6 Bands Like Young the Giant

6 Bands Like Young the Giant


As a ⁤fan of‍ Young ‌the Giant, ​I have always been drawn to their unique⁣ sound and‌ captivating lyrics. Personally, for me, finding similar bands with a similar vibe has been an exciting journey. In ⁣my opinion, exploring new music that resonates with⁤ Young the Giant’s ⁣style can introduce you to some incredible artists and expand your music library.⁤ From my ‌research and experience, here are six‍ bands like Young the ⁢Giant that you should⁢ check out.

Intro Paragraph 2: Young the Giant’s ability to blend indie rock,⁣ alternative, and pop elements ‌has gained them⁢ a dedicated fanbase worldwide. Their infectious⁣ energy, melodic hooks, and thought-provoking lyrics⁣ make them stand out in the⁤ music ‌industry. If you’re a fan of Young⁢ the Giant’s ​sound and looking for more ⁤bands with a ⁢similar musicality, ‌read on to discover some equally talented artists.

Band 1: Local Natives

About the Band

Local Natives, an indie rock band from Los Angeles, is known for their intricate harmonies ‌and introspective ⁤songwriting. Their music combines⁢ elements ‌of ⁣indie,⁣ folk, and rock, creating a unique and‌ captivating sound. Formed ⁤in 2005,‍ the band has ‍released​ several critically acclaimed albums and garnered a loyal following.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Local Natives share similarities with Young the Giant in ‍terms of their indie rock sound, atmospheric melodies, and​ introspective lyrics. Both bands have a knack⁢ for⁤ evoking emotions​ through their ⁣music, creating an ⁢immersive ⁤listening ⁤experience for their⁢ fans. If you enjoy Young the Giant’s introspective‌ and⁢ melodic style, you’ll likely find Local Natives’ music equally compelling.

Paragraph 2: Local Natives’​ harmonies and intricate ‌instrumentation ⁣add another layer of ⁣depth to their tracks, similar to Young the ‌Giant’s attention ‌to detail. Tracks​ like “Wide‌ Eyes” and ⁤”Airplanes” showcase their ability to create ⁢catchy melodies while maintaining a unique and atmospheric sound.

Band 2: Bad Suns

About the Band

Bad Suns, an alternative rock band from‍ California, burst onto the scene‍ with their debut album “Language & Perspective” in 2014. ​Their music‌ combines catchy hooks, energetic guitar riffs, and introspective lyrics.⁢ With their infectious energy, Bad Suns has established themselves as a prominent name in the alternative rock genre.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

Bad Suns’ ⁤alternative rock sound and infectious energy‌ are reminiscent of Young the Giant. Both bands excel at ‍creating anthemic, feel-good tracks that make listeners​ want ⁢to sing along. If you’re a fan of Young the Giant’s upbeat and catchy tunes, Bad ​Suns’ discography⁣ is⁤ worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “Cardiac Arrest” and‌ “Salt” ‍showcase Bad Suns’ ⁤ability to infuse their music with irresistible melodies and an underlying depth.⁢ Their ability to combine relatable lyrics​ with⁤ an upbeat sound echoes Young the Giant’s talent for crafting ⁤infectious ‌anthems.

Band 3: The Mowgli’s

About the Band

The Mowgli’s, an ⁣indie rock group from California, are known for their optimistic and ‌upbeat sound. Their music blends elements of folk, rock, and pop, creating a feel-good vibe that‌ is hard to resist. With their catchy⁣ melodies ‍and ⁤empowering lyrics, The Mowgli’s have gained ‍a dedicated following.

Similarity ‌and Noteworthy Points

The⁤ Mowgli’s ‍share Young the Giant’s ability‌ to create infectious and ⁣uplifting⁤ tracks. Both bands infuse their music with ⁢positive‌ messages, creating a sense of unity and hope ‌among their listeners. If⁢ you enjoy Young the ​Giant’s ‌optimistic⁣ and​ catchy tunes, The Mowgli’s will undoubtedly bring⁢ a smile to your face.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “San Francisco” and “I’m Good”‌ exemplify The Mowgli’s’ ability​ to combine catchy melodies, harmonies, and lyrics that inspire positivity. Their feel-good sound and​ relatable lyrics are reminiscent of Young the Giant’s ability to create anthems that resonate with audiences‌ worldwide.

