6 Bands Like Pierce the Veil

6 Bands Like Pierce the Veil


As a fan of Pierce the Veil, I understand the desire ‌to ‌discover ⁣more bands with a similar sound and style. In my opinion, exploring similar bands can open ‍up a whole new world of music and expand ⁢your musical horizons. From my research and experience, I⁢ have ⁣compiled a list of​ six bands that⁤ share similarities with Pierce ​the Veil while also offering their own‍ unique elements. So, if you’re ⁣looking for some new music to enjoy, check out these bands!

Intro Paragraph 2: Each of these bands has their own distinct sound and style, but ⁢all of them incorporate elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and emocore. So, if you’re a ⁤fan of Pierce the Veil’s energetic performances,‌ heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies, you’re bound to find something you love​ among these recommendations. Now, let’s dive into the bands!

Band 1: Sleeping with Sirens

About the Band

Sleeping with Sirens is an American rock band that formed in 2009. They gained popularity with their debut album “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear” and have since released several successful albums. Led by vocalist Kellin Quinn, the band combines melodic hooks with powerful instrumentation, creating an emotional ‌and energetic sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens incorporates emotional lyrics, ‍soaring vocal melodies, and a blend of catchy pop elements with heavier instrumentals. They have a knack‌ for‍ crafting infectious ‌hooks that stick with ⁢you long after the song⁤ ends. Check out their⁢ website here.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, both Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens are ‍known for their intense live performances that captivate audiences. If you’re a fan of one, chances are you’ll ‍enjoy the high-energy shows of the other. Personally, for me, Sleeping with Sirens is a must-listen for any fan of Pierce the Veil!

Band 2: Of Mice & Men

About the Band

Formed in 2009,⁤ Of Mice‌ & Men is an American metalcore band that has gained a strong following ​with their intense and emotional music. Their blend of heavy⁤ riffs, screamed vocals, and ⁣melodic choruses creates a powerful and cathartic listening experience.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy Points

Of ‌Mice & Men shares similarities with Pierce the Veil in terms of their emotional lyrics and a mix of melodic and heavier elements. Both bands have a talent for ⁤conveying deeply personal experiences⁢ through their music. Their website can be found here.

Paragraph 2: If you appreciate the emotional depth and raw energy of Pierce the Veil’s music, I highly recommend giving Of Mice & ⁣Men a listen. Their powerful sound and hard-hitting lyrics‍ make them a perfect match for fans of Pierce the Veil, in⁤ my opinion.

Band 3: Dance Gavin Dance

About the Band

Dance Gavin Dance ⁣is a post-hardcore band from⁢ Sacramento,‍ California. Known‌ for their unique blend of intricate instrumentals, catchy hooks, and a mix of clean and unclean vocals, they ​have built a‍ dedicated fanbase. With their experimental​ approach to music, they continue to push ‍boundaries in the rock scene.

Similarity and⁣ Noteworthy Points

What sets Dance Gavin Dance apart ⁢is their ability to seamlessly weave complex guitar riffs, syncopated drum patterns, and playful melodies into their songs. Similarly, Pierce the Veil incorporates intricate instrumentals and a blend of clean and screamed‍ vocals to create⁣ their signature sound. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: If you enjoy bands that push the boundaries and experiment with⁣ their sound, Dance Gavin Dance is a perfect⁤ choice. Their unique approach to rock music will keep you ⁢hooked from the first listen, at least in my experience.

Band 4: The Amity Affliction

About the Band

Originating from Australia, The Amity Affliction is a metalcore band that⁣ has gained international recognition. They are known for their blend‍ of heavy ​breakdowns, soaring clean vocals, and introspective lyrics. Over the years, they have released ⁢a series of successful albums, showcasing their growth and evolution as a band.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Amity Affliction⁢ and Pierce the Veil both create music that blends heavy and melodic elements to convey raw emotions. Their lyrics touch on personal struggles, mental⁤ health, and‌ the human condition. If you’re interested, you can check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Personally, for me, ⁤The⁢ Amity Affliction perfectly captures the raw emotive quality that draws many fans to Pierce the Veil. Their music deals with similar themes and delivers a‍ cathartic listening ⁣experience that resonates deeply.

Band 5: Emarosa

About the Band

Emarosa​ is a post-hardcore band from Kentucky, known for their blend of melodic hooks, impassioned vocals, ​and dynamic song structures. With each album, they have showcased an evolving sound, exploring various styles while still staying⁣ true to their core identity.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Emarosa shares similarities with Pierce the Veil in terms of their ability to create infectious melodies and their dynamic song structures.‍ Both bands have an experimental approach to music and thought-provoking ⁤lyrics. You can visit their website⁣ here.

Paragraph 2: If you’re a fan of ⁣Pierce the Veil’s catchy melodies and intricate songs, Emarosa ‌is definitely worth a listen. Their ability‌ to create emotionally charged music while pushing the ​boundaries of the‌ genre is something that personally attracts me as a fan.

Band 6: Too Close‍ to Touch

About the Band

Too Close to Touch is an American rock band that combines elements of post-hardcore, alternative‍ rock, and electronic music. With their powerful melodies, introspective lyrics, and‍ energetic performances, ‌they have gained a⁢ dedicated​ following since their formation in 2013.

Similarity and​ Noteworthy Points

Too Close to Touch, like Pierce the Veil, creates music that beautifully merges heavy instrumentals and intricate melodies. They also infuse electronic elements into ‌their sound, adding a unique twist. Check out ⁤their website here.

Paragraph 2: ⁤ In my opinion, Too Close ⁢to Touch is a band that captures the essence of Pierce the Veil’s music while still offering something fresh and unique. Their ability to combine ​different⁤ genres creates a captivating listening experience that is worth exploring.


Exploring bands similar to‍ Pierce the Veil can introduce you to a whole new ⁣world of music that you’ll⁢ enjoy. From my research and experience, these six bands – Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice & Men, Dance Gavin Dance,⁤ The Amity Affliction, Emarosa, and Too Close​ to Touch – offer a similar sound while also bringing their own distinct elements ​to the table. So, if you’re a⁣ fan of Pierce the Veil, give these ‍bands a‍ try and see what resonates with you personally!

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