6 New Bands Like Led Zeppelin

6 New Bands Like Led Zeppelin


As a fan of Led Zeppelin,‍ I have always been on ‍the lookout for bands that ‌capture the same ⁣energy, talent, and rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Over the years, I have discovered several bands that have ⁢left⁣ a lasting impression on me. ‌In this article,⁢ I ⁤will share⁤ six new⁤ bands that, in⁣ my⁢ opinion, embody the essence ⁢of Led Zeppelin. These bands have their unique sound ‍and ​style while paying ​homage⁢ to the legendary rock band. ‍So, let’s dive in and​ explore these ⁤incredible artists!

Intro Paragraph 2: ⁤ Before we ‍begin, I want to emphasize that ‍each​ of these bands ​has its own identity​ and should be appreciated for their ​distinctive approach to music. It’s not fair to compare‌ them directly to Led Zeppelin, but I believe fans of Zeppelin‌ will‌ find something special in these ​bands. ​So, let’s get started!

Band⁣ 1: ⁤Greta Van ⁤Fleet

About ​the Band

Greta ‌Van Fleet ⁣is ⁢an American ‍rock band formed in 2012. The band consists of vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist⁢ Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny ⁢Wagner. Hailing from Michigan, their ⁤sound⁢ is heavily influenced⁤ by classic rock bands ⁤like Led⁣ Zeppelin and has gained them widespread recognition.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

Greta Van Fleet has often been compared to Led Zeppelin due to‍ their shared bluesy sound and Josh Kiszka’s powerful vocals reminiscent of Robert Plant. Their debut EP, ‍”Black Smoke Rising,” garnered significant attention, and⁣ their ​2018 album “Anthem ‌of the Peaceful⁤ Army” further ⁣solidified their position​ in the rock scene.

Paragraph 2: ⁢ While‌ Greta Van Fleet draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, they have managed to inject their own modern twist ​into their music. Their captivating performances and catchy‌ tunes ‌make them a ​band worth checking out ‌for ⁣any Led Zeppelin enthusiast.⁣ Visit Greta⁤ Van Fleet’s official website to explore their music and tour⁣ dates.

Band 2: Rival Sons

About the Band

Rival Sons is an American​ rock band formed in 2009. The group originally hails from Long Beach, ​California, ⁤and is composed of vocalist Jay⁢ Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Dave Beste, and drummer Michael Miley. Their music fuses elements ‍of ⁣blues rock,​ hard rock, and soul.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Rival Sons ⁤has ‌often been compared to Led Zeppelin for their bluesy and gritty sound. Jay ⁢Buchanan’s soulful vocals and Scott Holiday’s guitar⁢ skills provide ⁣a reminiscent feel of Led Zeppelin’s powerful performances. The ⁢band⁣ has released several critically acclaimed albums ⁤and has toured with iconic ⁤rock acts, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned ⁤with in the rock world.

Paragraph 2: For those seeking the raw, blues-infused energy that Led Zeppelin was ‍known for, Rival ⁢Sons is an excellent choice. Their music is a testament to their⁤ formidable talent and​ dedication to​ the​ rock genre. Check out Rival Sons’ official website here for more​ information on their ⁣music and⁣ upcoming shows.

Band 3: Wolfmother

About the Band

Wolfmother is an Australian rock band formed ​in 2000. The group was initially led by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, alongside bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett. Known for their high-energy performances, the ‍band incorporates elements of hard⁣ rock, heavy metal, and psychedelic rock into their‌ music.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Wolfmother’s ⁣music channels the same‍ boisterous⁢ energy and dynamic⁢ guitar riffs that Led Zeppelin became famous for. Drawing inspiration from the ’60s ⁤and ’70s rock, they⁢ have carved their own niche in the contemporary music scene. Songs like “Woman” and “Joker and the Thief”‌ showcase their ability to create ‌powerful anthems reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s heyday.

Paragraph 2: For fans of Led Zeppelin looking for a modern take on classic rock, Wolfmother is ‍a band you don’t want to miss. Their‍ electrifying performances and ⁣timeless​ sound will undoubtedly leave you craving⁣ more. To learn ‌more about Wolfmother and their⁣ music, visit their official website here.

