6 Bands Like the Deftones

6 Bands Like the Deftones


As a ​fan ⁤of the ⁣Deftones, I have⁢ always appreciated their unique blend of alternative ⁢metal, post-hardcore, and shoegaze. If ⁢you’re looking for bands that share similar musical​ qualities and atmospheric ‌vibes,‌ here are six bands that I personally recommend ​checking out. These bands may resonate with you if you enjoy the Deftones’ captivating soundscapes and emotional lyrics.

Intro Paragraph 2: Each band listed below has its ⁤own distinct style, but they⁤ all harness ​the power ​of ethereal melodies, heavy riffs, and intense vocals. Let’s dive‍ into these six bands like the Deftones, and⁤ discover some new sounds that may capture your heart and soul.

Band 1:​ Nothing

About​ the Band

Formed in 2010, Nothing is a Philadelphia-based band that⁤ combines⁤ elements of ‍shoegaze, post-rock, and alternative metal. They create a wall of sound with dreamy guitar textures and ​emotional‍ vocals. You can find more about ‍them on their⁢ official ‍website.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁤Points

Similar to the Deftones, Nothing excels in crafting atmospheric songs that envelope ‍listeners in a sonic haze. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy, distorted guitars with delicate melodies ⁤creates an intense yet ethereal experience. They also​ incorporate introspective and introspective lyrics, reminiscent of the Deftones’‍ introspective and emotional songwriting style.

Paragraph 2: With tracks⁣ like “Bent Nail” and “The Carpenter,” Nothing captures‌ the essence⁢ of emotional vulnerability through their soundscapes.⁤ Their music can ⁣be simultaneously⁣ aggressive and emotionally charged, much like the Deftones.

Band 2: Team Sleep

About the Band

Team Sleep is an experimental ⁤side project‌ of Deftones’ frontman Chino Moreno. The band delves into a ‌more electronic and experimental sound, incorporating elements of trip-hop, dream pop, and ambient music. You can explore more about Team Sleep on their⁢ Facebook ‍page.

Similarity ⁤and Noteworthy Points

Being Chino Moreno’s side project, Team Sleep naturally ​shares similarities with⁤ the Deftones, particularly in terms of haunting melodies and introspective lyrics. The band experiments with electronic elements, creating a dreamy, atmospheric sound that is⁣ distinct from the Deftones’ main⁢ discography.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “Ever ‍(Foreign Flag)” and “Blvd. Nights” showcase Team Sleep’s ability to captivate listeners with their ethereal soundscapes and Moreno’s evocative vocals. If‍ you enjoy the ⁢Deftones’ more introspective and experimental side, Team Sleep is definitely worth exploring.

Band⁢ 3: Hum

About the Band

Hailing from Illinois, Hum is an alternative rock band known for their heavy guitar-driven soundscapes and dreamy, atmospheric melodies. They rose to prominence ‌in the ‌’90s with their album “You’d Prefer‍ an ‌Astronaut.” You can learn more about ‍Hum on their Bandcamp page.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Hum‌ shares similarities with the Deftones in ‌their ability ‌to create captivating and melodic ⁤compositions while infusing them with heavier elements. The band’s distinctive⁤ guitar work and ethereal vocals evoke a sense of ⁤introspection, much like the Deftones’ music.

Paragraph⁣ 2: Tracks like “Stars” and ⁣”Green To Me” exemplify ‌Hum’s ability to transport listeners‌ into a world of atmospheric and ⁣introspective ⁣music. If ‍you enjoy the Deftones’ combination of heavy, distorted guitar passages with beautiful‍ melodies, you’ll find a lot to appreciate​ in ⁤Hum’s discography.

Band 4: O’Brother

About the Band

O’Brother is a post-rock band from Atlanta known for their immersive soundscapes and dynamic compositions. They infuse their music with elements of alternative metal and progressive rock, creating a captivating sonic⁣ journey. Explore more about O’Brother on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁢Points

O’Brother resonates with the Deftones in their ability to blend heavy, atmospheric passages with hauntingly beautiful melodies. Their⁤ music is layered and expansive, allowing listeners to get lost in their enveloping soundscapes.

Paragraph 2: ‍ Songs like “Sputnik” and “Context” showcase O’Brother’s expertise in delivering intense and emotionally charged ‌compositions. If ​you appreciate the‌ Deftones’ ability to create atmospheric music that transports you‍ to another⁤ world, O’Brother’s catalog will surely capture your attention.

Band 5: Thrice

About the Band

Thrice is a California-based rock‌ band ⁢that seamlessly blends elements⁣ of ‍post-hardcore, alternative rock,⁤ and progressive rock. Known for their intricate song structures and ⁢thought-provoking lyrics, Thrice has been an influential ⁣act in the⁢ alternative scene. Discover more about Thrice ​on their official website.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

Thrice shares similarities with the Deftones ​in their ability to deliver a captivating live performance and layer their music with emotionally charged lyrics. Both bands excel in incorporating heaviness and melody, creating ⁤a ‌powerful listening experience.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Black ⁢Honey” and “Stare at the Sun” display ‌Thrice’s dynamic songwriting and ability‌ to seamlessly transition⁢ between heavy and melodic passages. If you enjoy the Deftones’ ability to ⁢captivate through their captivating performances ⁣and introspective lyrics, Thrice is a‍ band to explore.

Band 6: Pelican

About the Band

Pelican is ‍a‌ post-metal band known⁣ for their instrumental compositions‌ that blend heavy, distorted guitars with elements of ​post-rock and‍ atmospheric soundscapes. Their music evokes a strong​ sense of emotion and takes listeners on a sonic journey. You can find out more ⁣about Pelican on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Pelican resonates with the Deftones in their ability to create powerful and atmospheric music without‍ relying ⁤on vocals. They craft expansive, instrumental compositions that are captivating ⁢and introspective, just like the Deftones’ music.

Paragraph‌ 2: Tracks like “The Creeper” and “March to the Sea” showcase Pelican’s talent in creating immersive ⁤soundscapes that evoke a range of emotions. If you appreciate⁤ the Deftones’ ability to captivate ​listeners without⁣ conventional song structures,​ Pelican offers a different, yet equally arresting, experience.


These six bands, while each ⁣possessing their own‍ unique sounds, share​ common ground with the Deftones in terms of​ atmospheric vibes, emotive lyrics,⁣ and​ captivating performances. Personally, I have found great joy in exploring these bands’ discographies and discovering new music that ⁤resonates with me. From my experience and research, I believe that fans of the Deftones will appreciate the ethereal and emotionally charged music produced by these alternative acts. So ‍dive in, explore their respective websites, and‌ embark on a sonic journey akin to the⁤ visceral experience the ​Deftones offer.

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