6 Psychedelic Bands Like Pink Floyd

6 Psychedelic Bands Like Pink Floyd


When it comes to psychedelic ⁣rock, few bands have left a‌ lasting impact quite like Pink Floyd. Their unique blend of trippy atmospheres, experimental⁢ soundscapes, and thought-provoking lyrics has made them one of the most influential bands of all time. If you’re a fan of Pink Floyd and​ looking to expand your musical horizons, here are six psychedelic bands that you should definitely check out.

Intro Paragraph 2: Personally for⁣ me, these bands have captured the essence of psychedelic music in‌ their own distinctive ways. From‍ my ​research and experience, I believe that exploring these bands will not only take you on a mind-altering journey but also open your ears to new sonic landscapes.

Band 1: Tame Impala

About the Band

Tame Impala is an Australian psychedelic rock band formed by Kevin Parker in 2007. Their music is characterized by dreamy melodies, lush production, and Parker’s ‌ethereal vocals. The ⁣band has gained widespread acclaim for albums like “Lonerism” and‌ “Currents,” which showcase their ability to seamlessly blend psychedelic elements with modern pop sensibilities.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Pink⁤ Floyd, Tame Impala’s music often ⁤transports listeners to otherworldly realms with its⁢ swirling synths, hypnotic basslines, and introspective lyrics. Their attention to detail in sound production is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s meticulous approach. Discover more about Tame Impala on their official website.

Paragraph 2: If you enjoy the atmospheric qualities of Pink Floyd’s music, Tame Impala’s sonic tapestries will undoubtedly captivate your senses. Their ability to create immersive and introspective ⁣psychedelic experiences makes them‍ a must-listen for any fan of Pink Floyd.

Band 2: The Flaming Lips

About⁣ the Band

The Flaming Lips are an American rock band known for ⁢their eccentric stage presence and ‍genre-blending sound. Formed in 1983, they have released numerous albums, including the critically acclaimed “The Soft Bulletin” and “Yoshimi⁣ Battles the Pink‌ Robots.”⁢ The Flaming Lips’ music is characterized by lush arrangements, psychedelic lyrics, and a ‍sense​ of ⁤wonder.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Flaming Lips, like Pink Floyd, excel at creating expansive sonic landscapes that push the‌ boundaries of traditional rock music. Their experimentation with different instruments, electronic elements, and fantastical themes resonates ⁤with the more experimental side of Pink ‍Floyd’s catalog. Discover more about The Flaming Lips on their official website.

Paragraph‌ 2: If you appreciate Pink Floyd’s ability to transport listeners into other realms, The Flaming Lips’ psychedelic‍ and whimsical soundscapes will take you on an equally enchanting journey. Their music ⁢is a perfect fit for those seeking a unique blend of trippy and melodic compositions.

Band 3: King Gizzard & ‍The Lizard Wizard

About the Band

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band formed in 2010. Known for‌ their prolific output and diverse musical styles, ⁣the ​band has released a staggering⁢ number of albums spanning various genres, including psychedelic rock, garage rock, and progressive rock.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s‌ relentless creativity and willingness to experiment echo ‌Pink Floyd’s own exploratory nature. They incorporate elements from different psychedelic eras, infusing their music with a⁢ sense of nostalgia while also ⁣sounding fresh and modern. Explore more about King ⁤Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on their official website.

Paragraph 2: If you admire Pink Floyd’s ability to ‌blend various influences into a cohesive, mind-bending experience,‍ King​ Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s vast discography ‍offers an ever-evolving soundscape that will keep you hooked.

Band 4: The Brian ‍Jonestown Massacre

About ⁢the Band

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is an American psychedelic rock ‌band formed in 1988. Led by the⁤ enigmatic Anton Newcombe, the band draws inspiration from 1960s psychedelic and garage rock. Their discography is a⁤ testament to their unwavering commitment ‍to creating captivating and raw musical experiences.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s gritty and unfiltered approach to psychedelic rock shares similarities with Pink Floyd’s early experimental sound.​ Both bands​ have a⁤ knack for crafting songs that unfold in unexpected ways, taking⁤ listeners on a journey ​through swirling guitar solos and mesmerizing arrangements. Visit ‌The‌ Brian‍ Jonestown Massacre’s official website for more information.

Paragraph 2: If you appreciate Pink Floyd’s early‍ psychedelic ‌sound and ‍value gritty authenticity, The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s raw⁤ and unapologetic approach to psychedelic rock will resonate⁣ with you.

Band 5: Pond

About the Band

Pond is an Australian psychedelic ‍rock band formed in 2008 by members of Tame Impala. Their music encompasses a mix of psychedelic, indie, and glam rock influences, resulting in a dynamic and energetic sound. The band’s discography showcases their evolution from lo-fi psychedelia ‍to polished explorations of distorted guitar riffs.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Pink Floyd, Pond’s ‍music is filled with swirling ⁤guitars, dreamy melodies, and introspective lyrics. They have developed their ⁣own distinct psychedelic style while acknowledging the influences of the psychedelic pioneers.‌ Get ⁣to know more about Pond on their official website.

Paragraph 2: If you⁢ enjoy Pink Floyd’s ability to seamlessly blend psychedelia with ⁢other genres, Pond’s infectious energy and knack for crafting catchy hooks will‍ undoubtedly catch your attention.

Band 6: ​MGMT

About the Band

MGMT is an American psychedelic⁣ pop band formed in 2002. Known​ for their eclectic and ​genre-defying sound, the band’s music ‌incorporates elements of psychedelic rock, synth-pop, and indie rock. Their ‍breakthrough album “Oracular Spectacular” catapulted them into the mainstream, ‍showcasing their ability to create infectious and thought-provoking psychedelic anthems.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

MGMT’s music shares similarities ⁢with Pink ‌Floyd’s ability to seamlessly blend​ catchy melodies with ‌thought-provoking lyrics. They explore‌ themes of introspection, society, ‍and existentialism, reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s lyrical depth. Dive deeper into MGMT’s world on their‌ official website.

Paragraph 2: ​If you appreciate Pink Floyd’s ability to create psychedelic music that resonates with a wide audience, MGMT’s eclectic sound and introspective lyrics will transport you into a world of their own making.


In my opinion, exploring these ⁣six psychedelic bands, personally, has been an⁤ eye-opening experience. Each band ‍brings ​its own unique approach to the genre, expanding upon the ⁢musical legacy left by Pink Floyd. From ethereal⁣ soundscapes to ⁢raw and ‍unfiltered compositions, ⁢these bands capture the essence of psychedelic music in their‌ own remarkable ways. So, grab your headphones and embark on a mind-altering journey through the sonic landscapes of Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, King Gizzard⁢ & The Lizard Wizard, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pond, and MGMT.

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