6 Bands Like State Champs

6 Bands Like State Champs


As ​a fan of State Champs, personally for me, ⁢discovering bands with a‌ similar sound⁣ and style has always ⁢been an exciting journey. If you enjoy pop punk, catchy⁢ hooks, and energetic ‍performances, you’re in luck! In this‍ article, ‌I will share six bands that have a similar vibe to ⁤State Champs. From my research and experience, ⁣I can​ assure you that‍ these bands​ will provide you ⁣with the⁢ same thrilling experience.⁢ So, let’s dive‍ right in!

Intro ‍Paragraph​ 2: State Champs‌ is an ‌American pop punk band that rose to ​fame with their energetic performances, infectious melodies, and⁤ relatable lyrics. If you’re a fan of⁣ State‍ Champs and can’t get enough of their music, these six bands ‌will be right up your alley.

Band 1: Neck Deep

About​ the Band

Neck Deep ⁤is⁣ a Welsh⁤ pop⁤ punk band ⁤known for their energetic ⁤and anthemic sound. Formed in 2012, the band‍ quickly gained popularity with their debut album, “Wishful Thinking.” Since then, they have toured worldwide,‌ captivating audiences ​with their explosive⁣ live⁢ shows.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Just like State ⁤Champs, Neck Deep delivers catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and an overall high-energy experience. Their songs often tackle themes of growing up, relationships, and​ self-discovery. If you enjoy State Champs’ blend of pop-infused punk, you’ll love Neck Deep.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore,⁢ Neck Deep’s seamless combination ‍of energetic ⁢instrumentals, captivating ‌vocals,⁤ and memorable choruses will ⁢have you singing along in ​no time. ‍Keep an eye ‍out for their ​album⁤ “The Peace‍ and the Panic” for a truly immersive pop‌ punk experience.

Band 2:‌ The Story So Far

About the ‌Band

The Story So Far⁤ is an American pop punk band that‍ burst onto the scene in ⁣2007. Hailing from ​Walnut Creek, California, the band’s raw and ⁤emotional approach to pop punk ‍has garnered them a dedicated following. Their discography includes hits⁤ like “Roam” and “Quicksand.”

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Story So​ Far ‌shares‌ a⁢ similar sound ⁢to⁤ State Champs, ⁤blending aggressive ⁢instrumentals with heartfelt lyrics. Their songs often touch on ⁤themes of self-reflection, personal growth, and relationships. ⁢If you appreciate State Champs’ introspective ⁣and authentic approach, The Story So⁤ Far will ​resonate‍ with you.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, ⁣The Story So Far’s ⁤energetic live‍ performances and emotionally charged songwriting create an immersive experience for fans. Dive into⁢ their album “Proper Dose” for an introspective journey through pop ​punk.

Band 3:‍ Real Friends

About the‌ Band

Real ‌Friends, originating from Tinley Park, Illinois, is an American pop punk band known for their emotionally driven music. Since⁤ their formation in‌ 2010,⁣ they‍ have consistently delivered heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies that resonate with fans.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Similar to State Champs, Real Friends explores themes ⁢of self-doubt, ⁢mental health, and ‌the ups and downs of relationships. With​ their honest and relatable​ lyrics, they create an emotional ​connection with listeners. If you enjoy‍ State Champs’ emotionally vulnerable approach, Real Friends is a perfect⁢ match.

Paragraph ‌2: Additionally, Real Friends’ ability⁤ to seamlessly⁤ blend pop punk with emotionally charged lyrics results in songs that are both catchy⁣ and powerful. ⁢Be sure to check out their album “Composure” for an immersive experience.

Band 4: Mayday Parade

About ⁣the ‍Band

Mayday ‌Parade,⁣ originating‍ from Tallahassee, ​Florida, is an American rock band with pop punk influences. Formed in 2005, the band⁤ has become renowned‍ for their heartfelt lyrics, memorable melodies, and captivating live‍ performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Mayday Parade shares similarities with ⁤State Champs in terms of their emotionally‍ driven lyrics, anthemic choruses, and powerful instrumentals. Their songs often revolve around themes of love, heartbreak, and personal struggles. If you enjoy State Champs’ emotive ​approach,‌ Mayday Parade will‍ speak to your soul.

Paragraph⁢ 2: Moreover, Mayday Parade’s ability to deliver heartfelt and relatable lyrics while maintaining an infectious ‌energy is truly remarkable. Their album‌ “A Lesson in Romantics” is a must-listen for fans of State Champs.

Band ⁢5: With Confidence

About the‍ Band

With Confidence is an Australian ⁤pop punk ‌band formed in 2012. ‍Known for their high-energy performances and catchy hooks, the⁤ band has quickly gained recognition within the pop punk⁣ scene. Their music often explores themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the challenges ⁢of youth.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

With Confidence⁢ captivates listeners with their infectious melodies,​ energetic ⁤instrumentals, and relatable⁢ lyrics, much like State Champs does. Their pop-infused ​punk sound is sure to get​ you moving and singing along. If you’re a fan of State Champs’ energetic and melodic approach, With Confidence⁣ will ⁢not ⁤disappoint.

Paragraph⁣ 2: ​ Additionally, With Confidence’s ability to infuse their songs‍ with‍ a sense of optimism⁤ and hope makes‍ them a standout band within the pop⁣ punk ‌genre. Don’t forget to check out their‍ album “Better Weather” for a delightful pop punk experience.

Band 6: Knuckle Puck

About the Band

Knuckle Puck is an ‍American ⁢pop ⁣punk band from ‌Chicago, Illinois. Since their formation in 2010, they have ⁣garnered a dedicated fanbase with ​their energetic performances⁤ and relatable⁣ lyrics. Their music often touches on‌ personal struggles, self-reflection, and the​ complexities⁣ of life.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁢ Points

Knuckle Puck’s blend of emotional lyrics, catchy melodies, ⁣and aggressive​ instrumentals ‌aligns with State Champs’ style. Their songs tackle themes of personal growth, mental ​health, and overcoming ⁤adversity. If you resonate with State​ Champs’ introspective⁣ and powerful approach, Knuckle Puck ⁢deserves ‌a spot on your playlist.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, ​Knuckle Puck’s ability to ⁣craft songs that strike a balance between​ angst and optimism ‌creates a dynamic listening ​experience.​ Be sure to explore their album “Copacetic” for a memorable journey through ‌pop punk.


From my‍ research and experience, these six‌ bands genuinely capture the⁢ essence of State Champs’ energetic and catchy pop punk ⁢sound. Neck Deep, The Story So ⁤Far, Real Friends,⁤ Mayday⁤ Parade, With Confidence, and Knuckle Puck all offer unique ⁢perspectives while​ maintaining the spirit ​of‍ the ‍genre. For more information and to discover their music, you can visit their respective websites: Neck Deep, The Story So​ Far, Real Friends, Mayday ‍Parade, With⁢ Confidence, and Knuckle Puck. Happy listening!

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