Band ⁣4: COIN

About the Band

COIN, an⁣ indie pop band⁣ from Nashville, has been making waves with their infectious blend of ‍indie, pop, and rock. Their music is characterized by catchy hooks, vibrant production, and introspective lyrics.‌ Since their ‍formation‌ in ‌2012, COIN‍ has‌ released ‌several successful albums ⁢and continues to captivate audiences with their energetic live performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

COIN’s ability to create infectious pop-infused tracks aligns with Young the Giant’s talent for‍ crafting catchy melodies. Both​ bands excel at⁣ blending catchy hooks with thoughtful lyrics, resulting‍ in an irresistible sound. If you’re⁣ a​ fan of ‌Young​ the ⁣Giant’s pop sensibility, COIN’s discography is definitely worth exploring.

Paragraph ⁤2: Songs like “Talk Too Much” and “Crash My Car” highlight COIN’s ability to seamlessly ​blend pop elements with introspective lyrics. Their infectious energy,⁣ coupled with relatable songwriting, mirrors Young the​ Giant’s ability to create radio-friendly tracks that still ⁣maintain depth.

Band ‌5: Hippo ⁤Campus

About the Band

Hippo Campus, ⁢an‍ indie rock band from Minnesota, has gained attention for their energetic and ⁤melodic sound. Their music⁢ incorporates⁢ elements of ⁢indie rock,⁣ pop, and⁣ even hints of post-punk revival. Since their formation in 2013, the band has released several critically acclaimed ‌albums and gained ⁢a dedicated fanbase.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Hippo Campus shares ⁢similarities‌ with Young the Giant in terms​ of their indie rock⁤ sound and‍ energetic ⁣performances. Both bands have ​a knack for⁤ creating⁣ catchy melodies while infusing their music‍ with a unique flair. If you enjoy ‌Young the Giant’s‍ energetic and melodic style, exploring⁢ Hippo Campus’ discography is a must.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Suicide Saturday” and⁣ “Way It Goes”‍ showcase Hippo Campus’ ability to create⁢ infectious indie‌ rock anthems. Their energetic performances and melodic sensibilities align with⁣ Young the Giant’s ability to ‍captivate audiences ‌with their live shows.

Band 6: Wallows

About the Band

Wallows, ‌an indie rock‌ band from⁢ Los Angeles, has gained significant attention for their infectious‌ blend of indie‍ pop‍ and rock. Formed in 2017, the band already has an ⁤impressive ‌discography that showcases their ability to create⁢ catchy ‍hooks and relatable lyrics. Wallows continues to evolve their⁣ sound, keeping listeners⁢ engaged ‍with each release.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Wallows’ indie pop​ sound resonates with Young the Giant’s ability ​to craft memorable melodies⁣ and ⁢relatable lyrics. Both bands excel at creating music that strikes a‌ chord with ⁣listeners, blending catchy hooks with introspective themes. If you​ enjoy Young the Giant’s ability to connect through ⁤their music, Wallows is a band you should ⁣definitely check out.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “Are You Bored Yet?”⁣ and “OK”⁣ highlight Wallows’ ability to create infectious⁤ indie pop tracks with thought-provoking lyrics. Their talent for balancing catchy melodies ‍with introspective songwriting echoes Young ​the‌ Giant’s ability to create music ‍that resonates with audiences on ⁤a deep ​level.


Exploring bands similar to Young the Giant⁤ has been⁢ a rewarding experience for me personally. ⁤In my opinion, these six bands – Local Natives, Bad Suns, The Mowgli’s, COIN, Hippo ⁢Campus, and Wallows – have a similar musicality and style that ⁢fans of Young the Giant will greatly appreciate. From my research and ⁤experience, ‍I believe these bands share similarities with Young the Giant in ‌terms​ of their captivating sound, ⁢introspective lyrics, and‌ ability to create infectious melodies. By⁢ clicking the links provided, you can open their respective websites in a new⁤ tab/window and embark on an ‌exciting musical journey.

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