6 Bands Like The Pretty Reckless

6 Bands Like The Pretty Reckless


Personally, for me, The Pretty Reckless is one of the most captivating and distinctive rock bands ⁤of our time. Their unique blend of hard rock, grunge, and alternative ⁣influences, combined with powerful vocals ⁣from lead singer Taylor‌ Momsen, sets⁤ them⁣ apart from other bands in ‍the industry. If you are a fan of The Pretty Reckless ⁣and looking for similar bands to explore, ⁤I’ve got you ​covered. In my opinion, here ⁢are six bands that you should check out if you love The Pretty Reckless.

Intro Paragraph 2: When​ searching for bands similar to The Pretty⁤ Reckless, it’s important to consider their musical‍ style, lyrical themes, ⁣and the overall⁣ energy they bring ⁣to their performances. While each band on this list‍ has their own unique sound, they all share‍ common elements that fans​ of The Pretty Reckless are sure to appreciate.

Band 1: Halestorm

About the Band

Halestorm is a rock band formed in ⁤Pennsylvania in 1997. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Lzzy Hale, the​ band ​has gained a reputation⁤ for their energetic live performances and catchy hard‍ rock anthems. With their ⁣blend of heavy guitars, ​melodic hooks, and empowering lyrics, Halestorm has become a force to be reckoned with in the ⁤rock music scene.

Similarity⁤ and ‍Noteworthy Points

If you love The Pretty Reckless, you’ll find a similar sense of raw intensity and passion in Halestorm’s music. Both bands incorporate elements of hard ‍rock and alternative, ⁢with strong vocal performances at the forefront. Furthermore, like The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm is ​not afraid to tackle darker lyrical themes while maintaining an empowering and‍ uplifting⁣ message.

Paragraph 2: ‌ Halestorm’s ⁣official website can be found here.

Band 2: Dorothy

About the Band

Dorothy is an American rock band led by ​the charismatic and soulful vocalist Dorothy Martin. With⁢ their bluesy undertones and⁢ gritty ⁢rock ⁣sound, the ‍band has ⁤been ⁢making waves in the music industry since their formation in 2014. Their music is characterized by powerful vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and an overall raw and authentic energy.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to The Pretty Reckless, Dorothy’s music is‍ fueled by⁤ bold and‌ passionate vocals, delivering a sense of⁣ vulnerability and strength. Both bands showcase a fearless and⁢ unapologetic attitude in ⁤their lyrics and stage⁤ presence. If ​you’re a fan of The Pretty Reckless, Dorothy’s fierce sound will⁤ surely resonate⁤ with you.

Paragraph⁣ 2: Dorothy’s⁣ official website can be found here.

Band⁤ 3: Rival Sons

About the Band

Rival Sons is a rock ‍band hailing from​ California, known for their blues-infused rock sound and vintage rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.‌ Building upon the foundations of classic rock, the‌ band ‌has been praised for their dynamic performances ⁢and⁢ soulful songwriting. Rival Sons’ music captures the essence of nostalgia ‍while still sounding fresh and relevant.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy ⁣Points

Just like The Pretty Reckless, Rival Sons seamlessly blends elements ⁢of blues and rock to create a ‌captivating and timeless sound. Both ‍bands have ‌a knack ‍for delivering‍ powerful and emotive performances, with lyrics that ‍delve ⁢into deep ‍introspection and societal commentary. If you’re searching ⁣for music that combines classic ⁢influences with a​ modern edge, Rival ‍Sons⁢ is a ​band⁣ worth exploring.

Paragraph⁢ 2: ⁢Rival Sons’ official website can be found here.

Band 4: ​Badflower

About‌ the ⁢Band

Badflower is an American rock band formed in ‍Los Angeles in 2013. ⁤Known for⁣ their hard-hitting ‌lyrics and emotionally charged performances,⁤ the band⁤ has⁤ gained ‍a devoted⁤ following. Their music addresses themes of mental health, addiction, and social issues, offering a raw and cathartic‍ experience for listeners.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁣ Points

If you resonate ‍with The Pretty Reckless’ willingness to ‌address heavy subjects, you’ll find a similar level of emotional ⁢depth in Badflower’s ‌music. Both bands explore the darker corners of the human experience ‍through their lyrics, accompanied‌ by infectious melodies and hard-hitting instrumentals. Badflower’s ​introspective approach to ⁤rock is sure‍ to leave a lasting impact.

Paragraph 2: Badflower’s official website can ​be found here.

Band 5: The ​Amazons

About‌ the Band

The‍ Amazons are a British rock band known for their high-energy performances and anthemic rock⁢ sound. Since their ⁢formation in⁢ 2014, the band has ⁤garnered⁤ attention for their catchy hooks, powerful choruses, and infectious enthusiasm. With their blend of indie​ rock and‌ alternative influences, The Amazons deliver a sound that is both exciting and accessible.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy The Pretty Reckless’ ability‍ to combine heavy rock elements with ​infectious melodies, you’ll find a similar balance in The Amazons’ music. Both bands have⁣ a knack for crafting ⁢irresistible‌ hooks that are destined for sing-alongs. The Amazons’ energetic and catchy sound is⁤ perfect for ⁣those who want to rock⁤ out while still ⁣having a ⁢great time.

Paragraph‍ 2: The Amazons’ official website can be found here.

Band 6: Royal Blood

About the⁢ Band

Royal ⁤Blood is a British rock duo consisting⁢ of vocalist/bassist‌ Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Despite having just​ two members, the band manages to‍ deliver a massive⁢ and ferocious‍ sound that captivates audiences worldwide. Their ‍music combines heavy ⁢riffs,⁤ infectious grooves, and⁣ electrifying performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re drawn to The Pretty ⁣Reckless’ ability to⁤ create a big sound with a raw and stripped-down approach,⁤ Royal Blood is a band you need to hear. Like ​The Pretty Reckless, Royal⁤ Blood doesn’t ‍rely⁢ on a surplus of instruments to make an impact. With their dynamic and explosive rock sound, Royal Blood proves that less can indeed be more.

Paragraph ⁣2: Royal Blood’s official website can be ⁤found here.


From my research and personal experience, if you love The Pretty Reckless, these six bands are definitely worth ⁤exploring.⁣ Each band brings ​their own unique ​sound and energy to the⁢ rock genre, while still ‍capturing the⁣ essence of ‍what makes The Pretty Reckless so captivating. Whether you’re drawn to intense vocals, powerful lyrics, or hard-hitting instrumentals, there’s something for ⁣everyone on this list.

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