6 Bands Like Twelve Foot Ninja

6 Bands Like Twelve Foot Ninja


As a music enthusiast, I personally find Twelve Foot Ninja to be an incredibly unique and talented band. Their fusion of different genres and their energetic performances make them truly stand out. If you’re a fan of Twelve Foot ⁣Ninja and‌ looking for ‌similar ⁣bands to listen to, ​I’ve compiled a list ⁣of six bands that share ‌some similarities in terms of ​style and musical‍ approach.

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we delve⁤ into the ​recommendations, I want to emphasize ⁣that ‍while these bands might ‍share some similarities, they ⁤each​ have their own​ distinct⁢ sound and‍ identity. It’s important‌ to keep‌ an open mind and explore their⁢ music individually.

Band 1: Destrage

About the Band

Destrage is an Italian progressive metal ⁢band ​known for their technical prowess and diverse⁢ range of musical elements. Their music combines elements of progressive metal, mathcore, ⁣and melodic death metal, creating a unique and engaging sound. Their complex song ⁤structures, intricate guitar work,‍ and dynamic vocals make ​them a must-listen for fans of Twelve Foot Ninja.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Destrage, like ​Twelve Foot Ninja, seamlessly blend different genres into their music,‍ resulting in ⁢a​ captivating and unpredictable sonic experience. They are known for incorporating​ catchy, melodic hooks alongside⁢ heavy riffs and technical instrumentation. If you‌ appreciate⁢ the eclectic nature of ⁤Twelve⁢ Foot Ninja’s music,‍ you’ll‌ find Destrage’s⁣ sound‍ equally ​enticing.

Paragraph 2: In​ my opinion, one noteworthy aspect of Destrage is their ‍ability to maintain a ​sense of musical cohesion despite their complex song structures. They skillfully balance ‍intricate ​instrumental sections with memorable melodies, creating a ⁣highly‍ enjoyable listening ⁣experience.

Band 2: Rishloo

About⁣ the Band

Rishloo⁤ is an alternative/progressive rock band hailing⁢ from the United States. Known for their thought-provoking⁤ lyrics and‌ atmospheric soundscapes, Rishloo offers‍ a captivating ​musical journey. Their music⁢ incorporates elements of progressive rock, alternative metal, and⁢ post-rock, resulting in a rich and immersive⁤ sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy​ Points

Rishloo, like Twelve Foot ⁣Ninja, ‌has a ‌knack for seamlessly blending different genres‍ and creating a unique sonic⁢ palette. Both ​bands prioritize intricate songwriting, captivating storytelling, and emotive performances. ⁤If you enjoy the atmospheric and introspective‍ aspects of Twelve Foot Ninja’s music, Rishloo will surely captivate you.

Paragraph ⁢2: From my research, one noteworthy point about Rishloo is ⁢their‍ ability ⁣to ‌create‌ intricate and textured soundscapes. Their⁤ music often takes listeners‍ on⁤ a journey, evoking a range of emotions and providing​ a truly immersive experience.

Band 3: Tesseract

About ⁤the Band

Tesseract⁣ is an English progressive ⁢metal band known for their atmospheric and dynamic sound. Their music combines elements ⁣of progressive ⁣metal,⁢ djent, and ambient music, resulting in a captivating and ethereal sonic landscape. With their⁣ intricate instrumentation and ‌emotive​ vocals,‌ Tesseract has ⁤established themselves as one of the prominent names in the‌ progressive metal scene.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Tesseract, much like Twelve Foot Ninja, values the combination of technicality and melody ⁣within⁤ their music. Both bands have ‍a ⁢knack ⁤for creating⁢ immersive atmospheres and captivating listeners with their ⁢powerful performances. If ​you appreciate the progressive and atmospheric elements in⁣ Twelve Foot Ninja’s music, Tesseract is⁢ definitely worth ⁤exploring.

Paragraph‍ 2: ‍From my experience, one noteworthy point about Tesseract is their ability to create a ‌balance between‌ heavy, intricate⁤ sections ‍and delicate, melodic passages. Their music ​can be introspective​ and introspective, allowing‌ listeners to delve into their own thoughts⁢ and emotions.

