6 Bands Like The Midnight

6 Bands Like The Midnight


Personally⁣ for⁢ me,‍ The Midnight ⁢is one of⁤ the most influential and talented‍ bands in the synthwave genre. Their ⁣nostalgic soundscapes ⁤and catchy melodies ⁢transport listeners to the neon-lit streets of the 1980s. ‍If you’re ⁢a fan of ⁢The Midnight and looking‍ for similar music to add to your playlist, I’ve ⁣compiled‌ a list⁣ of six bands that capture the essence‌ of The Midnight’s style.

Intro Paragraph 2: ⁣ These bands not only‌ share a similar synthwave sound, but they⁤ also deliver captivating lyrics​ and evoke a sense of nostalgia. So, without⁣ further ado, let’s dive into the world of⁤ six bands like The Midnight.

Band 1: FM-84

About the Band

FM-84 is a British synthwave ‌duo consisting of Col Bennett ⁢and Ollie Wride. Drawing inspiration from the ’80s ⁤pop culture ‍and nostalgia, FM-84 creates music with shimmering⁢ synths, catchy hooks, and heartfelt‍ lyrics. Their debut album “Atlas” received critical ‌acclaim and solidified their place in the‍ synthwave scene.

Similarity ⁢and ⁤Noteworthy Points

If you love The Midnight’s dreamy ⁤synth melodies and romantic lyrics, FM-84 is⁢ a band you shouldn’t miss. ‍They share a similar nostalgic sound, blending lush synth textures with infectious ⁤hooks. FM-84’s ​collaboration with The‍ Midnight on ⁣the‍ track “Running in the ‌Night” showcases their collective talent ‌and⁢ chemistry.

Paragraph 2: Experience FM-84’s enchanting music here.

Band 2: Timecop1983

About the Band

Timecop1983, hailing from the​ Netherlands, ​is the musical⁣ project of Jordy Leenaerts. Immersed in nostalgic synthwave sounds, Timecop1983 creates captivating music ⁤with ethereal synths, uplifting melodies, and​ emotive vocals. Their albums like ‍”Night ‍Drive” and “Reflections” have garnered widespread recognition within the synthwave community.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Timecop1983 perfectly captures the essence of ‌The Midnight’s‌ atmospheric and ​introspective style. Their enchanting melodies paired with‌ introspective lyrics evoke a sense of yearning‌ and longing. Be sure to check out Timecop1983’s collaboration with The Midnight on the⁤ song ⁢”Static.”

Paragraph ⁢2: Dive into ‌the ⁢mesmerizing ​music of Timecop1983 here.

Band 3: Gunship

About the⁤ Band

Gunship,⁢ a British synthwave and dark synth band, consists of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, and⁢ Alex⁤ Gingell. With their self-titled debut album, Gunship quickly gained popularity for their unique blend ⁤of​ ’80s-inspired ⁢synth music and heavy rock elements. ⁤Their music often accompanies nostalgic and futuristic themes.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Gunship shares ‌a similar retro-inspired sound with⁣ The Midnight but incorporates a darker ⁣and⁤ heavier edge. Their music combines pulsating synths, epic guitar riffs, and⁣ evocative lyrics to create a distinct atmosphere. Gunship’s collaboration⁣ with The Midnight on the track “Black Blood​ Red Kiss” showcases their shared love for‌ powerful synth-driven compositions.

Paragraph 2: Immerse⁤ yourself in Gunship’s captivating music here.

Band ​4: ‍LeBrock

About the ⁣Band

Hailing from the United Kingdom, LeBrock is‍ a synthwave and electronic-rock⁣ duo composed⁢ of Shaun ⁣Phillips and Michael Meadows. Their ⁤music fuses⁣ synthwave elements ​with hard-hitting electric guitar solos, creating a unique⁤ combination of genres. LeBrock’s energetic sound and catchy hooks ​have ⁢solidified their place in the synthwave scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy The Midnight’s blend⁣ of synthwave and ⁣rock influences, LeBrock will ‍surely ‍captivate your ears. Their music combines powerful vocals, pulsating​ synths, and electrifying guitar solos, ⁢reminiscent of ’80s glam rock. ⁢LeBrock’s collaboration with The Midnight on the track “Call Me” ‍showcases‍ their​ shared passion for anthemic ‌and energetic compositions.

Paragraph 2: Rock out to LeBrock’s electrifying music here.

Band 5: Kalax

About the Band

Kalax, a London-based synthwave‍ artist and ⁤producer, creates mesmerizing‌ music that transports listeners to a neon-soaked ’80s world. Kalax’s music⁣ is characterized‌ by atmospheric synths,⁤ dreamy melodies, ​and introspective lyrics. His albums like “Kalax III” and “Metropolis” showcase his skill in crafting immersive soundscapes.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Kalax’s music shares similarities⁤ with The Midnight’s atmospheric and introspective style. He expertly weaves intricate soundscapes with nostalgic melodies and emotive vocals. Kalax’s collaboration with The Midnight‍ on the song ​”Take Me Back” beautifully encapsulates their⁢ shared talent for crafting ethereal synthwave ⁣compositions.

Paragraph 2: Get lost in⁤ Kalax’s mesmerizing music ⁢ here.

Band 6: Carpenter Brut

About the Band

Carpenter Brut, a French electronic musician,​ draws inspiration from ’80s horror and ⁤action films to create his unique brand of synthwave. With his heavy and aggressive‌ sound, Carpenter Brut incorporates ‍elements of metal, rock, and electronica ‍in his music. His albums like “Trilogy” and “Leather Teeth” ⁤have gained worldwide recognition.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

While Carpenter Brut’s ‌sound may be heavier and darker​ than The ​Midnight’s, they​ both share a⁣ passion for creating ⁣music that⁢ evokes powerful emotions. Carpenter​ Brut’s energetic synths, driving beats, and intense melodies create ⁣an electrifying atmosphere similar​ to​ The Midnight’s high-energy tracks. Their collaboration ‌on the song‍ “Maniac” is a perfect blend of their unique styles.

Paragraph 2: Experience Carpenter Brut’s electrifying music here.


In ‍my opinion, these six bands capture the essence⁣ of‍ The ‍Midnight’s mesmerizing synthwave ⁤sound.⁤ From FM-84’s dreamy melodies to Carpenter Brut’s dark and intense compositions, each band brings something unique to the table. If you’re craving more nostalgic bliss, be⁢ sure to check out their music and explore the vast ‌synthwave ⁢genre.

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