6 New Bands Like Nirvana

6 New Bands Like Nirvana


Personally ‍for me, Nirvana will always hold a ⁣special place in my heart. Their raw energy, ⁤unique ⁤sound, and expressive ​lyrics have influenced countless musicians and continue to resonate with audiences ​today. While no one can truly replace Nirvana, there are some new bands that capture a⁤ similar spirit ⁢and energy. In⁢ this article, I will introduce you to six bands that, in my opinion, share similarities with Nirvana and are worth ‍checking out.

Intro Paragraph 2: Each of these bands‍ has its own unique style‍ and sound, but they all embrace the rawness and honesty that Nirvana was ‍known for. So, let’s dive ⁢in and‍ explore these six bands.

Band 1: IDLES

About the Band

IDLES is a British punk ‌rock band formed in 2009. Known for their⁢ high-energy live performances and socially conscious lyrics, IDLES has been praised for their raw, explosive sound. Their music tackles topics like mental health, toxic masculinity, and societal issues, much like Nirvana did.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What makes IDLES similar to​ Nirvana is their​ ability to channel raw emotions into their music.⁤ Both bands ​have a knack for blending catchy hooks ‌with​ thunderous guitar riffs. IDLES’ lyrics often carry a sense of urgency, just like Kurt Cobain’s songwriting. If you’re a fan of Nirvana’s rebellious‌ and⁣ socially aware⁤ nature, you’ll likely⁣ find IDLES to be ⁣a refreshing and powerful⁤ band to ⁣listen to.

Paragraph 2: Check out IDLES’ website ‌ here.

Band 2: Dinosaur Pile-Up

About the Band

Dinosaur Pile-Up is an English rock‌ band formed⁢ in 2007. Their music combines ​elements of grunge, alternative rock, and punk. With infectious‌ melodies and heavy guitar riffs, the ‍band manages to capture the essence‌ of 90s alternative‍ rock.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Sharing‌ similarities with‌ Nirvana, Dinosaur Pile-Up​ creates ​a fusion of aggression and melodic hooks. Their⁢ music often carries a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of the early 90s alternative rock‍ scene. If you enjoy Nirvana’s loud, energetic sound, Dinosaur Pile-Up might be a band that resonates with you.

Paragraph​ 2: ‍Check ​out Dinosaur Pile-Up’s website here.

Band 3: Highly Suspect

About the ⁣Band

Highly Suspect‌ is an ⁤American ‍rock band formed in 2009. The band incorporates‌ elements of grunge, blues,‌ and alternative rock⁣ into their sound. Known for their intense performances and‌ introspective lyrics, Highly Suspect has been‌ praised for their‌ raw and emotional approach to music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Highly Suspect’s music captures the raw energy and‌ introspection that made Nirvana so influential. The band’s frontman, Johnny Stevens, possesses ‌a distinct and powerful voice reminiscent‍ of Kurt Cobain’s gritty vocals. Highly Suspect’s music allows listeners to ‍dive deep into their emotions, much like ⁤Nirvana’s discography.

Paragraph 2: Check out Highly Suspect’s⁣ website here.

Band⁤ 4: Royal Blood

About the Band

Royal Blood is a British rock duo formed in 2013. With their heavy, distorted bass guitar sound and dynamic drumming, Royal Blood has been hailed as one‌ of the most exciting⁣ rock bands of the decade. Their music⁤ fuses elements of alternative rock, ⁢garage​ rock, and blues.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

While Royal⁢ Blood’s sound may not resemble Nirvana’s directly,​ the band shares ‌similarities ‍in terms‌ of their‍ intensity and innovation. Just like Nirvana, Royal ⁤Blood manages to create a massive sound with only two members. Their⁣ music is energetic, loud, and unapologetically rock-oriented.

Paragraph‌ 2: Check out Royal ​Blood’s⁢ website here.

Band 5: Bully

About ⁤the Band

Bully ‍is an American rock⁣ band formed ‌in 2013. The band’s sound is ⁣characterized by gritty guitars,⁤ energetic rhythms, and emotionally ​charged lyrics. ⁣Drawing inspiration from grunge ​and punk, Bully creates a dynamic and ‌captivating musical​ experience.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

Bully embodies the spirit of 90s alternative rock, just like Nirvana. Their music⁢ is characterized ​by rawness and vulnerability, ⁣striking a chord with listeners who appreciate genuine sincerity in rock ​music. The band’s ⁣frontwoman, Alicia Bognanno, delivers powerful vocals reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s ability to convey⁣ emotions through ⁣his voice.

Paragraph 2: Check out Bully’s website here.

Band 6: METZ

About the Band

METZ is ​a Canadian noise rock band formed in 2008. Known for their relentless⁣ and explosive performances, the band has ⁤made​ a name for themselves with⁤ their abrasive sound and intense ‍live shows.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Although METZ’s music leans more towards noise rock than​ grunge, their high-energy approach and distorted guitars ⁣share​ similarities with Nirvana. METZ’s music is⁢ characterized by its rawness and chaotic nature, capturing the spirit of ‌alternative rock. If you’re looking for an intense and edgy musical experience, METZ might be the band for you.

Paragraph 2: Check out METZ’s website here.


From my​ research, these six⁣ bands offer a glimpse into the‌ raw and energetic world‌ of rock music, reminiscent of Nirvana’s influence. While they each have their own⁣ unique style, they ⁤capture the spirit and energy that made Nirvana so iconic. Whether it’s the socially conscious lyrics of IDLES, the ​explosive performances⁣ of Highly Suspect, or⁤ the nostalgic sound of Dinosaur Pile-Up, ⁢these bands provide a refreshing take on alternative rock. So, grab your headphones and let these​ bands‌ transport you back to ‌the era of grunge and punk.

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