6 Bands Like MUNA

6 Bands Like MUNA


Personally for me, one of the bands that left a lasting⁣ impression on me is MUNA. Their unique sound, powerful lyrics, and captivating performances have made them a force to be reckoned with‌ in the⁢ music industry. If you’re a fan of ‍MUNA​ and looking for similar bands to add to your playlist, I’ve compiled a list⁤ of six ‍bands that share some similarities with ⁤MUNA. Each band brings their own‌ unique touch to the alternative pop genre, making them worth checking out.

Intro Paragraph 2: ‍ From my research⁢ and experience, these ⁤bands have garnered acclaim for their ‌distinctive sound, powerful messages, and captivating performances. So, let’s dive in and discover some new artists who might become your favorites!

Band 1:‍ The Aces

About the Band

The Aces is an all-female indie​ pop band from Utah. Their catchy ‌tunes, vibrant energy, and introspective ⁣lyrics make them a standout group ⁤in ⁣the alternative pop scene. With hits like “Stuck” and “Last One,” their⁤ music resonates with listeners and leaves a lasting impact.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

Similar ‌to MUNA, The Aces blend infectious melodies with introspective lyrics, creating a powerful and relatable listening experience. Their ability to craft anthemic choruses and explore themes of self-discovery and empowerment aligns with⁢ MUNA’s sound. Be sure⁤ to check ⁣out The⁢ Aces’ website here.

Paragraph⁣ 2: One​ noteworthy point is that ‍both ⁢MUNA and The Aces ‍have⁣ been ‌praised for their‌ incorporation of LGBTQ+ themes into⁤ their music, fostering inclusivity⁢ and representation within the industry.

Band⁤ 2: Pale Waves

About the ⁣Band

Hailing ‌from Manchester, England, Pale Waves is an indie pop band known ‌for⁣ their dreamy synth-pop‌ sound and emotionally⁣ driven lyrics. Their debut album, “My Mind Makes Noises,” received critical acclaim‌ and⁣ showcased their ability to create captivating​ and‍ atmospheric music.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁣ Points

Pale Waves shares similarities with MUNA in⁢ terms of their introspective songwriting and ethereal‍ soundscapes. Both bands tackle themes of love, self-discovery, and ⁢personal struggles, ⁢drawing ⁢listeners into their⁢ emotional journey. You can explore more about⁢ Pale ​Waves on their website here.

Paragraph⁣ 2: Notably, both MUNA and⁤ Pale Waves have a ⁣penchant for crafting catchy ⁣hooks and⁢ melodies that will have you singing⁤ along in no ‌time.

Band 3: Sir Sly

About the Band

Sir Sly ⁢is an indie pop band known for their introspective lyrics, atmospheric sound, and⁤ unique blend of ⁤indie ⁢rock and electronic elements. With hits like “High” and “Gold,” their music delves into themes of⁣ mental health, self-reflection, ⁤and⁢ personal growth.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

What makes Sir Sly a great recommendation for MUNA fans is their ability to infuse emotional ⁤depth into their music. Both bands explore vulnerability, self-acceptance, and overcoming life’s challenges ​through their ⁤lyrics. To learn more about Sir Sly, visit their website here.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Sir Sly’s dynamic soundscapes⁤ and ⁤intricate production parallel MUNA’s ability to create immersive and captivating musical⁣ experiences.

Band 4: BROODS

About‍ the Band

BROODS, a New⁣ Zealand ⁢sibling duo,⁤ combines ethereal indie pop with electronic elements, creating a mesmerizing and unique sound. Their emotionally charged lyrics and atmospheric music‌ have⁤ resonated ⁤with audiences worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to MUNA, BROODS emphasizes introspection and emotional honesty in their music. Both bands possess the ability to evoke a range⁣ of emotions through their mesmerizing soundscapes. Check out BROODS’ website here.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, both⁣ MUNA and BROODS have been recognized for their captivating‌ live performances, which showcase their immense talent and​ stage presence.

Band 5: Fickle⁤ Friends

About the Band

Fickle​ Friends is an indie pop band from Brighton, England. With ‍their catchy hooks, upbeat rhythms, and infectious energy, ‌they have become a ​prominent name in the alternative pop scene. Their music explores themes of self-discovery, relationships, and personal growth.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like MUNA, ​Fickle Friends is known for their⁢ catchy and energetic pop-infused sound. Both bands have a knack for crafting infectious hooks and ⁤memorable melodies that will keep ‍you coming back for more. Explore more about ​Fickle Friends on their website here.

Paragraph 2: Additionally,⁣ Fickle Friends’ lyrics often⁣ touch upon themes ⁢of self-exploration and ‌the‌ complexities ⁤of relationships, forging a connection with listeners on a personal level.

Band 6:‍ Shura

About‌ the‌ Band

Shura is⁣ a British singer-songwriter and producer known for her dreamy synth-pop sound and honest, introspective lyrics. Her music explores⁢ themes of love, heartbreak, and personal experiences, creating a vulnerable​ and captivating listening‍ experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Shura shares similarities with MUNA‍ in​ terms of their ⁤introspective ‍songwriting and emotive vocals. Both‍ artists possess the ⁢ability to transport listeners to a world encapsulated by their lyrics and⁤ captivating melodies. Visit Shura’s website here for more⁣ information.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, Shura’s blend of ⁤nostalgic ’80s pop influences with ‌a modern twist resonates​ with fans of‍ MUNA, who appreciate a unique and refreshing take on the genre.


In my opinion, if ⁤you’re a fan of MUNA, these six bands will likely ⁢resonate with you. Each band ⁤brings⁢ something unique to the alternative pop genre while sharing some similarities with MUNA in terms of⁤ their captivating lyrics, memorable melodies, and ‌thought-provoking themes. Personally, ⁣I’ve discovered some incredible music through exploring‍ these⁤ artists and hope you do too!

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