6 Bands Like Rex Orange County

6 Bands Like Rex Orange County


Personally⁢ for me, Rex Orange County is‌ a ⁢unique and​ talented musician with his own distinct‌ style.‌ If you’re a fan of his music, you may be looking for similar artists to ⁣expand your music library. After doing some research and listening to various artists, I have compiled a list of six bands that share similarities ⁤with Rex​ Orange ⁢County’s sound. Here are some bands that⁤ you might enjoy:

Intro Paragraph 2: ⁣ These bands have their own unique style, but they all incorporate​ elements of indie pop and alternative music. ‍Each band offers a distinct sound that captures the essence of‌ youth, love, and self-exploration, just like Rex Orange County.

Band 1: Yellow Days

About the Band

Yellow Days ⁣is the stage name of George van den Broek, a talented English musician. His music is a mesmerizing blend of indie rock, jazz, and⁤ R&B. ⁤With soulful‍ vocals and poetic lyrics, Yellow Days ‍creates a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere in his songs.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Just like Rex Orange County, Yellow Days embraces a range of musical influences and seamlessly blends them together. Both artists excel at creating introspective and heartfelt songs that resonate with listeners. Yellow Days’ music often ​explores themes of love, self-reflection, and the ups and downs of ⁢youth.

Paragraph 2: To ‍learn more about Yellow Days, you can visit their website here.

Band 2: boy pablo

About​ the Band

Boy Pablo is a Norwegian indie ⁢pop band​ fronted by Pablo Muñoz. Their music is characterized by catchy melodies, jangly guitars, and infectious hooks. Boy Pablo’s songs often explore themes of young love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to ⁢Rex Orange County, boy pablo’s music exudes a⁢ youthful energy and optimism. Their catchy tunes and relatable lyrics create an uplifting atmosphere that will instantly make ‌you want to dance along. Both artists share a knack for crafting memorable hooks that‌ will have you humming for days.

Paragraph 2: To explore ⁢more of boy pablo’s music, ‍you can visit their website here.

Band 3: Clairo

About the Band

Clairo, also ⁤known ⁢as Claire Cottrill, is an American singer-songwriter. Her music encompasses elements of bedroom pop, indie rock, and lo-fi.‌ Clairo’s ⁣soft vocals and introspective lyrics create a dreamy and intimate sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Rex Orange⁢ County, Clairo shines through her heartfelt⁣ and ⁣vulnerable songwriting. Both artists have a knack for capturing personal experiences and emotions in their music. Clairo’s soothing voice and ‌relatable lyrics make her music the perfect companion for introspective moments.

Paragraph 2: To ​delve deeper into Clairo’s discography, you can visit her⁢ website‍ here.

Band 4: The Marias

About the Band

The Marias is⁢ a Los Angeles-based⁣ band led by ‍María Zardoya and Josh Conway. Their music blends elements ‌of indie pop, dream ​pop, and psychedelic rock. The Marias’ sultry ⁢and captivating sound creates a nostalgic‌ and hypnotic vibe.

Similarity ‌and ‌Noteworthy Points

Just like Rex Orange County, The ⁣Marias have a​ unique way of combining genres and creating music that is both catchy and atmospheric. ​Their ‌groovy rhythms and Maria’s alluring vocals make for​ a mesmerizing listening experience. Both artists introduce a sense of dreaminess and exploration in their songs.

Paragraph 2: To​ discover more about The Marias, you can visit their website here.

Band 5: Still Woozy

About the Band

Still Woozy is the musical project of Sven Gamsky,⁤ an American singer-songwriter. His‌ music is a fusion of indie pop, funk, and electronic elements. Still Woozy’s infectious melodies​ and laid-back⁣ style create a sunny and carefree ‌atmosphere.

Similarity ⁣and‍ Noteworthy Points

Similar to Rex Orange County, Still Woozy’s music is characterized by its upbeat and ‍feel-good nature. Both artists infuse their‌ songs with a playful energy ‌that will instantly lift your spirits. Still ​Woozy’s‍ groovy beats and catchy hooks will have you dancing in no time.

Paragraph 2: To explore more ⁢of Still Woozy’s music, you can visit their website ⁣ here.

Band 6: Wallows

About the Band

Wallows is an American indie⁣ rock band consisting of Braeden Lemasters, Dylan ⁤Minnette, and Cole Preston. Their music is characterized by nostalgic lyrics, catchy melodies, and energetic⁢ guitar-driven soundscapes. Wallows’​ music embodies the essence⁢ of youth, friendships, and the joys and challenges of growing up.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Like Rex Orange County, Wallows has‍ a penchant for creating​ infectiously catchy‌ tunes that capture the spirit of young adulthood. ⁤Their energetic performances and relatable lyrics ‌make ‌them an excellent choice ‍for fans ⁢of Rex Orange County. The band’s​ dynamic sound will surely get you vibing along.

Paragraph 2: To dive deeper into ​Wallows’ music, you can visit their website here.


From my research and experience, these six bands share similarities with Rex Orange County’s unique style and offer an array of captivating songs to explore. Whether you’re yearning for introspective lyrics or catchy melodies, ⁣these ‍artists will surely satisfy your musical‌ cravings. ⁣Personally, for me, discovering new artists with similar vibes to Rex Orange County has been​ an⁤ exciting journey ⁢of musical exploration. I hope you enjoy exploring these bands and find them as delightful as I did.

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