6 Bands Like Unearth

6 Bands Like Unearth


As a fan⁣ of Unearth, I have always admired⁣ their unique fusion ⁤of melodic ‌metalcore and thrash⁤ metal. Personally, for me, it’s always ⁤exciting to discover​ new bands that share similar musical traits. If you’re a fan ‍of Unearth⁣ like ‌me, or simply ⁢looking for bands⁢ with a similar ⁣sound, I’ve compiled a list of six bands that you might enjoy.⁤ From ‍my research and experience, these bands share elements of aggressive riffs, powerful ⁤vocals, and intense​ energy that Unearth fans appreciate.

Intro Paragraph ⁢2: Keep in mind ⁤that while these ‌bands may ⁢have similarities in their music, ⁢they each possess a ​distinct sound and unique identity. So, let’s dive into the ⁢world of these bands and explore their music!

Band 1: As ​I Lay Dying

About the Band

Formed in 2000, As I Lay Dying is an American metalcore band hailing from San Diego, ⁣California. ⁢Known for their ⁤fierce breakdowns, intricate guitar melodies, and dynamic vocals, they ​have ⁣become renowned in the metal scene. You can check out their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

As I Lay⁢ Dying‌ shares similarities with Unearth in their combination ‍of ​melodic⁤ elements with aggressive metalcore influences. ‍Both bands showcase ​powerful vocals⁢ that seamlessly transition between guttural screams ⁢and melodic singing. The high-energy performances⁣ and complex guitar work are ⁣also ⁣characteristics that fans of Unearth​ would‍ appreciate in As I Lay Dying’s music.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, both bands incorporate ⁣elements ​of thrash metal,⁤ which adds ​an extra layer of intensity to their sound.​ For those seeking the same level⁤ of energy and aggression, As I Lay Dying is definitely a band worth exploring.

Band 2: Killswitch Engage

About the Band

Originally⁣ formed in 1999, Killswitch Engage is an American metalcore band from ‍Massachusetts. Their music combines heavy breakdowns, melodic guitar solos, and emotionally charged lyrics. You can check ⁢out their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Killswitch⁤ Engage‍ has been a significant influence on the metalcore genre, and their sound resonates with⁢ fans of Unearth. Both bands incorporate a blend of harsh, aggressive vocals and melodic⁣ choruses, creating a captivating contrast⁤ in their music. ⁢Furthermore, the intricate⁣ guitar work and powerful drumming ⁤in both bands’ compositions⁣ add​ depth and complexity to‍ their sound.

Paragraph 2: Killswitch Engage’s ability ​to⁣ combine brutality with melody, like‍ Unearth, ‌has ⁣resulted in a loyal fanbase. If you ⁤enjoy ⁣Unearth’s dynamic sound and the​ emotional intensity it brings, Killswitch Engage‌ is a band that⁢ you should⁣ definitely check out.

Band 3: Shadows Fall

About the Band

Shadows Fall, an American metal‍ band‌ formed ⁢in 1995, has been a prominent figure in the melodic metalcore scene. ‌Hailing from Massachusetts, their music combines heavy riffs, intricate guitar‍ harmonies, and‌ powerful vocals.‍ You can check out their website​ here.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

Shadows Fall shares ⁢similarities with Unearth in their​ ability ‌to seamlessly blend melodic elements with aggressive metalcore foundations. ⁣Both bands showcase intense, versatile vocals accompanied ⁤by‌ furious guitar work that captivates listeners.​ Their catchy hooks and harmonies resonate strongly with fans who appreciate the melodic ‌aspect⁢ of ⁤Unearth’s music.

Paragraph 2: Besides the musical similarities, Shadows Fall ⁣and Unearth have also toured together, further⁤ strengthening​ their connection in the metalcore world. If you crave ⁤the powerful guitar-driven sound⁤ of Unearth while enjoying melodic hooks, Shadows Fall is​ a band worth exploring.

Band 4: All That‍ Remains

About⁢ the Band

All ‌That Remains is an American metalcore band that formed in 1998. Originating from Massachusetts, they gained recognition for their mix of melodic ‍hooks, ⁤heavy breakdowns, ⁤and intricate guitar solos. You can⁤ check out their ‌website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Similar to⁣ Unearth,⁢ All That Remains combines aggressive metalcore sounds⁢ with melodic elements,⁣ creating ​a unique blend of heaviness and catchiness. Both bands explore versatile vocal styles, transitioning from harsh screams to clean, soaring melodies effortlessly. Additionally, the skillful guitar work and memorable hooks showcase​ the⁤ band’s proficiency‌ in crafting engaging compositions.

Paragraph 2: All That Remains ⁤shares ‍a similar energy and intensity⁣ with Unearth, making them an excellent ⁤choice for fans seeking music ‍that carries the same level of passion and ⁣power.

Band 5: Parkway Drive

About the Band

Parkway Drive is ‌an Australian metalcore band formed in ​2003. Known for their‌ explosive live performances, they blend elements ‍of melodic⁢ metalcore with heavier ⁤and more aggressive elements.‍ You⁢ can check out their website here.

Similarity and⁢ Noteworthy Points

Parkway Drive, like Unearth, infuses their music with a‌ perfect balance of aggressive ‍and melodic elements. Their intense⁣ breakdowns, powerful vocals, and thunderous drumming‍ echo the energy found in Unearth’s music. ⁢Additionally, both bands ​incorporate‌ strong, meaningful lyrics that resonate with listeners.

Paragraph 2: For those who enjoy Unearth’s ⁢combination of intensity and melody, ⁤Parkway Drive⁣ offers a similar experience that will‌ surely captivate metalcore enthusiasts.

Band 6: The Black Dahlia Murder

About the Band

The ⁢Black Dahlia Murder is an American melodic ⁤death metal band formed in 2001. Known ⁣for their‍ aggressive approach to the genre, ‍they incorporate elements of thrash ⁤metal and metalcore into their ⁤music. You can ​check out their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁣Points

The‍ Black Dahlia Murder shares⁤ with Unearth a love​ for aggressive,⁤ hard-hitting metal. While their music leans more towards the extreme side of ⁣the spectrum, they still retain melodic elements that provide ⁣an engaging experience. ​Fans ⁢of Unearth will appreciate The Black Dahlia ⁤Murder’s intricate guitar​ work, relentless drumming,⁤ and intense growls.

Paragraph 2: From my research, ‌I have ⁣found‍ that⁣ both bands create a compelling⁢ blend of aggression and melodic intricacy that metal enthusiasts ​will thoroughly⁣ enjoy. If you’re a fan of Unearth’s heavy‌ sound⁣ and want to explore something a bit darker,​ The Black Dahlia Murder is a great choice.


Having highlighted six bands that share‌ similarities⁢ with Unearth, I‍ hope you find this list helpful in your search for ⁢new music. ⁣Personally, for me,‍ discovering⁤ bands with⁣ a similar sound to Unearth has expanded my musical horizons and provided me with hours ‍of headbanging enjoyment. Whether it’s the aggressive riffs, powerful vocals, or the intensity that draws you to Unearth, these bands offer a diverse selection of music that will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings ⁤for⁣ heavy,⁣ melodic metal. So, in my opinion, give these ⁣bands a⁤ listen and explore the vibrant⁢ world of metalcore!

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