6 Bands Like Surfaces

6 Bands Like Surfaces


Personally,⁣ for me, discovering new music that resonates with my taste is always ‍an exciting experience. If you’re a fan of Surfaces, ⁢a talented musical duo​ known for their feel-good vibes and catchy melodies, you might be ⁢wondering where to find similar artists in the same genre.‍ From my research and experience,⁤ I’ve found six bands that share similarities with Surfaces in‌ terms of style and⁢ sound. Let’s dive into these talented acts and explore their music:

Intro Paragraph 2: Whether you’re a longtime Surfaces fan or just recently stumbled upon their music, these bands will surely​ delight⁢ your⁣ ears ⁣and​ keep the‍ good vibes flowing.

Band 1: Rozes

About the ⁢Band

Rozes ‍is an American pop​ singer-songwriter known⁤ for her captivating vocals, heartfelt lyrics, ‍and infectious melodies. With her unique ‌blend of ⁢pop, electronic, and indie influences, she creates ‌an enchanting musical ​experience for her listeners. You can find more ‍about Rozes ​on her website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Rozes shares a similar uplifting ​and joyful energy in her music, reminiscent of Surfaces. ​Her catchy hooks and relatable lyrics ⁣make for an irresistible combination. Tracks like “Halfway ​There” and “Pushing Up Daisies” showcase her talent for crafting ⁢feel-good tunes that will instantly brighten your day.

Paragraph ⁢2: Additionally, Rozes’ ‌collaborations with electronic music producers like The Chainsmokers and Big Gigantic‌ have brought⁣ her widespread recognition ⁣and added a fresh‌ touch to her‌ sound.

Band 2: ⁤Easy Life

About the Band

Easy ‌Life is an indie-pop band from the United ⁢Kingdom that effortlessly blends multiple genres, including funk, hip-hop, and soul. Their smooth and laid-back ⁤sound, combined with introspective​ lyrics,⁢ creates a unique musical experience. Explore more about Easy Life on their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Easy Life brings a similar chilled-out vibe ⁤to their music, just like Surfaces.​ Their songs are ⁣perfect for‍ relaxing ⁣and​ enjoying a sunny day. Tracks like‌ “Nightmares”⁢ and “Earth” showcase their ability⁢ to seamlessly blend various genres, resulting in a fresh and captivating sound.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, Easy Life’s introspective and relatable lyrics tackle topics such as mental health and the struggles ⁢of everyday ⁤life, resonating ⁤with listeners on a deeper level.

Band 3: Wallows

About the​ Band

Wallows is an indie rock band from California that has gained a significant following⁤ with​ their catchy tunes and infectious energy. Comprised of actor-musicians Dylan Minnette,⁢ Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston, Wallows delivers a vibrant and ​youthful sound. Learn more about Wallows on their website.

Similarity‍ and Noteworthy Points

Wallows’ upbeat and feel-good ⁢tracks align with Surfaces’ music ‌aesthetic. Their songs,‌ like “Are You Bored Yet?” and “Virtual Aerobics,” blend indie rock with pop sensibilities, creating an irresistible mix. ⁤The band’s energetic performances and infectious charisma make them a joy to listen to.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, Wallows’ lyrics ‌often touch upon ​themes of youth, love, and self-discovery, making ‌their music relatable and ‍engaging for listeners of all ages.

Band 4: Quinn ⁣XCII

About the Band

Quinn XCII, also known as Quinn⁣ XCII, is an⁣ American singer-songwriter ‌who blends pop, electronic, and hip-hop influences into his music. With his​ smooth vocals and introspective songwriting, Quinn XCII creates a captivating and⁤ emotionally charged musical experience. Check out Quinn XCII’s⁣ music on his website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Quinn XCII’s fusion of ⁤genres and his ability ‌to evoke feelings through his music resonates with fans‍ of Surfaces. Tracks like “Stacy” and “Love Me Less” showcase his catchy‌ melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The uplifting⁤ energy and emotion he brings to ​his performances make⁤ his music highly enjoyable.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, ‍Quinn‍ XCII’s collaborations⁣ with​ artists like Chelsea Cutler and ​Ashe have amplified his presence in the music ⁢industry, further showcasing his incredible talent.

Band ⁤5: Coast Modern

About ‍the Band

Coast Modern is an indie-pop duo that creates a refreshing blend of psychedelic pop, art-rock, and electro-pop. Their music‍ is characterized by catchy melodies, infectious rhythms,​ and ‍a laid-back Californian vibe. Discover more about Coast Modern on⁣ their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Coast Modern shares Surfaces’ knack for crafting breezy and sun-soaked tunes. Their songs, like “Guru” and “Hollow Life,”‌ transport listeners to‌ carefree beach days with ⁣their infectious energy. The duo’s clever songwriting ‍and unique production make them stand out‌ in the indie-pop ‌scene.

Paragraph‌ 2: Additionally, Coast Modern’s visually captivating ​music videos and strong sense of artistic aesthetics bring another layer of enjoyment ⁢to their music.

Band​ 6: The Happy Fits

About the Band

The Happy ​Fits is an indie-rock band hailing from New Jersey. With ⁣their energetic performances, catchy melodies, and relatable ‍lyrics,‌ this trio creates an ‌irresistible blend of⁤ indie rock and alternative pop. Expore more about The⁣ Happy Fits on their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

The Happy Fits’ upbeat and infectious sound aligns with Surfaces’ feel-good vibes. Tracks ‍like “Best Tears” and “Cutting Ties” showcase their catchy hooks and dynamic instrumentation.‌ Their music exudes enthusiasm ⁢and authenticity, making it impossible to resist tapping your feet⁤ and humming along.

Paragraph 2: Additionally,‌ The Happy Fits’ passionate live ​performances and their ‌ability to connect with the audience ​make them ⁤a ⁣band ‌worth experiencing in person.


From my experience, each of these bands offers a unique take on the feel-good‌ vibes ‍that Surfaces fans⁣ adore. Whether you’re drawn to ‍the catchy melodies, uplifting‍ energy, or relatable‍ lyrics, ⁢these artists are sure ‌to provide‌ you with a similar musical journey. Personally, for⁣ me, discovering new bands like these adds excitement and variety to‍ my playlist. So go ahead, give them a listen, and let‍ their ⁢music brighten your day!

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