6 New Bands like Linkin Park

6 New Bands like Linkin Park


Linkin Park is a legendary rock ⁤band known for their unique blend ⁣of alternative rock,⁣ nu-metal, and electronic music. Their​ powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and memorable melodies have captured the hearts of millions⁣ of fans ​worldwide. As a fan of ⁤Linkin Park, I understand the desire‍ to find similar bands ​that can evoke ⁣the‌ same emotions⁢ and ​provide a similar ⁣musical experience. ‌In this ⁣article, I will personally ‌recommend six new bands that share similarities with⁤ Linkin Park and offer​ a fresh⁣ perspective on the alternative rock genre.

Intro Paragraph ⁤2: ⁣ It is important to note that‍ while these bands share similarities with Linkin Park, they‍ also‌ have their own unique sound and style. They are not mere imitators, but ​rather talented artists⁣ who deserve recognition in their own right.

Band 1: Bring Me The Horizon

About the Band

Bring Me The Horizon, often abbreviated‍ as BMTH,⁤ is a British rock band that gained prominence in the‍ late 2000s. Initially known for their heavy metalcore sound, they have evolved their style to incorporate elements of‍ alternative rock, electronic music, and pop. Their music ​often explores ‍themes of mental health, personal struggles, and societal⁣ issues.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Bring⁣ Me The Horizon shares similarities with Linkin Park in their ability ⁤to seamlessly‍ blend ​heavy and melodic elements. Like Linkin Park, they have a dynamic vocalist, Oli Sykes, who can effortlessly transition between aggressive screams and heartfelt clean vocals. Their lyrics also touch upon emotional and introspective themes,‌ resonating with listeners on ⁢a deep level.

Paragraph 2: ⁣ Bring Me The Horizon’s evolution as a ‍band can be heard in ⁢albums like “Sempiternal” and “That’s the Spirit,”⁣ where they⁢ experiment with electronic elements while staying true to their rock roots.⁢ If you’re a‌ fan of Linkin ‍Park’s ability to‍ take risks and push boundaries, Bring Me The‍ Horizon is definitely worth checking out. Visit their official website here.

Band 2: Three Days Grace

About ‍the Band

Three⁤ Days Grace is a Canadian rock‌ band known for their hard-hitting sound ‍and emotionally charged lyrics. Formed in⁤ 1997, they have ​released several successful albums and garnered ⁣a dedicated fanbase. Their music⁣ primarily ⁤focuses on themes of struggle, resilience, and personal ‌growth.

Similarity and Noteworthy‍ Points

Three Days Grace shares similarities with Linkin Park in⁢ their ability to create​ powerful and anthemic rock songs. Both bands excel at delivering intense performances that resonate with listeners. Three⁤ Days Grace’s lead vocalist, Matt ⁣Walst, possesses a‍ raw ‍and emotive‌ vocal⁢ style that draws comparisons to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

Paragraph 2: Their discography is filled with energetic tracks like “Animal I‌ Have Become,” “Pain,” and “Break,” which capture the essence of alternative rock. If you appreciate Linkin Park’s ability to ⁣convey‌ raw emotions through their music, Three Days Grace is a band ⁤you should definitely explore. Visit ‍their official ⁤website⁤ here.

Band 3: Skillet

About the Band

Skillet​ is an American Christian rock band ​that has achieved mainstream ⁤success with their powerful⁣ and energetic music.​ Formed in‌ the mid-1990s, they have​ consistently⁣ delivered⁢ hard-hitting rock anthems infused‍ with elements of electronic music and orchestration. Their lyrics often​ revolve around faith, personal struggles, and finding hope in difficult times.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Skillet shares similarities with Linkin Park in their ability to blend rock with electronic elements, creating a unique sound that appeals to a wide audience. Both bands have a melodic and⁢ catchy approach to songwriting,​ with‌ powerful hooks and infectious choruses. Skillet’s ⁤lead ⁣vocalist, John Cooper, possesses a distinct voice that adds depth and ‍emotion to their music.

