6 Bands Like Sublime Reddit

6 Bands Like Sublime Reddit


As a music lover and a huge fan of Sublime, I‌ have always been​ on the⁣ lookout for bands that capture a similar⁢ vibe ⁣and energy. After​ doing some research‌ on Reddit, I ​have discovered some​ awesome bands ⁤that‌ fans of Sublime will definitely enjoy. Here‌ are 6 bands that I found to be like Sublime in their own unique way.

Band​ 1: Slightly Stoopid

About the‍ Band

Slightly Stoopid‌ is a band ⁣hailing ‍from Ocean Beach, California, known for⁢ their blend of reggae, punk, rock, ⁢and hip-hop. Formed ​in the mid-90s, the band has a ‍laid-back yet powerful sound that appeals to fans of⁣ Sublime.

Similarity and‌ Noteworthy Points

Like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid infuses ​multiple genres into ⁢their music, creating ⁤a fun and energetic sound that is perfect for beach days‍ or road trips. Their‌ catchy melodies and relatable lyrics make them a ‌favorite among fans​ of Sublime.

Band ⁤2: Dirty Heads

About the Band

Dirty Heads is ⁣a⁣ band ⁢from Huntington Beach, California, known ⁣for their ‌unique blend of reggae, rock, and hip-hop. Their laid-back vibes and catchy‌ hooks make them a great recommendation for Sublime fans.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁢ Points

Dirty Heads’ fusion of genres and infectious energy mirror that of Sublime, making them a must-listen for anyone who enjoys Sublime’s music. ⁢Their upbeat tunes and ‍chill vibe ​capture the ⁣essence of‌ California beach culture.

Band 3: Pepper

About the Band

Pepper is⁢ a band from ‌Kailua-Kona, ⁢Hawaii, known for their​ reggae-infused rock sound. With catchy melodies and⁤ laid-back​ rhythms, Pepper’s music is reminiscent of Sublime’s signature style.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

Pepper’s high-energy performances and seamless blend of reggae and rock make ⁢them ⁤a great recommendation for fans of Sublime. Their feel-good music and engaging lyrics are sure⁢ to keep you coming back for more.

Band⁢ 4: Rebelution

About the Band

Rebelution is a ​reggae rock‌ band from Isla Vista, California, known for their positive message and infectious melodies.⁤ Their uplifting music and chill vibes draw parallels to Sublime’s feel-good tunes.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Rebelution’s smooth blend of reggae and ⁤rock, along with their meaningful lyrics, resonate with fans of Sublime. Their laid-back yet powerful‍ sound is perfect for kicking back and enjoying some⁣ great music.

Band 5:⁤ Iration

About‍ the⁤ Band

Iration is ⁤a reggae-influenced alternative rock band from Santa Barbara, California. With their ⁣catchy hooks and smooth vocals, Iration’s music⁣ is‍ a great recommendation for ⁣fans⁢ of​ Sublime.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Iration’s mellow yet⁤ captivating sound, similar to that of Sublime, makes ⁤them ‌a go-to band for those looking for a new favorite.⁢ Their infectious beats and ‍feel-good lyrics are perfect for​ any occasion.

Band ​6: The Expendables

About the Band

The Expendables are a reggae rock band from⁤ Santa Cruz, California, known for their high-energy performances and eclectic sound. Their mix of rock, reggae, and punk makes them a great recommendation for ‌fans of Sublime.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Expendables’ dynamic sound and lively stage presence, reminiscent of‌ Sublime’s energy, make them a band worth checking out. Their ‌versatile style and impressive musicianship set them apart⁤ in the​ music scene.


Personally, for me, finding bands like Sublime⁢ has been an⁢ exciting journey, and these 6 bands recommended on Reddit have truly captured‍ the essence of Sublime’s music. In my opinion, fans of ​Sublime will thoroughly enjoy the eclectic sounds and laid-back vibes of these bands.​ From​ my research and ‍experience,‌ I can confidently say that these bands are must-listens for anyone who loves Sublime’s music.

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