6 Bands Like The Growlers

6 Bands Like The Growlers


Personally‍ for ⁤me, The Growlers are one of my favorite bands. Their unique blend of surf⁢ rock, psychedelic vibes, and catchy melodies always captivates me.⁣ However, if you’re looking to expand ⁤your musical horizons⁣ and discover similar bands, this article ⁣is for you. In my opinion, the following six bands share a similar ‌sound to The Growlers and ⁤are worth checking out. From my research, these bands offer a ​mix of groovy tunes and‌ infectious energy ⁣that fans of The Growlers⁢ will appreciate.

Intro Paragraph ⁢2: Without further ado, let’s dive into six bands like The Growlers that I personally enjoy and recommend.

Band 1: Allah-Las

About⁤ the Band

The ⁢Allah-Las‌ are ‌a Los Angeles-based band that formed in 2008. They draw influence​ from the ’60s garage rock and psychedelic scene, crafting a nostalgic sound with a modern twist.⁢ Their⁢ laid-back, jangly guitar riffs and dreamy harmonies ‍create⁣ a vibe reminiscent of The Growlers.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Allah-Las share a ⁢love for vintage vibes and ’60s psychedelia just like The Growlers. Both bands create a ‌warm and ‌nostalgic atmosphere through their music. If you enjoy The Growlers’ whimsical melodies and vintage sound, you’ll likely‍ find a lot to love in the Allah-Las’ discography.‌ Explore more about the Allah-Las here.

Paragraph 2: The Allah-Las’ album “Worship‌ the Sun” is a personal‌ favorite of mine, with tracks like “501-415” and “Buffalo Nickel” ⁤immediately capturing my attention and transporting me to a different ⁣era.

Band 2: Mystic Braves

About the Band

Mystic Braves, hailing from Los Angeles, are known for their groovy, psych-rock ⁢sound. Formed in 2011, the band combines fuzzy guitar riffs, hazy melodies, and​ catchy hooks to create a captivating ⁤sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Mystic​ Braves’​ music aligns closely with The Growlers in terms ⁣of their psychedelic sound and infectious energy. Fans of The Growlers’ energetic ‍live shows will likely appreciate Mystic Braves’ captivating stage presence as well. To learn more about Mystic Braves, visit their official website ‍ here.

Paragraph 2: One of my favorite songs by Mystic Braves is “Trippin’ Like I Do,” a tune‍ that immediately grabs ‍your attention with its catchy melody and groovy guitar ⁤riffs.

Band 3: Night Beats

About​ the​ Band

Night Beats, an American rock band formed in 2009, draws inspiration from⁢ the psychedelic, blues, and garage ⁣rock scenes of the ’60s. Hailing ​from Seattle, the band incorporates‍ fuzzy guitar tones and soulful vocals into their music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Night Beats share a love for⁢ gritty blues-infused rock with ⁤The Growlers,‍ although ⁢their sound leans‌ more‍ towards the garage‍ rock side. Both bands provide a raw and powerful musical experience that fans of The Growlers will likely appreciate. Visit Night Beats’ official​ website here.

Paragraph 2: ‌ “Bad Love” is a standout ⁤track by Night Beats​ that showcases​ their ability to create an electrifying‌ atmosphere through heavy guitar⁤ riffs and passionate vocals.

Band 4: ‍King Gizzard & ⁤The ⁤Lizard ⁤Wizard

About the Band

King Gizzard & The ‌Lizard Wizard, an Australian psychedelic rock band formed in 2010, is known for their prolific output and experimentation with various genres. Their music ranges from garage⁤ rock to progressive rock, all delivered with high energy.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Although King⁢ Gizzard & The ⁤Lizard Wizard explore different musical realms, they share a ⁣commonality with The Growlers in their eclectic sound‌ and fearless approach ⁤to music. Both bands have​ a knack for crafting ⁣unique and captivating compositions that keep‌ listeners on their toes. Explore more about King Gizzard & ‍The Lizard Wizard here.

Paragraph 2: One of my personal favorite albums by King Gizzard &‌ The Lizard ⁤Wizard is “Nonagon⁤ Infinity,” a non-stop psychedelic rock journey that showcases the band’s versatility and creativity.

Band 5: Tijuana Panthers

About‌ the Band

Tijuana Panthers are a trio⁤ from Long Beach, California, known for their surf-infused garage​ rock sound. Their music is characterized by ‍catchy‌ melodies, energetic guitar work, and a dash of⁣ California sunshine.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Tijuana Panthers’ surf rock style intertwines with garage rock‍ roots, creating​ a sound that echoes The Growlers’ beachy and laid-back vibes. Both bands possess a certain charm⁢ that instantly grabs‌ your attention and makes you want to ‍dance ⁣along. Check ⁢out ⁢Tijuana Panthers’‍ official website here.

Paragraph 2: “Creature”⁤ is a standout track by Tijuana Panthers that ⁣perfectly captures their ⁣blend of surf rock and garage punk,‌ leaving you craving more of their infectious sound.

Band 6: The Babe Rainbow

About the Band

The Babe Rainbow, an Australian band formed ⁤in 2014, creates a whimsical blend of psychedelia, folk, and surf rock. ⁤Their music exudes a dreamy and ⁤carefree vibe that invites listeners‌ into a world of sunshine and happiness.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Babe Rainbow shares a similar penchant​ for psychedelic sounds ⁤with The Growlers. Both bands create a playful and colorful sonic experience that transports you to a different​ realm. Immerse yourself in The Babe Rainbow’s delightful​ tunes by visiting their ‌official website here.

Paragraph 2: “Peace Blossom⁢ Boogy” by The Babe Rainbow is a perfect example ⁤of their ability‍ to blend ⁢various musical influences into ‌a wonderfully ⁣quirky and enjoyable⁤ track.


In my experience, exploring bands similar to The Growlers has led me to discover a treasure trove of incredible music. Personally, I find these six bands to be worth exploring if you’re a fan of The Growlers. From the dreamy melodies of Allah-Las‍ to the energetic garage rock of Mystic Braves, ​each‍ band offers a unique and captivating musical experience. So, ‌dive into their discographies, follow the links to their websites, and embark on a ⁢musical journey filled with ⁣delightful surprises and familiar sounds.

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