6 Bands Like The Neighbourhood

6 Bands Like The Neighbourhood


Personally for​ me, one of my favorite‌ bands is The Neighbourhood. Their unique blend of alternative ‍rock, indie⁣ pop, and hip-hop influences creates a captivating sound that I can’t get enough⁢ of.​ If you’re ⁢a fan of The​ Neighbourhood ‍and looking⁤ for similar bands ​to ⁤discover, ​you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll be sharing six bands that‌ you might enjoy⁣ if‌ you’re a fan⁢ of The Neighbourhood. From my research ‍and experience, these bands ‍have a similar sonic atmosphere and⁢ lyrical style that fans of The Neighbourhood will appreciate.

Intro Paragraph 2: Let’s dive in and ‍explore these⁤ talented​ bands together!

Band 1: Wallows

About the ⁤Band

Wallows ​is an American⁤ indie rock band formed in Los Angeles. The band consists of Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, ‍and ‍Cole Preston. Their music often combines indie pop, garage rock, ⁤and psychedelic elements, creating an infectious and energetic sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Like The‌ Neighbourhood,‌ Wallows’ music captures the essence of youth and introspection. They have a knack for ⁣storytelling in their lyrics, addressing‍ themes of growing up, relationships, ‌and self-discovery. If you enjoy The Neighbourhood’s introspective and introspective vibes, Wallows will be a great addition to your playlist.

Paragraph 2: ​Dive into Wallows’ music and experience ‌their‌ captivating sound by visiting their website.

Band 2: LANY

About the Band

LANY is an American indie⁤ pop band formed⁤ in ‌Los Angeles. The band ⁢is ‍composed of Paul⁣ Klein, ‍Jake Goss, and Les Priest. Their music ⁤often combines dreamy synth-pop sounds with catchy melodies, creating a captivating and emotional⁢ sonic landscape.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

LANY shares a ⁣similar atmospheric and nostalgic feel with The Neighbourhood. Their songs ⁤often delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and longing, creating a ⁤perfect soundtrack for late-night drives ‌or introspective moments. If you enjoy ⁣The Neighbourhood’s dreamy soundscapes, LANY is a band you need to check out.

Paragraph 2: Immerse ‌yourself in LANY’s captivating music⁢ by visiting their⁤ website.

Band 3: Coin

About the Band

Coin is⁢ an American indie pop band formed‌ in Nashville. The​ band consists of‍ Chase Lawrence,⁣ Joe Memmel, ​Ryan Winnen, and Matt Martin.‌ Their music combines⁤ infectious pop hooks with electronic elements, ​resulting in a ‌danceable and upbeat sound.

Similarity‍ and Noteworthy Points

Coin’s⁣ music captures the same infectious energy and catchy melodies that fans of The Neighbourhood⁢ will appreciate. Their songs often explore themes of youth,‌ relationships, and self-discovery, creating an uplifting and relatable listening experience. If you enjoy The Neighbourhood’s blend of indie ​pop and alternative rock, Coin is a band you shouldn’t⁢ miss.

Paragraph 2: Get ⁢hooked on Coin’s infectious sound by ‍visiting their website.

Band 4:⁤ Bad Suns

About ⁤the Band

Bad Suns ⁤is an American indie rock band formed in ⁤California. The band⁣ is composed of⁣ Christo Bowman, Gavin⁤ Bennett, Miles Morris, and Ray Libby. Their ‍music blends catchy guitar ‍riffs, energetic⁤ rhythms, and introspective⁤ lyrics, creating a unique and captivating⁤ sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy​ Points

Bad Suns’ music shares a similar indie rock spirit and introspective ​lyrical style with The Neighbourhood.​ They have a talent‍ for crafting infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners. If you ​enjoy The Neighbourhood’s alternative rock⁢ sound, ⁢Bad Suns⁢ is a band⁤ worth checking out.

Paragraph 2: Immerse yourself in Bad Suns’ captivating music by visiting their website.

Band‍ 5: flor

About the Band

flor is an American indie pop band formed ‌in ​Oregon. The band consists of‌ Zach Grace, Dylan Bauld, McKinley⁣ Kitts, and Kyle Hill. Their music combines dreamy pop sounds, electronic elements, and introspective lyrics, creating a captivating⁣ sonic experience.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

flor’s music shares a ​similar dreamy ‍and introspective atmosphere with The⁤ Neighbourhood. They have a talent for creating catchy melodies and poetic lyrics that evoke ​emotions.⁤ If you enjoy The ⁤Neighbourhood’s blend‍ of indie pop and introspection, flor is ⁣a band ⁣you’ll enjoy discovering.

Paragraph ‌2: Dive into flor’s‌ captivating​ music by visiting their website.

Band 6:⁢ The 1975

About the Band

The 1975 is an English pop rock band formed in Manchester.⁣ The band consists of Matthew​ Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel. Their music combines pop, rock, and electronic elements, resulting in a diverse ⁣and captivating sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The 1975 shares a similar genre-bending approach⁤ with The Neighbourhood. Their music⁤ effortlessly blends various genres and styles to create a unique‌ sonic experience. Both bands explore themes‍ of youth, love, ‌and​ societal observations⁤ through their lyrical content. If you enjoy The Neighbourhood’s experimental and genre-blurring sound, ​The 1975 is ⁢a band you shouldn’t miss.

Paragraph 2: Immerse yourself in ‌The 1975’s captivating music by visiting their website.


In ⁣my opinion, these six⁣ bands, Wallows,‍ LANY, Coin, Bad Suns, flor, and The 1975, share similarities with ⁤The Neighbourhood ​in terms of their sonic atmosphere and lyrical style. Whether you’re a fan of The ⁢Neighbourhood’s introspective lyrics or their captivating blend ⁤of alternative rock and indie pop, these⁣ bands offer⁤ a similar ⁤listening experience. From my research and experience, exploring these bands will expand your musical ‍horizons.⁤ So, dive into⁤ the music of these bands personally for me, and I’m sure you’ll​ find some new favorites along the way!

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