6 Bands Like Monuments

6 Bands Like Monuments


When it comes ‍to progressive metal, Monuments is a band that stands out with their unique sound and technical prowess. However, ⁣if you’re looking to⁢ discover‍ more bands that share similar qualities,‍ I’ve got you covered. In this⁢ article, I’ll be introducing‌ you to ⁤six bands that, personally for‌ me, ‌have a similar ​style and provide a captivating musical experience. ⁤So,​ let’s dive in and explore these⁤ incredible bands!

Intro Paragraph 2: These bands have all caught my attention during my research,⁤ and I believe‍ they will resonate‌ with fans of Monuments as well.‍ Each band brings its own fusion of progressive ‍elements, groovy riffs, and powerful melodies that will keep you hooked ⁢from start to finish. So, let’s dig deeper⁤ into each band and discover their⁢ unique qualities.

Band⁤ 1: TesseracT

About the Band

TesseracT is ‌a British progressive ‌metal band ​that has become known for their innovative‌ sound and atmospheric textures. With their complex song‍ structures, soaring melodies, and ​Djent-influenced riffs, they have established themselves as one⁤ of the‌ pioneers of⁤ the genre. You can find more about TesseracT on their official⁤ website.

Similarity ‍and Noteworthy ‌Points

Like Monuments, TesseracT incorporates intricate guitar work, polyrhythms, ⁤and captivating vocal⁤ performances into their music. Both bands also prioritize creating engaging atmospheres that draw the listener in. TesseracT’s‌ commitment to pushing the⁣ boundaries of ‍progressive‌ metal makes them a perfect recommendation for‍ fans of Monuments.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, TesseracT explores similar themes of introspection and self-reflection in their lyrics, inviting⁤ listeners to dive deep into ‌their⁣ own emotions.⁤ Their experimental nature and willingness to ⁣blend genres make ‌them an exciting ‌band to ⁢follow, especially for fans who appreciate Monuments’ musical ‍complexity.

Band 2: Periphery

About the Band

Periphery is an American progressive metal band known‌ for their heavy sound, ​complex arrangements, and dynamic songwriting. With their technical‌ proficiency and‍ diverse influences ranging from djent to metalcore, they ‍have garnered a dedicated⁣ fan base over the years.⁣ You can find more about Periphery on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Monuments, Periphery excels in crafting ⁤intricate, high-energy ​tracks that‌ combine chugging riffs with ​melodic passages.⁢ Both bands‌ showcase ⁣impeccable musicianship and a knack for delivering memorable hooks. Periphery also shares a similar knack for experimenting with different sonic landscapes, resulting in a unique ‍and refreshing listening experience.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, like Monuments,⁢ Periphery’s lyrics often touch on personal struggles and self-discovery, making‍ their⁤ music relatable ‍to a wide audience. If‌ you enjoy the ‌blend of crunchy guitars, atmospheric ⁢melodies,⁤ and thought-provoking lyrics that Monuments brings to the table, Periphery is a band that you should definitely check out.

Band 3: Haken

About the Band

Haken is a British progressive ⁣rock/metal band⁣ that has gained recognition ‌for their‍ technical‌ prowess, complex compositions, and genre-bending approach. With their fusion of intricate instrumentals, unforgettable ‌melodies, and captivating storytelling, they have garnered a dedicated following. You can find more about⁣ Haken on their⁢ official website.

Similarity‍ and Noteworthy Points

Haken shares similarities with Monuments in their attention to detail and their ability to create immersive musical journeys. Both bands‍ exhibit astonishing musicianship⁢ and a talent for seamlessly blending heavier sections ​with more⁣ melodic passages. Haken’s progressive rock/metal sound⁣ offers a refreshing twist to the genre, making them an excellent choice for Monuments fans.

Paragraph⁤ 2: Besides the technical ⁤prowess, Haken’s lyrics often revolve around introspection, ⁤inner struggles, and philosophical concepts. This thematic overlap further strengthens the connection between the two bands. If ⁤you appreciate Monuments’ ​progressive sound infused​ with emotional depth, Haken is a band that should ⁤definitely be on your radar.

