6 Bands Like Tangerine Dream

6 Bands Like Tangerine Dream


As a fan of Tangerine Dream, I personally believe that their unique blend of electronic and‌ ambient music creates a truly mesmerizing ⁤experience. However, if you’re looking to explore similar⁢ sounds and expand your musical horizons, here are six bands⁣ that‍ you might enjoy. From my research and experience, these bands have captured the essence of Tangerine Dream’s sound while‍ adding their own⁣ distinctive flair.

Intro Paragraph 2: So without further ado, let’s dive into the ‌world of these six incredible bands!

Band 1: Vangelis

About ⁣the Band

Vangelis, widely known for his iconic soundtrack work, is ‌a Greek composer and musician. He has crafted ethereal and ⁢atmospheric music using synthesizers ⁤and⁤ electronic instruments. His ⁢notable works include the soundtracks for “Blade Runner” ‌and “Chariots of ​Fire,” both of which showcase his incredible talent for ‍creating captivating soundscapes.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

Just like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis is known for his⁣ mastery of‌ synthesizers and ​his ⁤ability to transport listeners into otherworldly realms. His ‌music often features ambient textures, lush melodies, and a ⁣sense of grandeur. If you enjoy Tangerine Dream’s soundscapes, I highly recommend exploring Vangelis’ discography.

Paragraph 2: For more information, visit Vangelis’⁣ official website.

Band 2: Jean-Michel Jarre

About the Band

Jean-Michel Jarre, a French composer and performer, is widely regarded⁤ as one of the pioneers of electronic music. He has been creating innovative and groundbreaking music since ​the 1970s. With his use of synthesizers and epic live performances, he has enthralled audiences all over the world.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Jean-Michel Jarre’s music shares similarities with Tangerine ​Dream in terms of their electronic soundscapes and captivating melodies.⁣ His ability to blend traditional musical elements with electronic instrumentation creates a truly immersive⁣ experience.⁢ If you’re a fan of Tangerine Dream’s atmospheric ⁤sound, Jean-Michel Jarre’s discography is definitely worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: For more information, visit Jean-Michel Jarre’s official website.

Band 3: Klaus Schulze

About the Band

Klaus Schulze is a German electronic music pioneer and a former member of Tangerine Dream. He has released numerous solo albums, showcasing his⁢ talent for creating ‍expansive ⁣and evolving soundscapes. Schulze’s work often combines ambient textures, hypnotic rhythms, and innovative synthesizer sounds.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Given ​Klaus Schulze’s involvement with Tangerine Dream, there are evident‍ similarities in their musical styles. Both artists​ excel in creating immersive and mesmerizing compositions ‍that take listeners on a sonic journey. If you’re⁢ a fan of Tangerine Dream’s early works, Klaus Schulze’s solo albums ⁣are a must-listen.

Paragraph 2: For more information, visit Klaus Schulze’s official website.

Band 4: Brian Eno

About the Band

Brian Eno, an English musician, composer,​ and ⁢producer,​ has been a⁣ significant influence ⁣on the electronic and ambient music genres. His work,‌ ranging from solo albums to collaborations with various artists, is renowned for its atmospheric and experimental nature. Eno’s contributions to music extend beyond his own releases, as he has also produced albums for other iconic artists.

Similarity and Noteworthy‍ Points

Brian Eno’s musical approach shares common ground with Tangerine Dream’s atmospheric soundscapes. Both artists incorporate ambient textures, subtle melodies, and a sense of sonic exploration. ⁣Exploring‍ Brian Eno’s‌ vast catalog will undoubtedly provide a ⁢similar sensorial experience to that of Tangerine Dream’s music.

Paragraph 2: For more information, visit Brian Eno’s official website.

Band 5: ⁣Steve Roach

About the Band

Steve ‍Roach, an American ambient musician ⁢and composer, has been creating serene and introspective music for⁢ over four decades. His discography⁤ spans a wide range ‍of ambient and electronic styles,‍ ensuring there’s something to captivate every listener. Roach’s ability to create deeply atmospheric and meditative soundscapes is truly remarkable.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Tangerine Dream, ⁢Steve Roach is known for his ability to evoke powerful emotions and transport listeners to otherworldly realms‍ through his music. Both⁤ artists excel in creating immersive sonic environments that allow for introspection and relaxation. If you’re seeking a similar sound to Tangerine Dream’s expansive compositions, Steve Roach’s work awaits your discovery.

Paragraph 2: For more information, visit Steve Roach’s official website.

Band 6: Ulrich⁣ Schnauss

About the Band

Ulrich ​Schnauss, ‌a German⁤ electronic musician and producer, has gained recognition for his dreamy and ethereal soundscapes. He incorporates elements of shoegaze and ambient music, resulting in a‌ unique sonic experience that is both introspective and emotive. Schnauss’s ability to blend electronic textures with melodic sensibility⁣ makes ​his‌ music a delight to explore.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Schnauss’s music shares ⁤similarities with Tangerine Dream in terms‌ of its dream-like quality and melodic approach.‌ Both artists excel in creating lush sonic tapestries that envelop listeners in waves‌ of sound. If you’re a fan of Tangerine Dream’s more atmospheric and melodic compositions, Ulrich Schnauss’s ​discography ​comes highly recommended.

Paragraph 2: For​ more information,⁢ visit Ulrich Schnauss’s official website.


Exploring bands and artists similar to Tangerine Dream opens up a world of captivating and atmospheric music. Personally, for me, these six bands‍ have captured ⁢the essence of ⁤Tangerine Dream’s sound while offering their own creative contributions. In my opinion, from my research and experience, each of these artists brings ​something unique to the table, ensuring an exciting musical journey for fans of Tangerine Dream. So, take a moment ‌to delve into their discographies and let their captivating compositions transport you to new sonic landscapes.

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