6 Bands Like Revocation

6 Bands Like Revocation


As a fan of Revocation and their unique blend of technical death metal and thrash, I understand the desire to discover similar bands that capture the same intensity​ and musical prowess. In my opinion, the⁣ following six bands provide ​that same level ‌of technicality and aggression, making ⁣them worth‌ checking out if you enjoy the sound of Revocation. Please note that the​ bands listed below may have their own⁤ distinct style and sound, but they​ share certain‌ similarities with Revocation that fans may appreciate.

Intro Paragraph 2: Keep in mind that music is subjective, and ‌what I find similar ⁤or noteworthy about​ these bands may differ from your own opinions. However, I hope this list serves as a helpful starting point ‍in expanding your musical horizons and discovering new artists that resonate with your taste ⁣in music.

Band 1: Beyond Creation

About ⁣the Band

Beyond Creation is a progressive/technical death metal band from Montreal, Canada. Formed ⁤in 2005, ​the band is known for their complex compositions, intricate guitar work, and ⁣virtuosic musicianship. Their blend of​ technicality and brutality has earned them ⁣a dedicated fan‍ base.

Similarity⁣ and Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate the technicality‍ and precision of Revocation, Beyond ‍Creation is a band worth ⁢exploring. Their sophisticated song structures, skilled instrumental performances, and emphasis ⁣on ​melodic elements within the ⁢extreme‍ metal genre make‍ them a standout act. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Beyond Creation’s incorporation of progressive ⁤elements ⁢and complex time signatures⁤ showcase their musical prowess, which is reminiscent of Revocation’s intricate compositions. Moreover,⁤ both bands have⁤ a knack for blending melodic hooks with⁢ intense, pummeling riffs, creating ⁢an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

Band ‍2: Allegaeon

About the Band

Allegaeon is an American melodic death metal band​ hailing from Colorado. Formed in 2008, they have released several critically acclaimed albums, showcasing their technical skill, dual guitar harmonies, and ⁢intricate songwriting. Their lyrics often delve into science, cosmology, and philosophy.

Similarity‍ and ‍Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy Revocation’s melodic intricacies and thought-provoking lyrics, Allegaeon might be ⁢the band for you. ⁢Their blend of melodic death metal with technical precision ‌and catchy hooks ​offers a similar listening ​experience. Explore Allegaeon’s music ⁤on their website here.

Paragraph 2: Allegaeon’s use of intricate ​guitar harmonies and progressive​ elements creates a ‍unique sonic landscape that aligns‍ with Revocation’s style. Both bands showcase impressive musicianship and a focus on delivering a balance of brutality and melody, resulting in‌ engaging and memorable compositions.

Band 3: Obscura

About the Band

Obscura is‌ a German progressive/technical death ⁤metal band formed in 2002. Known for their complex and ⁤challenging compositions, the band incorporates ⁣elements of jazz fusion and ⁢classical music into their ‍sound, creating ⁢a unique blend of technicality and refinement.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you⁢ appreciate the intricate and progressive aspects of Revocation’s music, exploring Obscura is ⁤highly recommended. Their intricate guitar work,⁤ complex song structures, and incorporation of progressive elements make them a compelling choice. Visit their​ website here to learn more about⁣ Obscura.

Paragraph 2: Obscura’s ‍technical prowess and utilization of diverse influences‌ align with⁤ Revocation’s style. Both bands prioritize musicianship and push the boundaries of what can be achieved within extreme‍ metal. ​Furthermore, the fusion of different genres within their music provides a refreshing and captivating listening experience.

Band 4: Archspire

About ⁢the Band

Archspire is a Canadian technical ⁢death ⁤metal band ‍formed in 2009. Hailing from Vancouver, the band has gained recognition for their relentless ⁤speed,⁣ intricate guitar work, and ferocious vocal delivery. Their relentless and‍ technical approach to death metal ⁣has captivated fans worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you⁣ enjoy Revocation’s emphasis on technicality and aggression, Archspire is a band you should explore. Known for their lightning-fast guitar solos, complex song structures, and relentless blast beats, Archspire’s brand of technical ⁢death metal aligns well with Revocation’s ‌intense sound. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Archspire’s furious intensity and technicality go hand in hand with Revocation’s aggressive style. Fans of Revocation will appreciate Archspire’s ability to showcase technical mastery while maintaining the sheer ferocity and ⁢brutality that defines extreme metal.

Band 5: Fallujah

About the Band

Fallujah is an‍ American progressive/technical death ⁤metal band formed in 2007. Hailing ⁤from San Francisco, the band is known for their atmospheric soundscapes, ⁢complex song structures, and incorporation of progressive elements. Fallujah’s⁣ music often explores philosophical themes and existential concepts.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate the atmospheric and progressive elements ⁢in Revocation’s music, Fallujah is worth‌ delving into. Their ability to seamlessly blend ​brutality with atmospheric textures and ethereal melodies makes their sound captivating. Explore Fallujah further on ⁣their website here.

Paragraph 2: Similar to Revocation, Fallujah displays a mastery of ‌blending contrasting elements ⁣within their music. The​ fusion of intense aggression with ⁣atmospheric ⁤beauty gives both bands ‍a unique edge. The incorporation of ⁢progressive elements and intricate guitar work further establishes Fallujah as a band⁢ that fans of Revocation should explore.

Band 6: Warbringer

About the Band

Warbringer is an American thrash‌ metal band formed in 2004. Influenced by the old-school thrash ​metal sound⁣ of ⁣the ’80s, they combine aggressive riffing, blistering solos, and politically charged lyrics. The band’s energetic sound and relentless attack have⁣ made them a popular ‌act in the thrash metal ‌scene.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

If‌ you⁤ enjoy Revocation’s thrash ‍metal roots ​and relentless energy,​ Warbringer is a band you should definitely check​ out. Their high-speed riffing, aggressive vocals, and socially conscious lyrics capture the​ essence of classic thrash metal. Visit ⁣their website here to explore Warbringer’s music.

Paragraph 2: Warbringer’s⁤ dedication to delivering fast and ⁤furious thrash metal aligns with Revocation’s influences⁣ and roots. Both bands share⁢ a love for high-speed riffs, memorable hooks, and a relentless intensity that will‌ surely get⁢ your head banging. Fans of Revocation’s thrashier side will find​ a lot to ‌enjoy in Warbringer’s discography.


Personally, for me, ⁤exploring bands that share similarities with favorites ⁣like Revocation has always been an ​exciting journey. From my research and experience, I’ve found that bands like Beyond Creation, Allegaeon,⁤ Obscura, Archspire, Fallujah, and ‌Warbringer offer unique and compelling⁢ musical experiences. While they each have ⁤their own distinct sound, they incorporate⁤ elements that resonate with the technicality, aggression, and melodic ​sensibilities found in Revocation’s music.

In my opinion, these bands are⁣ worth giving a listen as they offer a diverse range of ​sounds within the broader metal genre. Remember, music is subjective, and it’s essential to explore and discover what resonates with you personally. Happy⁣ listening!

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