6 Blues Rock Bands Like Black Keys

6 Blues Rock Bands Like Black Keys


In my ⁢opinion, few ​bands capture the raw energy and ⁣soul of blues rock quite like ​the Black Keys.‍ Their ​infectious riffs and‌ gritty vocals ​have helped revitalize the genre. If you’re a fan of the Black Keys and looking to expand your ‍blues⁤ rock​ horizons, here are six bands that you won’t want to miss.

Intro Paragraph ⁢2: These bands ‍share the same bluesy roots as the Black Keys ⁢while⁣ also bringing their unique flair to the genre. Whether you’re craving more bluesy hooks or searching for bands that echo the⁢ Black Keys’ vintage sound, ‍these recommendations‌ are sure to satisfy your blues rock​ cravings.

Band ‌1: The White Stripes

About the Band

The White Stripes,⁢ comprised of the‌ talented duo Jack White and Meg White, exploded onto the music scene in ⁢the early 2000s. Their stripped-down, garage‌ rock-inspired sound features catchy guitar riffs and heartfelt ‌lyrics. Check out their website ​ here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The White Stripes share similarities with the Black Keys in their two-piece⁢ lineup and bluesy ​influences. Their raw​ and unpolished sound, coupled with Jack White’s⁤ distinctive guitar playing, evokes a similar‌ energy to that of the ⁤Black⁢ Keys. Songs like “Seven Nation‍ Army” ⁣and “Icky Thump” showcase their ability to create infectious blues rock tunes.

Paragraph 2: Together, The White Stripes and the Black Keys ⁢have played a significant role in the resurgence of blues rock.⁣ Both bands capture​ the essence of the genre ​while adding⁤ their unique twists, making them must-listen artists for any blues rock enthusiast.

Band 2: Alabama Shakes

About‍ the Band

Fronted by the ‍powerful and ⁣soulful vocals ‍of Brittany Howard, Alabama Shakes burst onto the scene in 2012. Their fusion of blues, rock, and soul creates a‌ captivating and emotional sound. Visit their website here.

Similarity and ⁣Noteworthy Points

Alabama Shakes and the Black Keys share a common love for blues and soulful melodies. Both ⁢bands excel in creating energetic and captivating performances that draw ​listeners in. Tracks like “Hold On” and “Don’t ⁤Wanna Fight” highlight Brittany Howard’s incredible vocals and the ⁢band’s ability to deliver powerful blues-infused rock anthems.

Paragraph 2: The emotional depth‌ and soulful grit of‌ both Alabama Shakes and ⁤the Black Keys are undeniable. If you’re looking for a band that can evoke the same cathartic feelings as the Black Keys, Alabama Shakes ​should be on your playlist.

Band 3: The Raconteurs

About the Band

Formed by Jack White ⁣and Brendan Benson, ‌The Raconteurs bring together the talents of multiple‍ musicians to⁣ create a dynamic sound. ‌Their music combines blues, rock,​ and alternative influences to produce a unique sonic experience. Explore ​their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Raconteurs share​ similarities with the Black Keys in terms of their bluesy roots and ​catchy guitar-driven sound. With Jack White’s involvement in both bands, it’s no wonder‍ that The ⁤Raconteurs’ music resonates ​with Black ⁤Keys fans. Tracks like “Steady, As She Goes” and “Salute Your Solution” exemplify their ability to craft ​infectious blues rock tunes.

Paragraph 2: The ⁣Raconteurs offer a⁢ different take on blues rock, while still delivering the captivating⁢ energy that fans of the Black Keys will appreciate. Their collaborations and multifaceted songwriting make them a band worth ⁤exploring for any blues rock lover.

Band 4: The Arcs

About ‍the Band

The Arcs, a side project of the Black Keys’ lead vocalist and guitarist Dan ⁢Auerbach, offer a bluesy​ and soulful experience. Their sound incorporates elements of garage ‌rock, blues, ⁣and R&B, resulting in‌ a rich and diverse musical palette. Check out more about⁣ The Arcs here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Arcs, led⁤ by Dan Auerbach’s distinctive ⁣vocals, showcase the artist’s ability‌ to ‌capture the raw emotion and bluesy essence heard in the Black Keys’ music. They share a common love for blues and vintage rock sounds, as evidenced in tracks like “Outta My Mind” and “Put a Flower in⁤ Your Pocket.”

Paragraph 2: For fans ⁣of the Black Keys looking‍ for a project closely tied to one of ⁤the band members, The Arcs offer a‌ fantastic exploration of the blues rock genre. Their soulful sound and Auerbach’s songwriting prowess make them a worthwhile addition to ​any‌ blues rock playlist.

Band 5: ‌The Blackwater Fever

About the Band

Hailing from⁢ Australia, The Blackwater Fever brings a unique perspective ​to blues rock with their fuzzed-out guitars and haunting vocals. ‍Their gritty and hypnotic sound sets them apart‍ from other bands in the​ genre.‌ Explore their ‍music on‌ their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Blackwater Fever shares similarities with the Black Keys in their ability to‌ create powerful and ‍mesmerizing blues rock tracks. Both bands excel in⁢ crafting dark and atmospheric songs that leave⁢ a lasting impact. ​Tracks ⁢like “Devil ⁣in​ the‌ Yard”⁤ and “Don’t Fuck with‍ Joe” showcase the band’s raw energy⁣ and blues-infused ‌sound.

Paragraph 2: With their edgy‍ and captivating sound, The Blackwater Fever brings a fresh perspective to blues rock. If​ you’re ‍seeking a band that combines haunting vocals with ⁢hypnotic guitar riffs, The Blackwater Fever should be on your radar.

Band 6: The Heavy

About the Band

The Heavy, a British rock band, infuses blues, soul, and funk into their music, creating a danceable and infectious ⁤sound.​ Their tracks often feature catchy ​hooks, energetic horn sections, and⁤ an ‍unyielding groove. Visit their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Heavy‌ shares similarities with the ‍Black Keys ​through their incorporation of bluesy ‌elements into‍ their music.⁢ Their fusion of blues, rock, and soul creates a unique sonic experience that ⁤is both energetic and captivating. Tracks like “How You Like Me⁤ Now?” and “Short Change Hero” showcase their ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Paragraph 2: The ⁣Heavy’s​ infectious grooves and blues-infused sound make‌ them a ⁣worthy addition to any blues‌ rock playlist. ⁢Their ability to create catchy and danceable tunes gives them a distinct flavor​ that sets them apart from the rest.


Personally, for me, discovering new​ blues rock bands is always an exciting journey. From my research and experience,⁢ these‌ six‌ bands offer a taste of the bluesy goodness that the Black Keys bring to the table. Whether you’re seeking bands that closely resemble⁣ the Black Keys’ sound or exploring‌ artists with their ​unique contributions to the genre, these recommendations are sure‌ to satisfy your blues rock cravings.

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