6 Bands Like The Neighborhood

6 Bands Like The Neighborhood


Personally for me, The Neighborhood‍ is a band that ‍never fails to captivate me​ with their​ unique sound and introspective‌ lyrics. If you’re a fan of⁤ their music like me,‌ you might be interested in discovering other bands that share a similar style or⁢ evoke similar⁢ emotions. In this article, I’ll ⁢introduce you⁤ to six bands that, ‌in my opinion,‌ have a similar vibe to The Neighborhood. So,⁣ let’s get started!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we dive ⁣into the bands, I want to emphasize that while these artists may share similarities with The Neighborhood, ⁣they each have their own distinct sound and⁢ style. So, ‌don’t expect⁣ exact replicas, but rather artists that complement your love for The ‌Neighborhood.

Band 1: The 1975

About the Band

The 1975 is a British band known‍ for their ‌catchy melodies, insightful lyrics, and experimental⁤ music style. Formed in 2002, their ⁣genre-bending sound combines elements of ​indie rock, pop, and electronic music. With hits like “Chocolate” and “Somebody Else,” their music often explores ‍themes of love, relationships, and self-reflection.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The 1975 shares⁢ a similar introspective ‍quality to The Neighborhood’s music, delving into themes of personal growth and self-discovery. Both bands have a knack for blending catchy hooks with meaningful ‌lyrics, creating a balance between upbeat tunes and⁢ thoughtful introspection. If you enjoy ⁤The Neighborhood’s blend of alternative rock and pop, The ⁣1975’s sound might just be your cup of tea.

Paragraph 2: ​Furthermore, both bands⁣ have successfully⁣ created a loyal‍ fanbase that appreciates their‌ poetic ⁢lyricism and emotionally-driven⁣ performances. If you’re seeking ⁢music that can evoke a range of emotions and make you reflect ​on life, The 1975 is a band worth exploring.

Band 2: Glass Animals

About the Band

Glass Animals is an ⁢English indie rock band known for their unique blend of psychedelic pop, smooth vocals, and atmospheric production. Their music often explores surreal ⁤and dream-like themes, creating a whimsical listening experience. With tracks like ⁢”Gooey” and⁤ “Heat Waves,”​ they ⁢have gained popularity for their captivating ⁢sound.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

Like The Neighborhood, Glass Animals​ uses ⁤storytelling and vivid ⁣imagery in their lyrics to transport listeners into imaginative⁢ worlds. Both bands have‍ a mastery of creating atmospheric soundscapes that immerse the⁣ audience and leave them craving for more. If⁢ you appreciate The‍ Neighborhood’s ability ⁤to ⁤create a ⁣mesmerizing ​and immersive atmosphere, Glass ⁢Animals’ music is worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, both bands are known for their innovative production‌ techniques and attention to detail, resulting in a captivating sonic experience. If ⁤you’re looking for ⁢music with an enchanting atmosphere and thought-provoking lyrics,⁤ Glass Animals is an excellent addition ⁤to your playlist.

Band 3: LANY

About the Band

LANY is an American ⁢indie pop band that rose to prominence with their ‌heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and ‍nostalgic sound. With tracks ⁣like “Malibu Nights” and “ilysb,” they have captivated audiences with their dreamy synth-pop sound and heartfelt ballads.

Similarity ⁤and Noteworthy ⁣Points

LANY shares a similar penchant for nostalgia and melancholic⁣ undertones in their ‍music, which resonates with The Neighborhood’s ​introspective style. Both bands excel⁢ at crafting emotional and relatable lyrics, making ⁣their music hit close​ to home. If you enjoy The Neighborhood’s ability to capture complex emotions in their songs, LANY’s discography is a must-listen.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, both bands have a talent for creating atmospheric and moody tracks that leave a ‌lasting impact‌ on the listener. LANY’s dreamy soundscapes and heartfelt ‌vocals provide a soothing and introspective ​experience, much like The​ Neighborhood. If you’re in the mood ⁣for music that takes you on an emotional journey, LANY is a band you shouldn’t miss.

