdinand’s ⁢official website here.

Paragraph​ 2: With their infectious dance-rock sound and ‌catchy ‌melodies, Franz Ferdinand provides an exhilarating musical experience reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys. Their music is a must-explore for anyone looking ⁤to expand their rock​ repertoire.


In⁤ my ‍opinion, these⁢ six rock bands offer a great starting point for Arctic Monkeys fans craving similar music. From the heavy-hitting rock of Royal Blood to the indie rock charm of Catfish and the Bottlemen, ‌each band‍ brings its own ⁣flavor to the table. Personally, for ​me, exploring these artists has broadened⁤ my musical horizons and provided hours of enjoyment. ‍So, grab⁣ your headphones, delve into⁣ these bands’ Discographies, and let⁣ the music ‍take you on a ‌journey.⁣ You never know, you might just discover your new favorite band!

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