6 Kpop Bands like Day

6 Kpop Bands like Day


Personally, I ‌am a huge ‍fan of Kpop, and Day⁣ is one‌ of my favorite bands. Their unique style ⁤and catchy music have captivated me. If you also enjoy Day’s music, here are six Kpop bands that⁣ you might find interesting and ​enjoyable:

Intro⁤ Paragraph 2: ‌ These bands have‌ their own distinct qualities, but they share similarities⁤ with ‌Day that make them‍ worth checking⁣ out. From my ‌research and⁣ experience, I believe these bands will appeal to fans ‍of Day and provide a similar musical ⁣experience.

Band 1: ‍A.C.E

About the Band

A.C.E is a South Korean boy band formed in⁣ 2017‌ under‍ Beat Interactive. The group consists of five‍ members: Jun, ​Donghun, Wow, Kim ⁣Byeongkwan,‌ and Chan. A.C.E is ⁣known for their⁤ powerful‍ performances, diverse musical range, and energetic stage presence.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Just like Day, A.C.E presents a​ perfect blend of⁣ catchy pop tunes ‍and strong vocals. They are also known ⁣for incorporating elements of ‌rock ⁤and EDM ‍into ‌their ​music. A.C.E’s choreography is dynamic and synchronized, reminiscent of Day’s captivating⁣ dance routines.

Paragraph 2: You can ⁤visit A.C.E’s official⁢ website here.

Band 2: ⁣SF9

About the Band

SF9, an abbreviation of Sensational Feeling 9, is a nine-member boy band formed by FNC Entertainment in 2016.⁤ The group consists of Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, ‌Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and‍ Chani. SF9 is⁤ known for their versatile discography, incorporating various genres like R&B, pop, and ‌hip-hop.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Day, SF9‌ delivers powerful and charismatic performances. Their music has a strong focus​ on ⁣storytelling lyrics and catchy melodies, creating ⁣an emotional connection with listeners.‍ SF9’s ‍choreography ⁣is intricate ​and visually appealing, showcasing⁣ their teamwork and skills.

Paragraph ⁤2: You can visit SF9’s official website here.

Band 3:‌ VICTON

About the Band

VICTON ‌is a seven-member boy band formed by Play⁤ M Entertainment in 2016. The group consists of‍ Seungsik, ‌Sejun, ⁣Byungchan, Subin, ⁣Chan,‍ Seungwoo, and Hanse. VICTON’s music style is diverse, ranging from bright and upbeat tracks to emotional‍ ballads.

Similarity and​ Noteworthy Points

Like Day, VICTON showcases a mix⁣ of ‍powerful vocals and engaging ‍harmonies in their music. They ⁣also excel in delivering heartfelt performances that ⁣touch the listeners’ emotions. VICTON’s choreography is often ⁤energetic and showcases ​their synchronization.

Paragraph 2: ‌You can visit VICTON’s official website here.

Band 4: Pentagon

About the Band

Pentagon is a ten-member boy band formed ‍by Cube⁣ Entertainment in 2016. The​ group consists⁤ of Jinho, Hui,⁤ Hongseok, ‌Shinwon, Yeo One,‌ Yan An, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok, ⁣and⁤ JinHo. Pentagon⁣ is known for their diverse ⁤discography, ranging from energetic and powerful tracks ⁢to soulful ballads.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Pentagon,‍ like Day,‍ brings a unique blend of‌ pop and R&B​ elements into their music. They are known for⁣ their vocal versatility, with each member showcasing their⁢ individual strengths. Pentagon’s performances⁣ are⁤ filled with energy and their creative choreography sets them apart.

Paragraph ​2: You can ⁢visit Pentagon’s‌ official ‍website here.

Band 5: ⁤Verivery

About the⁣ Band

Verivery is a seven-member⁢ boy band formed by Jellyfish‌ Entertainment in 2018. The group consists⁤ of Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin. Verivery’s music style encompasses ⁣a mix of bright and energetic‍ tracks as well⁢ as sentimental ballads.

Similarity⁢ and Noteworthy Points


Verivery shares​ similarities ​with Day in terms⁣ of their refreshing and ‌youthful sound. They excel in conveying ‌emotions through their music and captivating performances. ⁤Verivery’s choreography is known for its precise movements and synchronization,⁤ reminiscent‌ of⁣ Day’s stage ⁢presence.

Paragraph 2: You can visit Verivery’s official website here.

Band 6: ONF

About the Band

ONF is a six-member boy band formed by WM Entertainment in 2017. The group consists of Hyojin, E-Tion, J-Us, ⁣Wyatt, MK, and U. ONF’s music style‌ encompasses various ‌genres,⁤ including ‌pop, R&B, ‌and EDM, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

ONF shares similarities with Day through their ability to craft catchy and feel-good melodies. They are known for ​their ⁢harmonious vocals and ‌diverse musical range. ONF’s performances are filled with charisma, and their choreography often ‌showcases their ‍impeccable synchronization.

Paragraph 2: You can visit ONF’s official ⁣website here.


From⁤ my research and experience, these six Kpop bands, ‍A.C.E, SF9, VICTON, Pentagon, Verivery, and ONF, have similarities⁢ to⁢ Day that make them worth exploring. Whether it’s their catchy music, powerful performances, or captivating choreography, these bands provide an enjoyable musical ‌experience. Personally, for me, being a fan of Day, I‍ find great pleasure in discovering and supporting these​ talented Kpop bands. So why not dive into their music ​and experience their unique ‌charm yourself?

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