Band 4: Catfish and ⁢the Bottlemen

About the Band

Catfish‍ and the Bottlemen is a Welsh rock band known ⁣for ​their energetic guitar-driven sound, anthemic choruses, and honest lyrics. With tracks like “Kathleen” ⁤and “Cocoon,” they have gained a reputation for their raw and passionate performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Both Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Neighborhood excel at creating catchy hooks and energetic rock anthems that resonate with audiences. While their sound may be more guitar-driven compared to The Neighborhood’s atmospheric touch, ‌both bands share a passion for creating music that⁢ connects with listeners on a deeper level. If you appreciate The Neighborhood’s passionate energy and relatable​ lyrics, Catfish and the ​Bottlemen is a band to ​explore.

Paragraph ​2: Furthermore, both ⁤bands are known for their electrifying live performances,‍ where ‌they bring‌ their songs to life with an undeniable⁤ stage presence. If you enjoy the‌ energetic and immersive ⁣qualities of The Neighborhood’s live shows, Catfish ⁣and the Bottlemen’s​ concerts won’t disappoint.

Band 5: Arctic Monkeys

About the Band

Arctic Monkeys is a British rock band known for their indie rock sound, ⁢clever lyrics, and memorable hooks. With ​hits ⁢like “Do I Wanna Know?” ⁢and⁢ “Fluorescent Adolescent,” they have become one of the most influential bands of the 2000s.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like The Neighborhood,‍ Arctic​ Monkeys’ music often delves into themes of urban life, relationships, and introspection. Both bands share a knack for⁢ crafting intelligent and ⁢relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners. If you appreciate The Neighborhood’s lyrical ​depth and storytelling abilities, Arctic Monkeys’ ⁣discography is a must-explore.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, both bands showcase a fusion of alternative rock and indie pop, combining infectious melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. ⁣Arctic⁣ Monkeys’ iconic guitar riffs and Alex Turner’s distinct vocal style provide an edgy and captivating sound, much like The Neighborhood. If you’re seeking music with a blend⁣ of catchy tunes and meaningful ⁢lyrics,‌ Arctic Monkeys is ⁤a⁣ band ⁣you won’t want to miss.

Band 6: Bad Suns

About the Band

Bad Suns is an American indie ‌rock band known for their infectious melodies, upbeat ⁤sound, and catchy hooks. With tracks like “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt,” they ‍have garnered attention for their energetic and feel-good music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Bad Suns shares a similar ⁣penchant for⁢ creating upbeat‌ and catchy‍ indie rock tunes, much‍ like The Neighborhood’s more⁤ upbeat tracks. Both bands excel at crafting infectious melodies and feel-good vibes that make you want to dance. ⁣If you enjoy The Neighborhood’s energetic and uplifting side, ‍Bad Suns’ music should definitely be on your ‌radar.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, both bands have ⁢a talent for creating music that is‍ easy to sing along to, with memorable ⁤choruses ‌and relatable themes. Bad Suns’ ​guitar-driven sound and Christo Bowman’s⁣ vocals provide an effortlessly cool⁣ and groovy​ vibe, reminiscent of ‌The Neighborhood’s catchy tunes. If you’re in the mood for music that brings a smile to your face and gets your body moving, Bad Suns will deliver.


In my opinion,⁤ these six bands ⁤provide a⁤ similar vibe and style to The Neighborhood while⁣ offering unique elements that make them stand out. From the atmospheric soundscapes of The 1975 to the‍ dreamy nostalgia of⁢ LANY, each band has something special⁢ to offer. Personally, for me, exploring these⁣ bands has not only expanded‍ my musical horizons but also⁣ deepened my love for The Neighborhood and their distinct sound. So, from my experience,⁤ I encourage you ​to give these bands a chance and discover new ⁢music that​ resonates with you!

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