Paragraph 2: If you enjoy Linkin Park’s ability to infuse rock with other genres and their exploration ⁢of faith and personal struggles, Skillet is a ‌band you should definitely check ‍out. Visit their​ official website here.

Band ⁣4: Starset

About⁣ the Band

Starset is an American‍ rock‌ band‍ formed⁤ in 2013,⁢ known for their futuristic ‍and​ concept-driven approach to music. They incorporate elements of alternative‌ rock, electronic ⁣music, and ‌symphonic ‍arrangements to create an immersive‍ and cinematic ⁤sound. Their songs‍ often revolve⁢ around science fiction themes, ⁣technological advancements, and the human condition.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Starset shares similarities with Linkin Park in their‌ ability to create a unique atmosphere and⁢ transport⁣ listeners to a⁣ different world. Like ⁤Linkin Park, they experiment with⁣ electronic elements and incorporate cinematic elements in their music. Starset’s⁤ lead vocalist, ‍Dustin‌ Bates, has a ⁣dynamic ‌voice ‍and delivers⁢ emotionally charged ⁤performances.

Paragraph 2: ‌ If ⁣you appreciate Linkin⁤ Park’s ability to create a distinct and immersive experience through⁤ their music, Starset is a band that should ​be on your radar. Visit their ⁣official website here.

Band 5: ‍Nothing More

About the Band

Nothing More​ is an ⁤American rock ⁢band⁤ known for their ⁤energetic performances and ‌thought-provoking lyrics. Formed ⁤in ⁤2003, they have released several critically acclaimed albums​ and gained ⁢recognition for their innovative use of percussion and melodic instrumentation. ⁤Their‌ music often delves into personal struggles, social issues, and the‍ human experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

Nothing More shares​ similarities with Linkin Park in ⁢their ability ⁢to create powerful and⁣ emotionally⁣ charged rock songs. ⁣Both bands excel ‍at delivering intense performances that leave a lasting impact. Nothing More’s lead vocalist, Jonny Hawkins, possesses ​a wide vocal range and delivers passionate performances ⁤that can ⁤rival⁤ Linkin Park’s signature energy.

Paragraph ⁣2: If you resonate with Linkin Park’s ability to tackle⁤ deep-seated emotions and societal issues through their music,⁤ Nothing ​More is a band you should definitely explore. Visit their official website here.

Band 6: Pop Evil

About the Band

Pop Evil is an‌ American rock ⁢band formed in 2001. Known⁢ for their catchy and radio-friendly rock songs, they have⁣ achieved mainstream success with their melodic ⁣hooks and relatable lyrics. ​Their music ‌explores ⁤themes of personal struggles, ⁤perseverance, and ⁤self-empowerment.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy Points

Pop ⁣Evil ⁢shares similarities with Linkin Park in their ability to create infectious rock songs ‍that blend melody and intensity. Both bands have a knack for writing memorable‌ hooks and anthemic choruses‍ that stick with listeners. Pop Evil’s lead vocalist, Leigh ‍Kakaty, delivers passionate performances that resonate with fans of Linkin Park.

Paragraph​ 2: If you enjoy Linkin Park’s ability ‌to craft catchy ‌rock songs‌ with meaningful lyrics, Pop Evil is a band you should definitely ‍give a listen. Visit their official website here.


From my research ⁤and experience as a fan, I believe‍ these ‌six bands can provide⁢ a similar musical experience to Linkin Park while⁤ also offering their own unique sounds and perspectives. Bands like Bring Me‍ The Horizon, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Starset, Nothing More, and⁣ Pop Evil have all carved their own paths in the alternative‍ rock genre, showcasing their talent and unique voices. Whether you resonate with the emotional ⁣intensity,⁢ dynamic vocals, or powerful lyrics, these bands ⁣are worth exploring. I⁤ hope you find as much ⁣joy and connection⁤ with these bands as I have personally. Enjoy the journey!

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