6 Bands Like Rend Collective

6 Bands Like Rend Collective


When it comes to uplifting and energetic Christian music, Rend Collective has set ⁤the bar high with their unique folk sound and heartwarming lyrics. If you’re a fan of their music and looking for ‍similar⁤ bands to add to your playlist, I’ve compiled a list​ of six bands that you might enjoy. Personally, for me, these bands‌ bring a similar ​joyful ‌and inspiring vibe to their music, and‌ they are worth checking out!

Intro Paragraph 2: Whether you’re​ looking for more folk-inspired Christian music or simply want to explore different sounds within the genre, these bands offer a refreshing take on worship music. Let’s dive in⁤ and discover some phenomenal artists!

Band 1: ⁣All Sons & Daughters

About the Band

All Sons & Daughters is a⁤ worship duo consisting ⁤of Leslie‍ Jordan and David Leonard. Their ⁤harmonies and ​heartfelt lyrics create an ⁢intimate worship experience. Their music is characterized by acoustic ⁣guitar-driven melodies and a raw, honest ⁢sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Rend Collective, All Sons &⁣ Daughters infuse folk elements into their worship music. They both prioritize creating an‍ authentic atmosphere of ​worship. All‍ Sons & Daughters’ music often carries a sense of vulnerability and simplicity, allowing⁣ listeners⁢ to connect deeply with their songs.

Paragraph⁢ 2: You can find out‍ more about All Sons ⁢& Daughters on⁤ their⁣ official website.

Band ⁤2: The ⁣Oh⁢ Hellos

About the Band

The Oh ‍Hellos, formed by siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath, blend elements of folk, rock, and indie music to create a captivating sound. Their rich ‍harmonies,⁢ dynamic instrumentation, and poetic lyrics contribute‍ to their unique and energetic style.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Rend Collective, The Oh Hellos infuse their music with⁣ infectious energy and a sense of celebration. Both bands ‌utilize a wide range of instruments to create a‌ joyful and uplifting atmosphere. The Oh ⁢Hellos also incorporate storytelling and narrative elements into their music, further enhancing the listening ⁣experience.

Paragraph‍ 2: Explore more ​of The⁤ Oh Hellos’ music on their official website.

Band 3: For King & Country

About the Band

For King​ & Country, comprised of​ Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, ‍deliver powerful, anthemic worship music with heartfelt ⁢messages. Their energetic performances, ‍intricate vocal harmonies, and dynamic pop-infused sound make them a prominent name in Christian music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

For King & ⁢Country shares ‍with Rend ​Collective a passion for creating music that ignites joy and inspires listeners. Both bands incorporate elements⁢ of pop and folk into their music, resulting in captivating melodies‌ and uplifting messages. For King & Country’s powerful and emotive performances complement their thought-provoking lyrics, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level.

Paragraph 2: Find out more about For King‍ & Country on their official website.

Band 4: United Pursuit

About the Band

United Pursuit is a ‌collective of musicians‌ and⁢ worship leaders who strive to create authentic, spontaneous worship experiences. Their⁤ music is characterized by ​live recordings, heartfelt prayers, and a distinct sense of community. Their dynamic sound includes elements of indie, ⁣folk, and even electronic music.

Similarity and ⁣Noteworthy Points

United Pursuit ⁢shares with Rend Collective a ⁣desire to create an atmosphere of genuine worship. Both bands ​embrace a⁤ more organic and spontaneous approach to their music, resulting⁣ in captivating and‌ heartfelt worship experiences. United Pursuit’s willingness to venture ⁣into different genres adds a unique dimension to their sound.

Paragraph 2: Visit United Pursuit’s official ⁤website ⁣to explore more of their‍ music.

Band 5: The Brilliance

About the Band

The ⁣Brilliance, consisting of ‌David ​Gungor and John Arndt, ⁤blend classical instrumentation with modern pop sensibilities to ​create atmospheric and reflective worship music. Their captivating melodies, introspective lyrics, and thought-provoking arrangements set them apart.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar ‍to Rend Collective, The Brilliance incorporates creative elements into their music, offering⁤ a unique worship experience. Both bands⁢ prioritize crafting beautiful ⁢melodies and meaningful lyrics that inspire listeners to connect with their faith on a‌ deeper level. The Brilliance’s ⁣ability to ​fuse classical and modern styles ⁤adds⁣ a distinctive touch to their sound.

Paragraph 2: Delve deeper into The Brilliance’s⁣ music ‍on their​ official website.

Band 6: ⁣Gungor

About the Band

Gungor, led by husband and wife duo Michael and Lisa Gungor, is known for their innovative and genre-bending music. They seamlessly combine elements of folk, rock, and ⁤experimental sounds, creating a rich tapestry of sonic exploration.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Gungor, like‍ Rend Collective, pushes the boundaries of traditional worship music ‍by ⁢incorporating diverse musical influences into their sound. Both bands showcase a deep spiritual depth in ‌their lyrics and encourage listeners to explore ⁢the⁢ mysteries of faith. Gungor’s musical versatility and⁢ willingness to experiment make their music a captivating journey.

Paragraph 2: Discover more about Gungor on their official website.


In my opinion, these six bands provide a similar joy-filled and inspiring experience to the ⁣music of Rend‍ Collective. From my research and experience, I believe that exploring these artists and ⁣diving into their faith-infused melodies and lyrics will bring a fresh perspective‍ to your worship playlist.⁤ So go ahead and check out these bands, and immerse yourself in​ their heartfelt music!

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