6 Bands Like Wham

6 Bands Like Wham


Wham was a popular British duo from the 1980s that brought us hits like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Careless Whisper.” Their upbeat pop sound and energetic ‌performances captivated audiences⁤ worldwide.​ If you’re a fan of ‌Wham and ⁤want to explore similar bands, I’ve compiled​ a ​list of six bands that share ‌a similar style or have noteworthy similarities. Personally, for me, these bands evoke⁣ a nostalgic and⁣ vibrant atmosphere ​that ‍takes me back to the⁤ golden era of 80s pop music.

Intro Paragraph 2: So, let’s dive into some amazing ⁣bands that will transport you to ⁣the 80s and give you that same feel-good vibe!

Band 1: Duran Duran

About the Band

Duran Duran is an English ⁢new wave band​ that rose to fame in the early 1980s. Known for their catchy‍ synth-driven ⁣pop songs, they became one of the ‌most successful bands of the era. Their hits like “Hungry Like‍ the Wolf” and “Rio” perfectly ⁢capture the​ essence of ‍80s pop music. To learn more about Duran Duran, check out their official website.

Similarity and⁣ Noteworthy Points

Duran Duran, like Wham, embraced the glamor and extravagance of the 80s. They both had a⁤ strong visual⁣ aesthetic, showcased through their colorful and ⁢stylish music videos, which⁤ became iconic representations of the era. Both bands crafted irresistible pop hooks and had a knack for creating infectious choruses that made their songs ⁤instantly recognizable.

Paragraph 2: Duran Duran’s blend of⁣ pop, rock, and new wave ⁤elements, along‍ with their energetic performances, make them a perfect band to‌ explore if you’re a Wham fan seeking a similar⁤ experience.

Band 2:‌ Culture Club

About the Band

Culture ⁣Club is an English band fronted by‌ the charismatic Boy George. Their⁣ fusion of pop, reggae, and soul elements ‌gained them⁢ massive success during ‍the 80s. Hits like​ “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really ‌Want to Hurt Me” showcased their infectious ‍melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. To get ‍more acquainted‌ with Culture Club, visit their official website.

Similarity⁣ and⁢ Noteworthy Points

Culture ⁣Club, much like⁢ Wham, embraced a flamboyant and⁢ gender-blurring style that challenged societal norms at⁤ the time. Both bands‍ were at the forefront of the‌ New Romantic movement, infusing their music with soulful vocals and catchy melodies. The ⁣unique identities of Boy George and⁢ George Michael, the lead singers of Culture Club​ and Wham respectively, contributed​ to them becoming LGBTQ+ icons ⁤and celebrated figures in the music industry.

Paragraph⁢ 2: Exploring Culture Club’s catalog will take⁤ you on a nostalgic journey, immersing you in their infectious pop⁤ sound and their ⁣message of inclusivity and diversity.

Band 3: Pet Shop Boys

About the Band

Pet Shop Boys is an English electronic pop duo formed in the ​early 1980s.‍ Known for‍ their synth-driven sound ​and clever lyrics, they became one of the most ​influential bands​ of their time. Hits ‍like “West ⁣End Girls” ⁣and “It’s a ​Sin” showcase‌ their unique blend of ⁤melancholic‌ yet danceable pop music. To delve deeper into the world of ‌Pet Shop Boys, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Pet Shop Boys, like Wham, embraced the electronic‌ pop ⁣sound that ‌was prevalent in​ the‍ 80s.⁤ Both bands crafted catchy‌ melodies layered with intricate synth arrangements. They explored themes‌ of love, society, and personal introspection through their lyrics, creating music that resonates on an emotional‍ level. Additionally, Pet Shop Boys’ theatrical live performances, ⁢much like Wham’s energetic stage presence, left audiences captivated.

Paragraph 2: Experiencing Pet Shop Boys’ discography will transport ​you to the synth-pop era‌ and offer a captivating blend of ‍heartfelt lyrics and‌ infectious beats.

