6 Bands Like Mr. Big

6 Bands Like Mr. Big


Personally, for⁤ me, Mr. ⁢Big is an iconic rock band known ⁢for their catchy melodies, powerful ⁣vocals, and exceptional musicianship. If you’re a fan of‌ Mr. Big and looking for ‌similar bands to expand​ your musical horizons,⁣ I’ve compiled a list of six bands that share certain similarities with Mr. Big. From my research and experience, these bands are worth checking⁤ out if ⁤you enjoy the melodic hard rock sound that Mr. Big delivers.

Intro Paragraph 2:Each of these bands brings their unique flair to the melodic rock genre and has gathered a loyal fan base of their own. So, let’s dive into these musical recommendations ⁤and ‍explore the world of rock beyond Mr. Big.

Band 1: Extreme

About the Band

Extreme is a⁤ rock band⁤ formed in⁤ 1985, hailing from ‌Boston, Massachusetts. Led by the soulful vocals of Gary Cherone and the virtuoso guitar skills of Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme gained popularity in the early ’90s with their album⁢ “Pornograffitti,” which‍ featured⁤ their biggest hit, “More Than Words.”

Similarity and⁤ Noteworthy ⁢Points

Both Mr. Big and Extreme are known for their exceptional musicianship, powerful vocals, and memorable hooks. Their songs ​often blend hard rock with melodic ‍elements, creating a captivating sound that ‌hooks ​listeners. If you enjoy the intricate guitar ‍work and catchy choruses of Mr. Big, Extreme’s music is sure to resonate with you. Their website can be ​found here.

Paragraph 2:Extreme’s ability to seamlessly fuse different styles,⁣ including funk and pop, into their rock sound sets ‌them apart. Their energetic live performances ‍and strong songwriting make them an excellent band to explore if you’re a fan of Mr. ⁣Big.

Band 2: Firehouse

About the Band

Firehouse is an American rock band that rose to fame in the early ’90s. Known for their soaring power ballads and energetic rock anthems, Firehouse gained commercial success with‍ hits like “Love of a Lifetime” and “When I Look ⁢into Your Eyes.”

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Mr. Big, Firehouse perfected the art of‌ creating memorable power ballads infused with catchy hooks and emotional lyrics. Their​ harmonious vocal arrangements and guitar-driven sound resonate with fans of melodic hard rock. If you’re a fan of Mr. Big’s softer side and ‍enjoy ⁣heartfelt rock ballads, Firehouse is a ‌band you don’t want to miss. You ​can visit their website here.

Paragraph 2:Firehouse’s ability to deliver powerful⁣ and‍ emotional ⁢performances, combined with their well-crafted songs, makes them a solid recommendation for fans ⁣of ‌Mr. Big.

Band 3: Tyketto

About the⁢ Band

Tyketto is ⁢a melodic hard rock band formed in 1987. Hailing from New York, they released their debut album, “Don’t Come Easy,” in 1991. Tyketto is known for their energetic live performances and uplifting rock anthems.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Tyketto⁢ shares the melodic sensibilities and powerful vocal delivery that‍ are characteristic of ⁤Mr. Big’s sound. Their music often features‍ catchy hooks, strong harmonies,⁣ and anthemic choruses that resonate with listeners. If you enjoy the anthemic and uplifting ‍side of Mr. Big,​ Tyketto’s ‌music is definitely worth exploring. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2:Tyketto’s infectious energy and ability‍ to create ⁤memorable and uplifting rock songs make them a ⁢great recommendation for fans of Mr. Big.

Band 4: Talisman

About the Band

Talisman was a Swedish-American hard rock band formed in 1989. Led by the powerful​ vocals of Jeff Scott Soto, ​Talisman released several albums⁢ throughout the ’90s, showcasing their ability to fuse hard rock with elements of funk and soul.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Mr. Big, Talisman had a unique blend of melodic hard rock sound with elements of⁢ funk and soul. Their songs feature catchy melodies, soaring vocals, and impressive musicianship. If you appreciate the diverse musical influences⁣ that Mr. Big incorporates into their sound, Talisman’s discography is a must-listen. Visit​ their website here.

Paragraph 2:Talisman’s ability to seamlessly combine different genres into their hard rock sound and Jeff Scott Soto’s dynamic vocals make them a band worth exploring for fans of Mr. Big.

Band 5: ‌Harem Scarem

About the Band

Harem Scarem ‍is a Canadian rock band ‌that gained popularity in the early ⁣’90s with their self-titled debut album. Their music ​combines melodic hard rock​ with elements of AOR​ (Adult Oriented Rock), creating a distinctive sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

Harem Scarem shares similarities with Mr. Big in​ terms ‍of their melodic sensibilities, powerful vocals, and guitar-driven sound. They excel⁣ in crafting catchy hooks, harmonies, and melodic guitar solos that resonate with fans of Mr. Big. If you enjoy the polished and melodic side of⁤ Mr. Big’s music, Harem Scarem is a band⁢ you‍ should check out. Their website can be found here.

Paragraph 2:Harem Scarem’s ability to deliver memorable ‍hooks​ and their knack for crafting melodic rock songs⁤ makes them a noteworthy​ recommendation for fans of Mr. Big.

Band 6: Giant

About the Band

Giant was an American rock band formed in the late ‍’80s. Led⁣ by the powerful vocals of Dann Huff, Giant released their debut album, “Last of the Runaways,” in 1989. They gained recognition for their melodic hard rock sound ‍infused with elements of AOR.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Giant’s music shares the melodic sensibilities, soaring vocals, and guitar-driven sound that Mr. Big fans appreciate. They excel in crafting powerful anthems, catchy choruses, and intricate guitar solos that captivate listeners. ⁣If you enjoy the melodic and energetic side of Mr. Big, Giant is a band that shouldn’t be missed. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2:Giant’s ability to deliver energetic and melodic rock songs, coupled with Dann⁣ Huff’s distinct vocals, makes them a band I highly recommend to fans of Mr. Big.


From my research and experience, ⁣these six bands – Extreme, Firehouse, Tyketto, Talisman, Harem Scarem, and Giant – offer a melodic rock experience that shares similarities with Mr. Big. Whether it’s the powerful ⁣vocals, catchy hooks, or intricate musicianship, ‌these bands deliver a​ melodic hard rock⁢ sound that resonates with fans ⁢of Mr. Big. Exploring‍ their​ music will not only expand your musical horizons but also provide you with a satisfying dose of catchy melodies and impressive ⁣performances. So, personally for⁢ me, I encourage you to check out these bands and embark on an exciting musical journey beyond Mr. Big.

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