Band 4:‌ Skyharbor

About the‌ Band

Skyharbor is an international progressive metal band, formed in India and now based in various countries, that combines elements of post-rock, ambient, ‍and djent into their sound. With ‌their atmospheric landscapes, soaring melodies,⁤ and seamless transitions, they offer a unique sonic experience. You can find ⁣more about Skyharbor on their official ​website.

Similarity ⁤and⁢ Noteworthy Points

Skyharbor, like Monuments, focuses on crafting intricate compositions ⁤that ⁤blend heaviness and ​ethereal ‍beauty. Their music often features a seamless integration of atmospheric passages with djent-inspired heaviness, creating an immersive and captivating sonic journey. Fans of Monuments will ⁤appreciate Skyharbor’s ability to deliver a perfect balance ⁤of aggression and introspection.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, ⁢both bands ‍share a common interest in exploring personal struggles, ⁢self-reflection, and inner demons through⁢ their ​lyrics. This emotional depth adds⁢ a layer of connection between​ the music and the listener.⁤ Skyharbor’s​ ability to seamlessly blend genres while maintaining an atmospheric⁤ allure makes them a recommended choice for fans of Monuments.

Band 5: Animals As Leaders

About the Band

Animals As Leaders is an instrumental progressive metal‌ band formed by guitar virtuoso ‌Tosin Abasi. Known for their complex polyrhythms, technical proficiency, and innovative guitar ‍playing, they have ⁣pushed the boundaries of instrumental music. You ‌can find more about Animals As ‌Leaders on their official website.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

While Monuments incorporates⁣ vocals into their music, Animals​ As Leaders offers an instrumental take on progressive metal that ⁤is equally captivating. Both bands share a dedication to ⁣pushing boundaries and showcasing‌ exceptional musicianship. Animals As Leaders’ intricate compositions and mesmerizing ⁣guitar work⁤ align with the technicality ⁤and complexity that Monuments fans appreciate.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, Animals As Leaders’ ability to ⁢create emotive and dynamic soundscapes without the need for vocals is​ truly ‍remarkable. Their music brings forth a wide range of emotions⁣ and showcases the ‌power of instrumental music. If you’re a fan of ⁤Monuments’⁢ technicality and want to explore the instrumental side of progressive⁣ metal, Animals As Leaders is a band you shouldn’t miss.

Band 6: The Contortionist

About the Band

The Contortionist is an American​ progressive ⁤metal band known for their ‌atmospheric soundscapes, intricate song structures, and⁤ melodic craftsmanship. With their fusion of⁣ heavy riffs, ambient passages, and ethereal vocals, they offer a captivating musical ⁤experience. You can find more ‌about The Contortionist on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Contortionist, like Monuments, sets themselves apart through⁢ their ability to‍ seamlessly blend heavy elements with tranquil atmospheres.‍ Both bands prioritize⁢ creating a sonic journey that takes‍ the​ listener on an emotional ride. The Contortionist’s focus on melody and their attention to creating a​ unique atmosphere make them an impressive recommendation for fans of Monuments.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, The Contortionist’s lyrical themes often revolve ‌around personal transformation and self-acceptance, offering introspective and thought-provoking narratives. This ‍thematic similarity adds a layer of relatability to their⁢ music, helping ‌fans connect on⁢ a deeper level. ⁣If you‌ enjoy Monuments’⁤ ability to craft intricate compositions with emotional depth, The ‍Contortionist is a band that you should definitely‍ explore.


From my experience and research, these six bands – TesseracT, Periphery, Haken, Skyharbor, Animals As Leaders, and The Contortionist – offer a musical journey similar to what Monuments brings to⁢ the table. Their fusion of progressive elements, technicality, and melodic craftsmanship will satisfy any eager listener‌ seeking captivating music. ⁢Whether it’s the ​experimental nature of TesseracT, the heavy yet melodic sound ‍of Periphery, or the atmospheric‌ landscapes of‍ Haken, each band brings something unique to the table. Personally for me, these bands have expanded ‍my​ musical ⁤horizons and made‌ my ‌journey into progressive metal much more exciting.⁣ So go ahead, click on the links and explore the‌ sounds of these ⁢incredible bands!

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