6 Bands Like Machine Gun Kelly

6 Bands Like Machine Gun Kelly


As a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, ‍I personally love the energy and unique style he brings to the music scene. If you’re like me and enjoy⁢ MGK’s music, you might be interested in exploring other ⁣similar bands that⁢ also‌ bring a fresh sound and ‌captivating ​performances.​ In this article, I’ll be ