6 Bands like Sodom

6 Bands like Sodom


As a ⁣fan of Sodom, personally for me, I understand the desire to discover similar​ bands that capture the same intensity and aggression. After my own research and experience, I have compiled a list of six ⁢bands that share similarities with Sodom. From ‍thrash metal veterans to underground gems, these bands are worth ​exploring if‌ you enjoy the ⁤raw energy and powerful sound that Sodom brings to ⁢the table.

Intro Paragraph ‌2: Keep in mind that while these bands may‌ have similarities to Sodom, they ​each‍ have ⁤their own ⁢unique sound and style. This list serves as a starting point for discovering⁢ new music that resonates with your love for Sodom.

Band 1: ⁤Kreator

About the‍ Band

Kreator is a German thrash metal band formed in 1982, around the same time as Sodom. They are considered one of the “Big Four” of Teutonic thrash, along with Sodom, ⁢Destruction, and Tankard. Known for their aggressive guitar riffs, intense vocals, and politically charged lyrics, Kreator ‌has amassed a dedicated fanbase over the ⁣years.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy⁤ Points

Like Sodom, Kreator is known ⁣for ⁢their fast-paced and ⁤relentless thrash metal ⁤sound. They ⁣both draw influence from the same early thrash metal scene in Germany and share a similar aggressive​ and raw energy in their music. Fans of ⁣Sodom will find Kreator to be a fitting counterpart to satisfy their craving for​ fierce and uncompromising thrash metal.

Paragraph 2: To explore Kreator’s discography and upcoming tours, visit their official website: https://kreator-terrorzone.de/

Band 2: Destruction

About​ the Band

Destruction, another German thrash metal band formed in 1982, is often mentioned in the same breath as Sodom and Kreator. They are known for their aggressive style and ​influential role in the‌ thrash metal scene. Destruction’s music combines ​speed, intensity, ‍and technical prowess, attracting metalheads ‌around the world.

Similarity ⁢and Noteworthy Points

With a similar origin and time ‌of establishment, Destruction ⁢shares the same thrash metal roots ⁤as Sodom. They boast a comparable level ⁢of aggression and​ power in their ‌music, making ‌them an excellent ⁢choice⁣ for fans of Sodom. Both bands have made significant contributions to the German⁤ thrash metal scene, and exploring Destruction’s catalog will certainly satisfy those seeking a similar sonic experience.

Paragraph 2: Stay updated with Destruction’s latest releases ‌and tour dates by visiting their official website: https://www.destruction.de/

Band 3: Tankard

About the Band

Tankard,⁣ also hailing from Germany, is a thrash metal band formed in 1982. Known⁤ for their humorous and alcohol-themed lyrics, they have solidified their place in ‍the thrash ⁤metal​ scene. Despite‌ their lighthearted approach, Tankard’s music delivers⁣ high-energy performances ⁣and crushing ​riffs.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

While Tankard’s lyrical themes may differ‍ from Sodom, their thrash metal sound possesses⁢ a similar intensity and aggression. Fans of Sodom ‌will appreciate Tankard’s ability to ‌create headbanging anthems filled with memorable riffs and catchy choruses. Tankard’s unique blend of⁢ humor and thrash metal makes them a ​notable recommendation for Sodom fans.

Paragraph 2: Learn more about Tankard’s‌ music and upcoming shows ​on their official ‌website: https://www.tankard.info/

Band 4: Exumer

About the Band

Exumer is a German thrash metal ⁢band⁣ formed in 1985, known for their aggressive sound and high-speed guitar work. Their music showcases a fusion of ‍speed, precision, and brutal thrash metal⁢ elements, making​ them a⁣ force to be reckoned with in the genre.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Exumer shares the same time period of establishment⁤ with Sodom and captures the essence of the German thrash metal scene. Through their ​fast-paced and intense music, Exumer offers a sound reminiscent of early Sodom. Fans looking for a band that embodies the same ferocity and speed as Sodom will find Exumer to be an exhilarating addition to their playlist.

Paragraph 2: To explore Exumer’s albums and other releases, visit their​ official website: http://www.exumer.de/

Band 5: Infernal War

About the Band

Infernal War⁢ is a Polish blackened death metal band formed in 1997. While not strictly thrash metal like Sodom, Infernal War’s music combines ‍elements of thrash, ⁢black metal,⁣ and death metal to create a ‌dark and​ brutal sound. ⁤Their lyrics often revolve around⁤ war, misanthropy, and anti-religious themes.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Although Infernal War ⁢incorporates⁢ different genres⁢ into their⁤ style, they share a similar intensity and heaviness with Sodom. Both bands deliver relentless and aggressive music that appeals to⁢ fans seeking⁤ a darker​ and‌ more extreme sound. Infernal War’s blend​ of black, death, ‌and thrash‌ metal characteristics offers an intriguing alternative for ​fans of Sodom.

Paragraph 2: More ⁤information about Infernal War’s music can be found on their official website:⁤ https://www.infernalwar.net/

Band 6: Protector

About the Band

Protector is a German thrash ⁢metal band formed in 1986. Known for their aggressive and technical ‌approach to⁣ thrash​ metal, Protector⁢ has released several⁣ albums that have gained appreciation within⁤ the metal‍ community worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Protector shares a commonality with Sodom in terms of their raw ⁤and aggressive thrash metal sound. Their music showcases powerful riffs,‍ blistering solos, and intense vocals that parallel Sodom’s energy. Fans of Sodom looking for a⁤ band that offers a similar level of intensity and technicality will undoubtedly find satisfaction‍ in exploring Protector’s discography.

Paragraph 2: Dive deeper into Protector’s music by visiting their official website: https://www.protectorband.com/


From ⁢my research and ⁣personal experience, ⁢these six bands provide a starting point for those seeking music similar to ⁣Sodom. ⁣Bands like Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, Exumer, Infernal War, and Protector share elements of aggression, intensity, and rawness that align with Sodom’s sound. Exploring⁣ their music will not only⁢ expand your musical horizons but‍ also provide a thrilling listening ⁤experience for ‌fans⁢ of Sodom and⁤ the thrash metal genre ⁣in general.

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