Band 4: The Temperance Movement

About the Band

The Temperance Movement is​ a British rock band founded in 2011. The group consists‍ of vocalist Phil Campbell, guitarists Paul Sayer ​and Matt White, bassist Nick Fyffe, and⁢ drummer Damon Wilson. Combining elements of blues, rock, and soul, their music showcases their collective songwriting skills ⁢and undeniable musicianship.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Temperance Movement’s bluesy⁣ sound and soulful vocals resonate with Led Zeppelin fans who appreciate authentic ⁣and heartfelt music. Their ⁤ability to blend classic rock influences with ‌a contemporary twist sets them apart.⁣ Tracks like “Midnight Black” and “Only Friend” exemplify their⁢ knack for‍ crafting powerful⁤ and melodic ‌songs.

Paragraph 2: Led ‍Zeppelin fans seeking a band that captures the essence of ’70s blues‌ rock with a modern touch should⁢ definitely give The Temperance Movement⁤ a listen. Their ‌compelling sound and ​emotionally ‌charged performances will undoubtedly resonate with many. Check out ⁤their‌ official website here to explore their music and upcoming shows.

Band 5: Vintage Trouble

About the Band

Vintage ‌Trouble is an American rhythm and blues band formed in 2010. The group comprises vocalist Ty Taylor, guitarist Nalle Colt, bassist Rick Barrio Dill, and drummer Richard Danielson. Influenced ⁤by classic soul and rock ‘n’ roll, their‍ music exudes a timeless charm.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

While Vintage Trouble may not directly‍ resemble Led Zeppelin, this band evokes ⁤the same electrifying energy and ‌soulful passion in‌ their music. Ty ⁢Taylor’s ‌charismatic vocals and the band’s‌ infectious groove create‌ an atmosphere reminiscent of the golden⁤ era of ⁤rock. Songs like “Nobody Told Me” and “Blues Hand ⁣Me Down” are excellent examples of their⁢ unique style.

Paragraph​ 2: ‍ For Led Zeppelin fans with ‌a penchant for soul and rhythm, Vintage⁤ Trouble offers ‍a refreshing and energetic take on classic rock ‘n’ roll. Their live ⁢performances are a testament to their captivating stage presence, and their music will undoubtedly make you want to⁤ dance along. Visit Vintage Trouble’s official website here to delve into their sonic world.

Band 6: Rival Sons

About the Band

Rival ‍Sons ‌is​ a British rock band formed in 2009. The group is⁢ composed of vocalist Jay Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Dave Beste, ⁤and drummer Michael Miley. With their energetic and soulful approach to ⁢rock music, Rival Sons has gained a dedicated⁤ following worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Rival Sons’ blues-infused⁣ rock sound ‌echoes the spirit of Led Zeppelin. Jay Buchanan’s powerful and emotive ‍vocals, combined​ with the ⁣band’s masterful musicianship, create‌ an authentic and​ captivating listening experience. Songs like “Pressure and‍ Time”⁢ and “Electric⁢ Man”⁤ showcase their ability ⁢to balance raw energy with melodic⁣ hooks.

Paragraph 2: Led Zeppelin enthusiasts looking ‍for an intoxicating blend ⁢of classic and modern rock should definitely⁤ give Rival Sons a listen. ⁣With their ⁢powerful performances and thought-provoking lyrics, Rival​ Sons⁢ is a band ‌that demands attention.‌ Visit ⁣their official website here to discover more about their music and upcoming tours.


In conclusion, while ‌no band can ⁣truly compare or replicate the magic ‍of⁣ Led Zeppelin, ⁣these six bands offer their unique interpretation of​ rock ​’n’ roll, ‌infused‌ with elements that resonate with Zeppelin ‍fans. Personally, for me, Greta Van⁤ Fleet, Rival Sons, Wolfmother, The Temperance Movement, Vintage Trouble, and Rival Sons ‌each possess their own distinct sound and style while ‌paying homage to the ‍spirit of Led Zeppelin. From my research and experience, I can confidently say that these bands ⁣are worth exploring for ‌any fan seeking new ⁤music with a touch⁣ of Zeppelin magic. ‍So, take the ⁣time⁣ to listen to their⁢ music, attend‌ their concerts, and support these talented musicians as they continue to shape the future of ⁤rock music.

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