6 Bands Like ODESZA

6 Bands Like ODESZA


Personally, as​ a fan of ODESZA, I can’t help but get excited when I discover new music that captures⁢ the same captivating spirit. The electronic duo has a unique sound that combines dreamy synths, uplifting beats, and enchanting vocals. If you’re looking for similar artists ⁢who can provide that same​ euphoric ‌experience,​ here are six bands⁢ that ​you should ⁣definitely check out.

Intro Paragraph 2: These⁤ bands have all carved out their own musical paths and have qualities that resonate with ODESZA’s style. Each band offers a⁤ unique⁤ fusion of electronic elements ‍and melodic compositions ⁤that will ⁢transport you to another world. So,⁤ let’s dive in and explore these sensational acts!

Band 1: Big Wild

About the Band

Big Wild is a talented electronic music producer who seamlessly blends elements ​of future bass, indie pop, and trap. Based in California, his captivating soundscapes and infectious energy have ⁤garnered⁣ him quite a following. To learn⁤ more about Big ​Wild ⁣and hear his music, visit ⁢his official website.

Similarity ‌and Noteworthy Points

Big Wild shares similarities with ODESZA⁢ in terms of their knack for crafting intricate yet accessible electronic productions. Both artists incorporate organic instrumentation, lush synths, and ethereal vocals into their tracks. They also⁣ excel at creating uplifting and feel-good vibes⁢ that will have you dancing⁢ and smiling throughout the night.

Paragraph 2: Big⁣ Wild ​also delivers an infectious live performance, combining electronic elements with live drums and instruments. His ability to bring his ⁣studio sounds to life⁤ on stage mirrors ODESZA’s captivating live shows. If you’re a fan of ODESZA, you won’t want to miss experiencing Big Wild’s ‍energetic and immersive ‌performances.


About the Band

RÜFÜS DU SOL, an Australian alternative dance group, has ​been making waves with their unique blend of electronic and indie ​music. ⁤Their mesmerizing tracks ⁤feature atmospheric synths, entrancing vocals, and pulsating beats. To explore RÜFÜS DU SOL’s discography further, head over to their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

RÜFÜS DU SOL shares ODESZA’s ability to transport listeners to a ⁢euphoric state through their distinct soundscapes. Their music effortlessly ⁣merges electronic and ‌live instrumentation, resulting ‍in emotive and immersive tracks. Both ODESZA and RÜFÜS DU SOL also infuse their music with​ a sense of nostalgia and​ longing, creating a rich sonic tapestry.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, RÜFÜS DU ​SOL’s electronica-infused live performances are a testament to their commitment ‍to delivering an unforgettable experience. Like ODESZA,​ they masterfully blend their ⁣electronic ​elements with live ‍instruments, delivering a dynamic ‍and awe-inspiring concert. If you appreciate ODESZA’s ‌ability to create ​an otherworldly atmosphere, RÜFÜS DU SOL should be on your radar.

Band 3: Chet Porter

About the Band

Chet Porter is a Canadian ⁣electronic⁤ producer‌ known⁢ for his refreshing and emotive sound. His tracks seamlessly blend elements of shimmering synth-pop, future bass, ⁢and indie dance. To discover​ more about this talented artist ‌and enjoy his music, visit his‍ official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Chet Porter’s music exhibits a similar dreamy and uplifting quality found in ⁤ODESZA’s‌ productions. Both artists create ethereal sonic landscapes, filled with enchanting melodies, sparkling synths, and introspective lyrics. They have a knack for evoking emotions and taking listeners⁢ on a sonic journey that resonates deeply.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, Chet Porter’s⁣ live performances often transcend traditional DJ​ sets by incorporating live instruments and compelling visuals. His ability to connect ⁢with the audience during his shows echoes the captivating stage presence that ODESZA is known for. If you’re a fan of ODESZA’s immersive and emotional sound, Chet Porter deserves a spot on your playlist.

Band 4: Kasbo

About the Band

Kasbo, hailing from Sweden, is an electronic music ⁤producer known for his uniquely fusioned sound. His tracks⁣ often ⁤intertwine elements of future bass, indie pop, and chillwave, creating a genuinely mesmerizing experience. To learn more about Kasbo and dive into his discography, visit his⁤ official website.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Kasbo’s music shares a similar emotive and atmospheric quality ‍with ODESZA. Both ⁤artists excel at crafting intricate melodies, weaving them together with carefully crafted beats and lush layers of synths. They evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity⁣ within their⁤ listeners, forging an indescribable connection.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Kasbo delivers captivating live⁣ performances, ⁢combining electronic elements with live instruments and vocals. This fusion of electronic and organic sounds mirrors ODESZA’s approach, providing an immersive ​experience that ⁣transports the audience ‌to another dimension. If you’re‌ seeking music that captures ODESZA’s enchanting aura, Kasbo won’t disappoint.

Band 5: Slow Magic

About ​the Band

Slow Magic is an ⁢enigmatic electronic musician who‍ creates ethereal and atmospheric tracks. Known for his captivating live performances while wearing an iconic, handcrafted mask, ⁤Slow Magic’s music combines elements of downtempo, glitch, and dream pop. To explore Slow Magic’s unique sound further, head over to his official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁣ Points

Slow Magic’s music resonates with ⁤ODESZA’s style through its otherworldly and euphoric nature. Both artists have a gift for crafting captivating melodies, ​infusing them ‌with tranquil beats and mystical textures. Slow⁣ Magic’s ​songs often⁣ carry an introspective atmosphere, transporting listeners to an ​introspective and dream-like state.

Paragraph 2: Slow Magic’s live performances are equally mesmerizing, as he creates an intimate and immersive atmosphere for the audience to get lost in. The energy he injects into his shows echoes the profound connection ODESZA builds with their fans during their live concerts. If you’re a fan of ODESZA’s ability⁤ to create an otherworldly experience, Slow Magic is an artist worth exploring.

Band 6: Petit Biscuit

About the Band

Petit Biscuit, a⁣ French electronic music⁤ producer, ​is known for his enchanting and whimsical sound. His music seamlessly combines elements of ⁤tropical house, ‌future bass, and downtempo, resulting in a soothing and uplifting sonic experience. To delve into Petit Biscuit’s musical universe, visit ⁣his official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Petit Biscuit’s ⁤music shares similarities⁣ with ODESZA in its ability⁢ to transport listeners to an idyllic⁢ and dreamy realm. Both artists have a talent for creating lush⁤ soundscapes ⁤and pairing them with gentle beats and uplifting melodies. Petit Biscuit’s tracks carry a sense of freedom and wanderlust, making them an excellent companion for your​ personal adventures.

Paragraph 2: ⁤Moreover, ⁣Petit Biscuit’s live performances further showcase his formidable talent. Combining electronic elements with live instruments, his shows ⁢encompass an enchanting⁢ atmosphere‌ that mirrors the enchantment of ODESZA’s own live performances. If you’re seeking an artist with⁢ a similar ability ​to conjure a realm of sonic exploration, Petit Biscuit is a must-listen.


From my research and personal experience, I have discovered that these six bands provide a musical⁣ journey that fans of ⁤ODESZA would truly​ appreciate. Whether you’re captivated by the uplifting synths, enchanting vocals,‍ or immersive live ⁢experiences, these artists are worthy⁢ of a spot on your playlist. So, dive into‌ their discographies and allow yourself​ to be transported to a world of euphoria ⁢and emotion.

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