6 Bands Like Snarky Puppy

6 Bands Like Snarky Puppy


As a fan of‍ Snarky Puppy’s unique ⁢fusion of jazz, funk, and world music, ⁢I​ always find myself craving more music that captures their innovative sound. While there is truly​ no band quite ‍like Snarky Puppy, there are⁤ several other groups that share⁣ similar qualities and may resonate with fans of their music. Below, I have compiled a ⁤list of‌ six bands that I personally ‌believe⁢ have a similar vibe and musical ingenuity to Snarky Puppy.

Intro ‌Paragraph 2: These bands are not direct copies of Snarky Puppy, but rather offer their own unique interpretation of jazz, fusion, and improvisational music. With their exceptional musicianship and commitment to pushing boundaries, these bands ​have managed to create music that is both captivating ‌and thought-provoking, just like Snarky Puppy.

Band 1: Hiatus Kaiyote

About the ⁣Band

Hiatus Kaiyote is‍ an Australian neo-soul quartet known ⁤for ⁣their intricate rhythms, soulful vocals, and‌ genre-bending ⁢compositions. Led by ⁢the mesmerizing vocals of⁣ Nai ⁣Palm, the‍ band seamlessly fuses elements of jazz, R&B, and electronica. Their debut album, “Tawk Tomahawk,”‌ received critical ​acclaim, and they have since released several other impressive albums.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points

Similar to Snarky Puppy, Hiatus Kaiyote incorporates complex ‍time signatures and⁣ harmonies into their music, creating a rich sonic experience for listeners. Their songs often feature intricate instrumental arrangements, showcasing their exceptional musicianship. Fans of Snarky Puppy will appreciate Hiatus Kaiyote’s‍ seamless blending of genres⁣ and‌ their ability to create music that challenges traditional⁢ genre⁤ boundaries.

Paragraph 2: For more information⁣ about Hiatus Kaiyote, visit their official website.

Band 2: ​Cory Henry

About the Band

Cory ⁣Henry⁢ is a multi-talented keyboardist, vocalist, and composer who has⁣ collaborated with various artists, including⁣ Snarky Puppy. His solo ​work showcases his virtuosic keyboard skills,⁤ soulful vocals, and ability to fuse genres effortlessly. Cory Henry’s live ⁢performances are a sight to behold, as he brings an incredible energy to the stage.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Cory Henry’s music shares a similar fusion ⁤of jazz, funk,‍ and gospel influences with Snarky Puppy. His keyboard playing is reminiscent of Snarky Puppy’s intricate and inventive solos, while his vocals provide a soulful and emotional touch to his ‍performances. Fans of‌ Snarky Puppy will appreciate Cory‍ Henry’s infectious energy and his ability to create music that uplifts the spirit.

Paragraph 2: Learn more about Cory Henry and his music by visiting his official website.

Band 3: Ghost-Note

About the Band

Ghost-Note is an instrumental band founded by Snarky Puppy’s‍ percussion duo, Nate Werth⁣ and Robert “Sput” Searight. Their music blends elements of funk, jazz, and world music, creating a ⁢rhythmic and⁢ groove-oriented sound that is irresistible. With a ⁢rotating lineup of exceptional musicians, Ghost-Note continues to push the‌ boundaries of contemporary‍ instrumental music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Given the ‍Snarky Puppy connection, it’s no surprise that Ghost-Note shares many similarities with the renowned jazz-fusion group. Both bands showcase exceptional ⁣talent and ‍musicianship, with a strong emphasis on intricate rhythms and complex compositions.⁢ Ghost-Note’s music will ⁤undoubtedly appeal to Snarky⁤ Puppy fans who appreciate the fusion of genres and the‌ exploration of rhythmic possibilities.

Paragraph 2: Explore more about Ghost-Note and their ⁣music on their⁢ official website.

Band 4: Jacob Collier

About the Band

Jacob Collier is a ⁢British singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his mesmerizing vocal arrangements and harmonies. His music ‌spans ⁣a wide range of genres, including jazz, soul, and classical. ⁣Collier gained widespread recognition through his‌ captivating YouTube videos, where he showcases his extraordinary musical abilities and unique approach to music production.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁢Points

Like Snarky Puppy, Jacob Collier pushes the boundaries of ⁢music and blends various genres effortlessly. His intricate vocal harmonies and stunning ‍arrangements are reminiscent of Snarky Puppy’s meticulous attention to detail. Collier’s ability to create complex musical‌ layers, combined with his exceptional talent as a performer,‌ makes him a highly recommended artist for Snarky Puppy⁤ fans.

Paragraph 2: To discover more⁤ about Jacob Collier’s breathtaking music, visit⁢ his official website.

Band 5: ‍Vulfpeck

About the Band

Vulfpeck ‌is an American funk ‍band known for their catchy tunes and infectious grooves. With their retro sound⁢ and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the band brings a refreshing and playful energy to their⁣ music. Vulfpeck has gained a ​loyal following through their captivating live performances and their commitment⁤ to creating⁢ music that ⁤is ‍both enjoyable and expertly crafted.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Vulfpeck’s funky sound is‍ reminiscent of Snarky Puppy’s ability to make even the ‍most complex musical arrangements accessible and enjoyable. Both bands​ excel in creating music that is highly relatable, with ear-catching melodies​ and infectious ‌grooves. Snarky Puppy fans ⁢will appreciate Vulfpeck’s charismatic performances and⁣ their ability to create music that transcends genres.

Paragraph 2: Dive into ‌the world of Vulfpeck by visiting their official website.

Band 6: Moonchild

About the Band

Moonchild is ​an American neo-soul trio comprising‍ Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, and Max Bryk. Their‌ music​ combines elements of jazz, R&B, soul, and electronica, creating a dreamy and ethereal sound. Moonchild’s captivating vocals, smooth harmonies, and sultry‌ grooves make them a must-listen for fans of soulful ‌and atmospheric music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Moonchild’s fusion of genres and their ability to create atmospheric and ​soothing music align with‌ Snarky Puppy’s ⁢exploration of sounds ​and textures. Both bands prioritize creating a captivating​ and immersive listening experience, ⁤with exquisite attention to detail. Fans of Snarky Puppy’s ability to blend various genres ⁢will ‌find Moonchild’s music to be a refreshing⁢ and enchanting discovery.

Paragraph 2: Delve ⁢into the enchanting world‌ of Moonchild​ through their official website.


While no band can truly replicate the unique sound and creativity of Snarky‍ Puppy, these six bands⁣ offer a ⁤similar musical experience ​that will surely ⁢captivate fans of Snarky Puppy’s fusion of ‌jazz, funk, and world music. Personally, these bands have provided me with countless hours of ⁣enjoyment and musical exploration. From⁢ my research ‌and experience, I believe that fans of Snarky Puppy will find these artists to be a rewarding and exciting addition to⁤ their playlists.

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