6 Bands Like Tesseract

6 Bands Like Tesseract


As an avid ​fan‍ of Tesseract, I understand the desire to explore similar ‍bands that offer a similar blend ​of progressive rock and​ metal.⁤ Personally, for‍ me, finding‌ bands⁤ with a similar sound can be a rewarding experience, allowing ⁣me to discover new music that resonates with my taste. ‌In⁢ this article, I will ‍introduce you to six bands that⁤ share similarities with Tesseract, ‍hoping ⁣to expand your⁣ music library and⁤ provide ​an enjoyable listening experience. So, ‌let’s ⁢dive in!

Intro Paragraph ⁢2: Tesseract, known ​for their atmospheric and ‌melodic sound, combines intricate guitar ​work, complex rhythms, and⁣ mesmerizing vocals⁤ to⁢ create a unique​ sonic​ journey. If you are⁢ a fan of their progressive and djent-inspired style, you⁣ might find these bands intriguing and ⁢worth exploring. Each ‍band listed below has its own distinctive aspects while sharing certain similarities with ⁣Tesseract, making ​them ​worthy additions ‍to⁢ your playlist.

Band 1: ⁢Periphery

About the Band

Periphery‍ is an American progressive metal ⁢band formed in 2005. Known for their technical proficiency and innovative songwriting,‌ they blend elements of progressive⁤ metal, djent, and ambient music to create a complex and captivating sound. Their expansive‌ discography ‌showcases a variety of sounds,‍ ranging from heavy and⁢ aggressive ‌tracks to ambient and atmospheric compositions.

Similarity ‌and Noteworthy Points

Periphery shares similarities with‍ Tesseract in⁢ their use of intricate ⁢guitar riffs, polyrhythms, and atmospheric soundscapes. The bands also explore ⁤similar themes of ⁣introspection‍ and human emotions through their ​lyrics. With their dynamic⁤ compositions and powerful vocals, Periphery presents a compelling listening experience for fans of Tesseract.

Paragraph 2: One notable album to ⁤start with‌ is “Periphery II: This ‌Time It’s⁣ Personal,”⁢ which showcases the band’s diverse sound and songwriting prowess. For more information about Periphery, ⁤you can visit their ‌ official website.

Band 2:⁣ Monuments

About the Band

Monuments⁣ is a British⁣ progressive‌ metal ⁤band formed in 2009. Known ⁤for their technicality and groove-oriented⁢ sound, ‍they‌ incorporate djent elements along with melodic ​and ⁢atmospheric passages. With their heavy‍ yet accessible sound,⁤ Monuments has gained a ⁣strong following in ⁤the progressive​ metal community.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Monuments share similarities with Tesseract ⁢in their use⁤ of intricate guitar work, groove-laden rhythms, and dynamic song structures. Both bands incorporate melodic passages and atmospheric elements to create an immersive ⁤musical experience. Monuments’⁢ passionate energy and thought-provoking​ lyrics resonate with fans of Tesseract.

Paragraph 2: Begin exploring Monuments’ sound by listening to their album “The Amanuensis,” which showcases their technicality and⁢ powerful songwriting. For more information about Monuments, you can visit their‍ official website.

Band ‍3: Skyharbor

About the Band

Skyharbor is a progressive metal band hailing​ from India. Formed in‍ 2008,​ their unique blend of atmospheric,​ djent, and post-rock ‍elements creates a mesmerizing‌ sonic landscape. With soaring vocals and intricate musicianship, Skyharbor has gained recognition both locally and⁤ internationally.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Skyharbor shares similarities with Tesseract in their atmospheric sound, melodic sensibilities, and⁣ emotionally driven compositions. Both ​bands implement ethereal guitar work and captivating vocal performances to ‌create ‍a sonic journey that transcends genres. Skyharbor’s rich, textured sound ‍appeals to fans ​looking for a similar musical experience.

Paragraph 2: Explore Skyharbor’s compelling​ sound by listening​ to their⁣ album “Guiding Lights,” which showcases their unique blend of progressive and atmospheric elements. For⁤ more information about Skyharbor, you can visit their official website.

Band 4: Circles

About the Band

Circles is an ‌Australian progressive metal band formed in 2009. Their music combines djent, progressive, and melodic elements, creating a dynamic‌ and engaging listening‌ experience. With ‍their intricate ⁢guitar work,​ catchy⁢ melodies, and emotive lyrics, Circles has ‌garnered a ‌dedicated following in ‌the progressive ‍metal scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Circles share similarities with ‌Tesseract in their blend of atmospheric passages, complex rhythms, and melodic sensibilities. ⁢Both bands infuse their music with infectious⁢ hooks and grooves, making it accessible to a ⁢wide range ​of listeners. Circles’ ability to seamlessly⁤ transition between heavy and atmospheric moments​ appeals ⁢to⁢ fans of Tesseract.

Paragraph 2: Begin delving into Circles’ discography ​by listening to their⁢ album ‌”The Last One,” which ‌showcases their progressive⁤ and emotionally charged ⁢sound. For ‍more information about Circles, you can visit ⁤their official website.

Band 5: Intervals

About the ⁣Band

Intervals is a Canadian instrumental progressive metal band formed​ in 2011. Led ​by guitarist Aaron Marshall, the band delivers a mesmerizing blend of dazzling guitar work, intricate compositions, and memorable melodies. With their⁣ dynamic sound and technical proficiency, Intervals has captivated fans of progressive music worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Intervals share similarities with Tesseract in their instrumental prowess, complex compositions, and atmospheric soundscapes. Both bands excel in crafting intricate⁣ guitar melodies and captivating rhythms. Intervals’ ability to evoke ‍emotions ⁢and create​ a rich musical experience makes them ⁣a favorite among ​fans⁢ of ⁢Tesseract.

Paragraph 2: ⁣ Dive into Intervals’ breathtaking sound by listening to their album “A Voice Within,” which showcases their instrumental prowess and‌ progressive songwriting. For⁣ more information about Intervals, you can visit their official website.

Band⁤ 6: ‌Caligula’s Horse

About the Band

Caligula’s Horse is an Australian progressive rock/metal band formed in 2011. Their music combines elements ⁢of progressive rock, alternative metal, and djent, resulting in a unique ​and captivating sound. With their emotive songwriting, ​powerful vocals, and intricate instrumentation, Caligula’s Horse ⁢has gained critical acclaim and a devoted ⁤fanbase.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Caligula’s ‍Horse shares similarities with Tesseract in their introspective⁤ lyrics, dynamic ⁤compositions, and blend of heavy and melodic passages. Both bands strive to create an⁣ immersive experience through their music, with Caligula’s Horse ⁤offering‌ thought-provoking and emotionally charged songs. Their ability to craft energetic ‍and memorable tracks resonates with fans of Tesseract.

Paragraph 2: Immerse yourself‌ in Caligula’s Horse’s enchanting sound by listening to their ‍album “Bloom,” which ⁤showcases⁣ their versatility and musical prowess. For ⁤more information about Caligula’s ​Horse, you can visit ‌their official website.


In my‍ opinion, ​these⁤ six bands mentioned above offer a fantastic listening experience ⁤for fans of Tesseract. By exploring their discographies, you will discover‍ captivating compositions,⁤ intricate musicianship, and thought-provoking lyrics. Personally, my research and experience have proven that⁤ these bands indeed share‌ similarities ⁣with Tesseract,​ making them worthwhile additions⁣ to your music library. So, go ahead, dive into the sonic⁤ realms of Periphery, Monuments, Skyharbor, Circles, Intervals, and Caligula’s​ Horse, and let the music take you on a journey that ​resonates with your love for Tesseract.

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