Band ⁢4: Voyager

About the Band

Voyager ⁤is an Australian progressive⁤ metal ⁤band ​known for ⁣their catchy hooks, intricate musicianship, and powerful vocals. Their music incorporates ⁣elements of progressive metal,‌ melodic rock, and electronic music, resulting in a truly unique sound.⁢ Voyager’s ability‌ to ⁣create infectious melodies alongside complex⁣ song structures makes ​them an excellent choice for fans‌ of Twelve‍ Foot Ninja.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Voyager, similar to ‌Twelve Foot Ninja, excels⁢ in crafting ⁣catchy⁤ and memorable melodies ⁤within their progressive metal ⁢sound. Both bands‌ manage to seamlessly​ combine heavy riffs ​with infectious ​hooks, resulting in highly⁤ engaging ‌and⁤ enjoyable⁤ music.⁢ If you appreciate Twelve Foot Ninja’s ability to fuse ⁤different genres ⁢while ⁣maintaining accessibility,⁤ Voyager’s​ music will resonate with‌ you.

Paragraph 2: In my opinion, one noteworthy‌ aspect of Voyager is their ability to imbue their music with a sense​ of infectious energy. Their⁤ songs are often uplifting and anthemic,⁤ creating a positive and enjoyable listening experience.

Band 5: ⁤Skyharbor

About the Band

Skyharbor⁢ is⁣ an international progressive metal ⁤band known for their atmospheric soundscapes and soaring melodies. With members hailing from different countries, their music incorporates elements of progressive metal, post-rock, and​ ambient ​music, resulting in a captivating⁣ and transcendent sonic experience. Skyharbor’s ability to create expansive and emotive music makes them a great recommendation for fans of Twelve Foot Ninja.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Skyharbor, like Twelve Foot ⁤Ninja, excels⁤ in creating atmospheric‍ and introspective music‍ that takes listeners on a journey. Both bands employ ⁢soaring melodies alongside heavy ⁣instrumentation, resulting in a truly captivating sonic ​experience. If you appreciate the atmospheric and emotive ⁢aspects of Twelve Foot Ninja’s music, Skyharbor’s sound ⁢will ⁤surely⁤ captivate you.

Paragraph 2: From my research, ‌one noteworthy point about Skyharbor⁣ is their ability to ⁤create a sense of ethereal beauty within their music. Their songs often have a transcendent quality, allowing listeners to escape ⁤into their​ own thoughts and emotions.

Band 6: ‍Agent Fresco

About the Band

Agent Fresco is an Icelandic progressive rock​ band known for their dynamic and emotive sound. Their music blends elements ‌of ⁤progressive rock,‍ alternative rock, and post-rock, resulting in a truly unique sonic⁤ experience. With their passionate vocals, intricate melodies, and profound lyrics, Agent⁢ Fresco has garnered critical acclaim and ⁤makes for an excellent recommendation for fans of Twelve Foot Ninja.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Agent Fresco, much like Twelve ‌Foot Ninja, values‌ the combination of dynamic songwriting and emotional performances within⁢ their​ music. Both bands excel in conveying raw emotion and capturing listeners with their unique sonic palette. If you appreciate the dynamic and introspective nature ​of Twelve ⁤Foot Ninja’s music, Agent Fresco’s sound will resonate with you.

Paragraph 2: From‌ my experience, one noteworthy point about Agent Fresco is ⁢their‌ ability to create music that ​is both intellectually⁣ stimulating and emotionally‍ resonant. Their‍ music often invites listeners to reflect upon their own experiences and ‍emotions.


While Twelve Foot Ninja holds⁣ a unique place in⁤ the music ⁢scene, there are several other‍ bands ​that⁢ share similarities ‌in terms of⁢ style and musical​ approach.⁤ Destrage, Rishloo, Tesseract, Voyager, Skyharbor, and Agent Fresco all offer captivating and diverse musical experiences that fans of Twelve Foot Ninja are ‌likely to enjoy. So, personally for me, I encourage you to give these bands​ a listen and explore their music further. In my opinion, by expanding your musical horizons, you can⁣ discover new artists‍ and ‍sounds that resonate ​with ‌you on a ​deeper level. Happy ​listening!

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