6 Bands Like Sepultura

6 Bands Like Sepultura


As a fan ‌of Sepultura, ‍I ⁣have ⁢been on‌ the lookout for bands that offer ⁤a similar style and energy. Through ⁢my research and personal⁣ experience, I have discovered six bands⁣ that emulate ‍the powerful sound‍ of ‌Sepultura while also bringing ⁢their own unique flavors to the table. If you’re craving more music like‌ Sepultura, check out these bands below:

Intro​ Paragraph 2: Before diving into the list, I want to mention that music preferences ⁣are subjective, and what⁢ I find similar and noteworthy may differ from others. Nevertheless, I believe these bands possess the same intensity and passion that Sepultura fans appreciate.

Band 1: Machine Head

About the Band

Machine Head is an American heavy metal band ⁤formed in ‌1991. Known for their aggressive style and thought-provoking lyrics, they have ‌released iconic albums ⁤like “Burn My Eyes” and​ “The Blackening.” Their blend of groove metal and thrash ‍creates ⁣a sound that is‌ reminiscent of Sepultura’s earlier work.

Similarity⁢ and ⁢Noteworthy Points

Machine Head ‌incorporates complex guitar ‌riffs,​ powerful vocals, and intense drumming, much like Sepultura. Their socially conscious lyrics also ‌draw parallels to Sepultura’s passion for addressing social⁤ and political issues.‌ If you’re looking for blistering ‍energy and impactful messages, Machine Head will not ‍disappoint.

Paragraph 2: ‌ Check out Machine Head’s official ‌website here.

Band⁢ 2: Lamb of God

About the Band

Lamb of God, hailing from‌ Richmond, Virginia, is a groove⁣ metal band formed in ‌1994.⁤ Their aggressive and unrelenting sound has⁤ earned them a dedicated fanbase worldwide. With albums ​like “Ashes of the Wake” and “Sturm und Drang,” they have solidified their position as one of ⁢the⁢ leading modern metal bands.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Lamb‌ of God shares a similar⁢ level of intensity ⁤and aggression ⁢with ⁤Sepultura. Their blend of groove metal and thrash creates⁢ a headbanging experience⁤ akin to Sepultura’s style. Both bands⁢ are⁣ also known for their unmistakable vocal‌ deliveries⁤ and lyrical ⁤depth. Give Lamb of God a ​listen if you want a modern-day Sepultura ‍vibe.

Paragraph​ 2: Check out Lamb of God’s official website here.

Band 3: Soulfly

About the ⁣Band

Soulfly is a​ metal band formed in 1997 by Max Cavalera, the former frontman of Sepultura. Combining elements⁤ of thrash⁢ metal, groove​ metal, and tribal influences, Soulfly has created a distinct⁣ sound that pays homage to ‍their Sepultura roots while also exploring new ⁣territories.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Soulfly’s ties to ‍Sepultura​ are evident in their heavy and aggressive sound. Max Cavalera’s unmistakable growls and powerful songwriting⁤ continue to captivate ⁢fans of both bands. If you’re searching for a direct connection ​to Sepultura’s ​legacy with a modern twist,⁤ look no further ⁣than Soulfly.

Paragraph ​2: Check out⁤ Soulfly’s official ⁢website here.

Band 4: Cavalera Conspiracy

About the Band

Cavalera Conspiracy is another project ‌formed​ by Max Cavalera alongside his brother Igor Cavalera, who ​was Sepultura’s drummer. The band’s music is a vibrant mix​ of thrash⁢ metal, groove metal, and punk⁣ rock influences. Their ​albums feature energetic tracks that capture the spirit of their Sepultura days.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re seeking a direct ‌link to Sepultura’s past, Cavalera Conspiracy​ is a must-listen.⁣ The band’s raw and⁢ aggressive sound, coupled with their signature songwriting style, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of Sepultura’s early years. ​Fans of Max⁣ and Igor’s chemistry will undoubtedly appreciate Cavalera Conspiracy.

Paragraph ​2: Check out ‍Cavalera Conspiracy’s official website here.

Band 5: Kreator

About ⁢the‌ Band

Kreator is ⁣a German‍ thrash⁤ metal band formed in 1982. Known ‌for ⁢their technical⁢ prowess‍ and thrash⁣ anthems, they have become one of the most influential bands in​ the genre. Albums like “Pleasure to Kill” and “Coma ​of Souls” have solidified their status as ⁢thrash metal legends.

Similarity​ and ​Noteworthy Points

Kreator shares Sepultura’s intensity and ferocity, delivering blistering guitar riffs, lightning-fast drumming, ⁢and aggressive vocals. Their commitment to pushing ​boundaries while staying true to the roots of thrash metal resonates with fans ‍who appreciate Sepultura’s evolution throughout their ‍career.

Paragraph 2: Check out Kreator’s official website⁢ here.

Band ‍6: Gojira

About the‍ Band

Gojira is a French metal band formed in ⁢1996. ⁤Their⁤ unique blend of progressive, death, and groove metal has ⁣garnered‌ them critical acclaim and a⁤ dedicated fan following. With albums like⁣ “From⁤ Mars to Sirius” and “Magma,” ⁣they have⁣ crafted a sound that is ⁣both heavy and atmospheric.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Gojira’s powerful and technical⁤ approach to metal mirrors Sepultura’s⁤ relentless energy. Their ability to seamlessly transition between heavy and melodic sections sets them apart. ⁢Additionally, Gojira tackles environmentally conscious themes in their lyrics, just ⁢as ⁤Sepultura often incorporated⁤ socially ⁢relevant messages into their music.

Paragraph 2: Check out‌ Gojira’s ⁣official website here.


In my opinion, these six bands offer⁤ unique and ​noteworthy experiences that resonate with Sepultura fans. While ‍each band ⁣brings‌ its⁣ own​ flavor to the table, the intensity, aggression, and musical prowess displayed by Sepultura ​are ⁣present in all of them. Personally, ⁢for me, ‌exploring these bands has helped satisfy my hunger for music ‍similar to Sepultura, and I hope they ⁢do the same for‍ you.

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