6 Bands Like Underoath

6 Bands Like Underoath


Underoath is a legendary post-hardcore ⁤band known for their explosive energy,‌ powerful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics. ⁤If you’re a fan of Underoath and craving similar music to add to your playlist, I’ve got you covered. Personally, I have‌ spent many hours ⁤exploring the post-hardcore genre, and⁢ from my experience, I’ve ⁣found six‍ bands that capture the essence of Underoath’s sound and style. So without further ado, here are six bands like Underoath that​ you should definitely check out.

Intro Paragraph 2: These bands⁤ have their own unique styles and sounds, but they share common elements that resonate with ⁣Underoath’s music. From intense breakdowns to ‍emotional lyrics, these bands have what it takes to captivate listeners, just like Underoath.

Band 1: Norma Jean

About the Band

Norma Jean is a metalcore band ⁤from Georgia, United States, formed in ⁤1997. Known for their aggressive sound⁢ and chaotic live performances, Norma Jean has released several critically acclaimed albums throughout their career. You can learn more about Norma Jean on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Norma​ Jean shares a similar‍ intensity and⁢ raw⁤ energy with Underoath. Fans of Underoath will appreciate Norma Jean’s‍ powerful breakdowns and intense vocal ⁣delivery. ⁢With their complex song structures and thought-provoking lyrics, Norma Jean offers a musical experience that ⁣will surely resonate with ‍Underoath fans.

Paragraph 2: Norma Jean’s album “Redeemer” is a great starting point for anyone ‌new to the band. It showcases their ability to seamlessly blend heavy and melodic elements, creating a dynamic and compelling⁣ sound. If you’re seeking music‍ that will ‍give​ you an adrenaline rush like Underoath, Norma ⁢Jean ⁣is a band you shouldn’t miss.

Band 2: The Devil Wears‍ Prada

About the Band

The Devil Wears Prada is a metalcore band from Ohio,⁢ United States. Known for their⁤ unique ⁢blend of aggressive breakdowns⁤ and melodic passages, the band has garnered a dedicated fanbase since ​their formation in 2005. To learn more about The Devil Wears Prada, visit ⁤their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The ‍Devil Wears Prada shares Underoath’s ability to seamlessly switch between aggressive and melodic sections within their songs. Their powerful screams ‌and infectious ‌melodies make them a great recommendation for Underoath fans.⁤ The band’s album “Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord” is a must-listen and will undoubtedly resonate with those who appreciate Underoath’s musical style.

Paragraph 2: Throughout their discography, The Devil Wears Prada has consistently pushed boundaries and delivered captivating music that bridges the gap between heavy and melodic. If you’re a fan of Underoath’s versatility,⁣ The Devil Wears Prada will be ⁤right up ⁢your alley.

Band 3: Architects

About the Band

Architects is a British metalcore band​ formed in 2004. Known for their technical proficiency and emotionally charged music, Architects have established themselves as one of ‍the genre’s⁢ leading acts. For‌ more information about Architect, ‌visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Architects, like Underoath, combines heavy instrumentation with introspective lyrics that delve into personal struggles and societal issues. Their ability to craft ​intricate and atmospheric soundscapes, combined with their‍ passionate performances, sets them apart. Albums ​like “All Our Gods ⁢Have Abandoned Us” and ‍”Holy Hell” are highly recommended for fans of Underoath.

Paragraph 2: Architects bring a level ‍of depth and ⁤emotional intensity that is ‌reminiscent of Underoath’s discography. Whether you’re⁤ drawn to their heavy breakdowns or their beautiful melodic sections, Architects is a band that⁣ will leave a lasting impression with their powerful music.

Band 4: Silent Planet

About the Band

Silent⁤ Planet is a progressive metalcore⁢ band from​ California, United States. Formed in 2009, ⁤they are known for their blend ⁢of heavy riffs, intricate guitar work, and socially conscious lyrics. ‍To ‌explore Silent Planet further, visit their official website.

Similarity ⁤and‍ Noteworthy Points

Silent Planet shares Underoath’s ability to tackle deep and meaningful subjects through their music. With thought-provoking lyrics and a combination of aggressive‍ and melodic elements,⁤ Silent ‌Planet creates an immersive sonic experience for listeners. Their album “Everything Was Sound” is a prime example of their ability to ‌craft powerful and engaging compositions.

Paragraph 2: If ⁢you enjoy ⁤Underoath’s introspective lyrics‌ and desire music that challenges‌ societal norms, Silent Planet ⁤will be right up your alley. Their fusion of heavy instrumentals and emotionally​ charged storytelling ‌makes them a standout band⁤ in the post-hardcore scene.

Band 5: Saosin

About the Band

Saosin is a post-hardcore band that originated ⁢in Newport Beach, California, in 2003. Known for their infectious melodies and the unique vocal range of their lead singer, Anthony Green, Saosin has remained influential in the genre. For more‌ about‌ Saosin, visit their⁤ official website.

Similarity⁣ and Noteworthy ‍Points

Saosin offers a blend of melodic and heavy elements⁣ that‌ resonate with‌ Underoath’s music. Their ability to​ seamlessly transition from aggressive verses to soaring choruses is reminiscent of Underoath’s dynamic style. Songs like “Seven Years” and “Voices” showcase their talent for crafting memorable hooks and⁢ engaging instrumentation.

Paragraph 2: If⁣ you appreciate‌ Underoath’s captivating melodies and want to explore a band that seamlessly combines aggressive and melodic elements, Saosin is a ‌must-listen. Their ⁢unique sound and Anthony Green’s distinctive ‌vocals make for a refreshing musical experience.

Band 6: The Chariot

About⁣ the Band

The Chariot was a post-hardcore band hailing from ‍Douglasville, Georgia. Although they disbanded in 2013, their impact on the genre remains significant. Known for their chaotic live performances and intense music, The Chariot left a lasting impression on⁢ the underground ⁢scene. Unfortunately, The Chariot does not have an official website anymore.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Chariot’s music carries a sense of urgency and chaos that is reminiscent of Underoath. ⁤Their aggressive instrumentation, passionate vocals, and⁣ emotionally charged lyrics make them an ideal recommendation for Underoath fans. Albums like “Long‌ Live” and “Wars ⁢and Rumors of Wars” showcase their relentless energy and raw sound.

Paragraph 2: If you’re craving music that ‌will ignite your passion and make you feel alive, The Chariot is a band that deserves your⁢ attention.‍ Although they‌ are no⁣ longer active, their discography ⁣serves as a testament to their unique style.


These six bands, Norma Jean, The Devil Wears Prada, Architects, Silent ‍Planet, Saosin, and The Chariot, offer a diverse range of music that shares elements with Underoath’s ‌sound ​and style. From heavy breakdowns to mellow melodies, these bands capture the essence of⁢ what makes Underoath so unique and beloved. Personally, for me, exploring these bands has allowed me to expand my musical horizons and discover incredible artists that resonate with me on a deep level. ⁢Whether you’re a ⁣longtime fan of Underoath looking for⁢ something new or you’re⁣ starting your journey ⁢into the post-hardcore⁢ genre, I highly recommend giving these bands a chance. Happy⁤ listening!

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