6 Bands like Nothing More

6 Bands like Nothing More


When it comes to⁢ finding bands ⁣with a similar sound and style to Nothing More, there are ⁢plenty of options to explore.​ Personally, for me, Nothing ⁢More’s unique blend of⁢ alternative⁣ rock and metal, coupled with their powerful and​ emotive lyrics, is what sets them apart from other bands ‌in⁢ the genre. Through my research⁢ and experience, I have compiled a list of six bands that share some similarities with Nothing More⁣ while still ​bringing their own unique elements to the table. So, ⁣if you’re a fan of Nothing More, ‌check out these bands and see if they‍ resonate with you as well!

Intro ⁢Paragraph 2: From my experience, I understand that music is a deeply personal preference, and what resonates with one individual may⁢ not with‌ another. However, I believe that exploring ​similar bands can⁢ introduce you ‌to new ‍artists and sounds that‍ you may not have discovered otherwise, expanding your musical horizons. So, let’s get ⁣started!

Band 1: Starset

About the​ Band:

Starset ‍is an American rock band founded by Dustin Bates, a former member of the band Downplay. Known ⁢for their conceptual approach, ‍Starset incorporates elements of alternative rock, electronic, and‌ cinematic soundscapes to create a unique genre they ⁣dub “cinematic rock.” Their⁢ lyrical themes ⁣often revolve around science fiction ⁣and space exploration.

Similarity‍ and Noteworthy Points:

Similar to Nothing More, Starset combines heavy and melodic‍ elements in⁣ their music, creating a powerful​ and atmospheric sound. Both bands ⁢prioritize ⁢meaningful lyrics with emotional‍ depth, with⁤ themes exploring self-discovery‌ and introspection. If you enjoy the captivating storytelling aspect ⁢of Nothing More’s⁢ music, Starset offers a similar ⁣experience.

Paragraph 2: Starset’s‍ affinity for‍ incorporating electronic elements into​ their ‌music adds another ​layer of complexity and experimentation, making them a must-listen for fans of Nothing More seeking a similar genre-blending approach.

Band 2: Devour the​ Day

About the Band:

Devour the Day‍ is an American rock band formed by Joey “Chicago” Walser and Blake Allison, both former members⁤ of the⁣ band Egypt Central. Their music⁢ features ‌heavy guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, and emotive lyrics, blending elements of alternative metal, hard rock, and post-grunge.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points:

If you​ enjoy Nothing More’s high-energy and hard-hitting sound, Devour ‌the Day is ⁣another band you⁣ should ⁤check out. ​Both bands deliver powerful and passionate performances, with infectious melodies and emotionally charged lyrics. Devour the ⁣Day’s music also‍ carries a sense of ⁣resilience and perseverance, which ⁢resonates well with Nothing More’s themes⁤ of overcoming adversity.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, Devour the Day’s⁢ ability to blend heavy‍ and melodic elements, along with ⁤their captivating vocal delivery, makes them a great choice for fans of Nothing More⁢ who crave intense and emotionally-driven rock music.

Band 3: 10 ​Years

About the Band:

10 Years is an American alternative metal band hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. With their signature blend of heavy riffs,‌ introspective lyrics, and soaring‌ choruses, the band has gained a‌ dedicated fanbase. Their music incorporates elements of alternative rock,⁣ post-grunge,⁣ and progressive metal.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

For fans of Nothing More’s dynamic song structures and introspective‌ lyrics, 10 ⁢Years offers a similar ‍experience.​ Both bands excel at crafting emotionally charged music with ⁢thought-provoking lyrics that⁢ delve into personal struggles and self-reflection. 10 ‍Years’ ability to seamlessly combine heavy and melodic elements is yet another ⁤parallel to Nothing More’s ​sound.

Paragraph 2: ⁢Additionally, 10 Years’ powerful vocal performances​ and their knack for creating ‌captivating melodies makes them a great recommendation for anyone⁤ seeking bands like Nothing​ More.

