6 Bands Like the Sounds

6 Bands Like the Sounds


Personally for me, one ‌of my favorite bands⁣ of all time is The‍ Sounds. Their ⁤infectious blend of rock and‍ new wave ⁢elements, along⁢ with ⁣Maja Ivarsson’s‌ powerful vocals, creates a unique sound that is both energetic ​and catchy. If you’re a ⁣fan ​of The Sounds and looking for similar bands to add to your playlist, here are six bands that you might enjoy:

Intro Paragraph 2: ‌These bands share a similar style⁤ and vibe with The Sounds, making them worth checking out if you’re looking for some fresh music that captures the essence‍ of alternative rock and​ new wave genres.

Band 1: The Hives

About the Band

The Hives are a Swedish rock band known for their ⁢high-energy performances and punk-inspired sound. With⁣ their ⁣catchy riffs and charismatic stage presence, The Hives have gained a loyal fanbase worldwide. To learn more about The Hives, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy‌ Points

Similar to The Sounds, The ​Hives‍ bring a⁣ lot of energy to ⁤their music, combining punk, garage rock, and new wave influences. Their ‍fast-paced songs and‍ rebellious attitude ⁤are reminiscent of The Sounds’ edgier tracks like “Queen of Apology” and “Living in ⁤America”.

Paragraph 2: Despite ‍having a slightly different sound, The ⁢Hives ​have managed to maintain a similar level of⁣ rawness and intensity that fans of The Sounds‌ can ​appreciate.

Band ‍2: The Sounds of Baseball

About the Band

The Sounds of Baseball is an American⁣ indie ‌rock band hailing from California. They combine ⁣elements of alternative rock, ⁣punk, and new‌ wave to create a sound ‍that is both nostalgic and refreshing. To explore‌ more about The Sounds of Baseball, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

As their name suggests, The Sounds of Baseball draw inspiration from the‌ era of new wave and alternative ⁣rock that influences The Sounds as well. Their‍ upbeat melodies ⁣and catchy hooks resonate with fans who enjoy⁤ the energetic ⁢sound​ of The Sounds.

Paragraph 2: While The Sounds of Baseball have their distinctive style, their music ⁢evokes a similar feeling and captures​ the essence of what makes​ The Sounds so enjoyable.

Band ⁣3: The Ravonettes

About the ⁣Band

The Ravonettes‍ are⁣ a Danish indie rock duo known for their atmospheric ⁤sound, ‍combining‌ elements of new wave, dream pop,‍ and‍ noise rock. Their music often features catchy‌ melodies combined with‍ dark lyrical themes. Explore‍ more about The Ravonettes on their official⁤ website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like The Sounds, The Ravonettes incorporate new ‍wave influences into‌ their music, creating a blend of alternative rock and pop. ‌Their dreamy yet gritty‌ sound is reminiscent ​of The Sounds’ exploration of darker themes‍ in tracks like “Hurt You” and “Midnight Sun”.

Paragraph 2: The Ravonettes’ ​ability to create haunting atmospheres and captivating melodies aligns with The Sounds’ talent for crafting memorable songs with an edge.

Band 4: The Raveonettes

About the Band

The Raveonettes, similar to The Ravonettes, are a Danish indie rock duo that combines elements of‌ new wave, ‌noise pop, and shoegaze. Known for their⁣ hazy guitar-driven​ sound, The Raveonettes have garnered critical acclaim for their unique approach⁢ to indie rock. To dive deeper⁢ into The Raveonettes’ music, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Raveonettes share similarities with The ⁢Sounds, especially in their incorporation of new wave and‍ alternative rock‌ elements into their music. Their nostalgic yet modern sound resonates well with fans who appreciate the infectious hooks and atmospheric vibes⁣ that The Sounds also bring‍ to their music.

Paragraph 2: Fans of The Sounds are likely to enjoy The Raveonettes’⁣ moody and evocative music, as both bands have a knack for creating⁣ captivating sonic landscapes.

Band 5: Fitz ​and The ⁣Tantrums

About​ the Band

Fitz and The Tantrums ‌are​ an American indie pop band known for their energetic⁤ performances and ‌catchy, soul-infused sound. Combining elements of new wave, pop,⁤ and ‍indie rock, their music has‌ found success on both alternative and mainstream charts. Learn more about Fitz and The Tantrums ⁤on their ⁢ official‌ website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Fitz and The Tantrums share similarities with The Sounds in terms of their ability‍ to⁣ create infectious‍ and upbeat music. Their blend of pop, ​rock, and new wave elements ⁤results in an irresistible sound that fans of The Sounds will appreciate.

Paragraph 2: ⁢ The energetic and feel-good vibes‍ that Fitz and The Tantrums bring to their music align with ​The Sounds’ ​ability⁤ to make ⁢listeners want to get up and⁢ dance.

Band 6: Metric

About the Band

Metric is a Canadian ⁢indie rock band known for their eclectic sound,⁤ influenced‍ by elements of new wave, synth-pop, and alternative rock. Led by ⁢vocalist Emily Haines, Metric is recognized for their catchy ​melodies and introspective lyrics. For ⁢more information about⁢ Metric, visit ⁣their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Metric draws on similar influences to The Sounds, combining new wave​ and alternative rock elements into their music. Their ability to⁢ infuse electronic elements and thought-provoking ⁣lyrics ‍into catchy hooks resonates ​with fans who appreciate The Sounds’ blend of ⁤introspection⁢ and infectiousness.

Paragraph 2: Metric’s unique blend of genres and Emily Haines’ captivating ‌vocals create an​ experience that fans of The Sounds are likely to enjoy.


From my research and experience, these six bands – The⁤ Hives, The Sounds of Baseball, ‍The Ravonettes, The Raveonettes, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Metric – provide a similar vibe and sound to The Sounds. Each ‌band brings their own unique ​twist to alternative rock and new wave genres, offering an enjoyable listening⁤ experience for fans. Whether you’re looking for energetic punk-inspired tracks, dreamy atmospheres, or catchy⁤ pop-infused tunes, these⁤ bands are worth exploring.

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