6 Bands Like Unwritten Law

6 Bands Like Unwritten Law


Personally for me, Unwritten Law is a band that holds a special place‌ in my ⁢heart. Their energetic punk rock sound combined ⁣with meaningful lyrics has always resonated⁤ with me. If you’re a ⁤fan of Unwritten Law and looking for similar bands to add to your playlist, I’ve got you covered. Here are six bands that share similarities with Unwritten‌ Law and are definitely worth checking out.

Intro ⁢Paragraph ‌2:As a music enthusiast, I’ve come across these bands through my⁢ research and experience in the punk rock genre. From catchy melodies to raw emotions, these bands ⁣capture the essence of what makes Unwritten Law so great. So let’s dive in!

Band 1: Lit

About the⁣ Band

Lit is ‌an American alternative‌ rock band hailing from Fullerton, California. Formed in 1988, the band gained popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s with ‍hits like “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Miserable.” They have a distinctive sound blending punk rock with catchy pop hooks.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Lit shares ‍similarities with Unwritten Law in terms of⁢ their ‌energetic performances and the ability to blend punk rock elements with mainstream appeal. Both bands have a knack for writing anthemic and relatable songs filled with catchy‌ hooks and memorable melodies. If you’re a fan of Unwritten ⁣Law’s fusion of ⁤punk⁤ and pop, you’ll definitely‌ enjoy Lit’s music.

Paragraph 2: ​ Furthermore, Lit’s electrifying stage presence and high-energy performances‍ mirror the charisma and energy that Unwritten Law brings to their live shows. You can ⁤check out⁣ more about Lit on their official website here.

Band 2: Goldfinger

About the Band

Goldfinger is an American ​rock band formed in 1994. Led by ‌iconic frontman John Feldmann, ‌the band has garnered a dedicated fanbase with their upbeat, ska-infused punk rock sound. Known for hits like “Here in Your Bedroom” and “Superman,” Goldfinger’s music is ⁢a perfect ‍blend of infectious energy and thoughtful lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁤Points

Goldfinger shares a similar punk rock sound with Unwritten Law, ‌incorporating ska influences⁣ and fast-paced guitars. Both bands have a talent for crafting catchy, anthemic songs that perfectly capture the spirit of punk rock. Moreover, their lyrics often touch upon personal struggles,‌ societal issues, and navigating through life, adding ⁣depth to their music.

Paragraph 2: If you’re ‍a fan ‍of Unwritten Law’s genre-blending style⁢ and relatable lyrics, Goldfinger is a band you ⁢shouldn’t miss. Explore more about Goldfinger on their official website here.

Band 3: Fenix​ TX

About the Band

Fenix TX is an American punk rock band formed in Houston, Texas, in 1995. Combining elements of pop punk, alternative rock, and emo, the band gained recognition with their hit single ‌”All My Fault” and their catchy, high-energy sound.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

Fenix TX’s music shares a similar punk rock vibe with Unwritten Law, featuring fast-paced ‌drumming, infectious guitar​ riffs, and melodic hooks. Both bands⁤ incorporate elements of pop punk into their sound, delivering energetic performances that get the crowd moving. If ‍you appreciate Unwritten Law’s ability to create memorable hooks and catchy⁣ choruses, Fenix TX is a band worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: ‌ To know more about Fenix ​TX and their music,‍ you can visit their official website by ⁣clicking here.

Band 4: Sugarcult

About the Band

Sugarcult is an American ‍rock band ‍formed in​ Santa Barbara, California, in 1998. Known for their infectious ⁤pop punk sound, the band rose to prominence with hits⁤ like “Bouncing Off ⁣the ⁣Walls” and “Memory.” Sugarcult’s music is characterized by energetic guitar work, catchy⁤ melodies, and ⁣introspective lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Sugarcult shares similarities with Unwritten Law in terms of their ⁤pop punk sound and introspective lyricism. Both bands excel at creating captivating hooks and‍ blending⁤ punk energy with melodic sensibilities. If you ⁣enjoy Unwritten Law’s⁢ ability to infuse ​emotional depth into their music, Sugarcult is a band you ‍should definitely add ⁣to your ‌playlist.

Paragraph 2: To explore more about Sugarcult and their‌ discography, ‍you can visit their‌ official website here.

Band 5: New Found Glory

About the​ Band

New Found Glory is an ‍American rock band formed in Coral Springs, Florida, in 1997. Considered pioneers⁢ of pop punk, the band has released numerous albums, including their breakthrough self-titled album. Known for their high-energy performances and catchy hooks, New Found Glory’s music perfectly captures ‌the angst and energy⁤ of punk rock.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

New Found Glory shares similarities with Unwritten Law in their fast-paced ⁢punk⁤ rock sound and ability to create infectious, sing-along choruses. Both bands excel at blending ‍punk rock sensibilities with melodic hooks, creating anthems that resonate with listeners. ‌If you’re a fan of Unwritten Law’s ​energetic music and powerful⁣ live shows, New Found Glory is a band you won’t ‌want to miss.

Paragraph 2: To know more about New Found Glory and their music,⁢ you⁤ can visit ‌their official website ⁣ here.

Band 6: ‌The Ataris

About the Band

The Ataris is ‍an American rock⁢ band formed in Anderson, Indiana, in 1995. Blending elements of punk rock and alternative​ rock, the band gained recognition with their album “So Long, Astoria”‍ and the ⁤hit single “The Boys of ​Summer” (a punk ‌rock cover of Don Henley’s song). The Ataris’ music embodies raw emotions, catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Ataris share similarities with Unwritten Law in terms of their punk rock energy and ability⁢ to create emotionally charged and relatable songs. Both bands excel at incorporating personal experiences and introspective themes into their music. While Unwritten Law leans more towards a punk rock sound, The Ataris bring a⁣ touch ⁤of indie and alternative influences, making ⁤them a great band to explore if you’re a fan of Unwritten Law.

Paragraph 2: To​ explore more about The Ataris and‍ their⁢ music, you ⁣can visit their official website here.


From my research and experience, these six bands share similarities with Unwritten Law and offer a fantastic musical experience for fans of the punk rock genre. Whether it’s Lit’s pop-infused punk or The Ataris’ emotionally charged anthems, each band brings a unique sound while capturing the ​essence of what makes Unwritten Law so special. I highly recommend checking them all out and discovering new favorites along the way. Personally for me, this journey of exploring similar bands has ‌deepened my love for music and expanded my playlist.

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