Band 4: I Prevail

About the ⁣Band:

I Prevail ⁣is an American ‌rock band formed in ‍2013. The band rose to prominence with their cover‍ of⁣ Taylor Swift’s “Blank‌ Space,” but their ‌original music showcases⁢ their heavier side. Blending elements of⁢ alternative rock, post-hardcore, and metalcore, I Prevail‌ delivers ‍hard-hitting songs ⁤with anthemic hooks.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

If you enjoy Nothing‍ More’s blend of heavy instrumentation and catchy melodies, ‌I Prevail is a band worth exploring. Similar to Nothing More, I Prevail ‌has ⁢a knack for creating memorable hooks that will have ​you singing along. Both bands combine aggressive and melodic elements to deliver impactful⁣ and emotionally charged songs.

Paragraph 2: Another noteworthy point is that ⁤both bands have gained recognition ​for their energetic live performances, providing an engaging and immersive experience‍ for their fans. So, if you’re into bands that know how to put on ⁣a show, I Prevail ⁤certainly fits⁣ the bill.

Band‌ 5: Sevendust

About the Band:

Sevendust is an American nu metal band that formed ‌in 1994. Over the years, they have evolved their sound to⁣ incorporate alternative metal ‍and hard⁣ rock elements. Known for their heavy guitar riffs, intense vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics, Sevendust has built a ‍solid reputation in the ‌rock scene.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points:

For fans of Nothing More ⁢seeking bands with a heavier edge, Sevendust is‌ a‍ fantastic ‍choice. Both bands specialize in crafting aggressive and emotionally charged music,⁤ featuring intricate guitar work and powerful vocal performances. ⁣Sevendust’s ability to seamlessly shift ‌between heavy and melodic passages mirrors Nothing More’s dynamic musical ⁤style.

Paragraph‌ 2: Furthermore, ​Sevendust’s longevity in the rock industry serves as a⁣ testament to their consistent ability to create impactful music. If you appreciate Nothing More’s ⁣ability to consistently​ deliver powerful ‌and engaging songs,‌ Sevendust will undoubtedly appeal ⁣to you as well.

Band‍ 6: Red Sun Rising

About the Band:

Red Sun Rising is an American ⁣rock band that formed in 2007. Their music combines ‌elements⁣ of alternative rock, hard rock, and post-grunge, resulting in‌ a sound that is both energetic ⁣and⁣ melodic.‍ Red Sun⁤ Rising is known for their catchy ‌hooks, ​impassioned vocals,‍ and introspective​ lyrics.

Similarity and⁤ Noteworthy Points:

Red Sun Rising shares similarities with Nothing More ‍in their ability to craft radio-friendly rock songs that​ still carry​ significant emotional weight.‍ Both⁣ bands feature strong vocal performances and memorable melodies that hook listeners from the ⁢first note. Red Sun​ Rising’s talent for blending heavy and melodic elements aligns ​with ​Nothing More’s dynamic musical style.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Red Sun Rising’s introspective‍ lyrics often explore themes of personal⁢ growth and resilience, evoking‍ a similar emotional depth to Nothing ‍More’s ⁤music. So, if you’re ⁣a ‍fan of Nothing ⁣More’s ability to‌ seamlessly blend accessibility with heartfelt introspection, Red Sun Rising ⁤is a band ⁢worth exploring.


Exploring bands that share similarities with Nothing More can be an ⁣exciting journey, personally for me. While ‌these bands each bring their⁤ own unique elements to the table, they all⁢ resonate‍ with fans of Nothing More on some level. Whether ⁢it’s the combination of heavy and melodic elements, sincere and thought-provoking lyrics, or‌ an⁣ energetic live performance, each ⁣band ​mentioned above offers ‍a distinct ‌musical ⁣experience. So, ⁣open a new ⁤tab or⁢ window and⁤ discover these bands for yourself: ​ Starset, Devour the Day, 10 Years,⁢ I Prevail, Sevendust, and Red Sun Rising. From my research and experience, I believe these ⁢bands have the potential to become⁢ new favorites for fans of Nothing More!

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