Band 4: ‍A-ha

About the Band

A-ha⁣ is a ⁢Norwegian band that gained international fame in⁤ the mid-1980s. Their breakthrough hit, “Take on Me,” became an anthem for the era,‍ combining catchy pop ​hooks with innovative music videos that incorporated animation. To learn more about A-ha and their music, ⁤explore ⁣their⁤ official ⁤website.

Similarity​ and Noteworthy ‍Points

A-ha’s‌ soaring vocals and atmospheric pop sound share similarities with Wham. They both harnessed the power of memorable hooks and strong ⁢melodies‌ to create songs that lodged themselves in⁣ listeners’ minds. A-ha’s music videos, particularly “Take on Me,” ⁣showcased a unique visual ‍style that ‍became emblematic of the 80s, just as Wham’s videos did. Both bands⁣ left a lasting ​impact on the pop music landscape of that time.

Paragraph 2: Exploring A-ha’s discography is a must​ if you’re a fan ⁢of Wham,⁣ as their sound captures the essence of 80s ‌pop and offers a treasure trove of memorable songs.

Band 5: Tears for Fears

About the Band

Tears​ for Fears is an‌ English​ pop rock band ⁣formed in the early 1980s.⁤ Their introspective ⁣lyrics, combined with ⁣a captivating mix⁢ of synth and guitar-driven pop rock, set them‌ apart from their peers. Hits like “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Shout” defined ​the band’s sound and continue to be beloved songs ‌from the era. To dive⁤ deeper into the ⁤world ‌of Tears for ‍Fears, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Tears for Fears, like Wham, ‌skillfully blended pop⁢ sensibilities with introspective ⁤themes, creating songs that resonated​ with​ listeners on both an emotional and‍ intellectual level. Both bands showcased their songwriting prowess through thought-provoking lyrics that tackled societal issues. Tears for Fears’ anthemic choruses and layered arrangements, ⁤reminiscent of Wham’s style, contributed to their lasting impact on 80s music.

Paragraph 2: ‌ Exploring Tears ​for Fears’ discography will provide you with a rich musical experience, filled with memorable songs and thought-provoking​ lyrics that ⁢capture the spirit⁤ of the 80s.

Band 6: Eurythmics

About the Band

Eurythmics is a British ​duo comprising Annie Lennox and ​Dave Stewart. Their blend of⁣ pop, rock, and new‍ wave elements, combined with‌ Lennox’s powerful vocals, ⁤found enormous success ‍throughout the​ 80s. Hits like “Sweet Dreams ​(Are Made of This)”⁢ and “Here Comes the Rain⁣ Again” solidified their place in music history. ⁣To explore more about ‌Eurythmics, ‌visit their official⁢ website.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Eurythmics, much like Wham, brought a​ unique artistic vision to their music. Both ‌bands experimented with genres, blending various elements to⁢ create ‍songs that were both innovative and​ catchy. Annie Lennox’s soulful voice, matched with Dave Stewart’s ⁢production skills, resulted in a distinct sound that echoes the creative spirit ‍of the 80s. Additionally, Eurythmics’ music videos and visual aesthetics, much like⁤ Wham’s, added an extra layer of intrigue to their artistry.

Paragraph ⁣2: ⁣Exploring Eurythmics’ vast discography will⁤ introduce you to‍ a ⁤world of inventive pop‍ music that stands the test of ‌time, making⁢ them a perfect recommendation for Wham fans.


From my research and experience, these six bands – Duran Duran, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, A-ha, Tears for Fears, and Eurythmics – embody the spirit of the 80s‌ and offer⁤ a similar musical experience to Wham. Although each band has its unique style and sound, they share elements that will transport⁣ you ⁢back to the golden ⁢era⁣ of pop music.‍ Exploring these bands’ ‍discographies and​ attending their live ‌performances, either‌ in person or through concert recordings, will reignite that infectious energy and nostalgia that made Wham ⁢so special. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to relive the⁤ magic of the​ 80s!

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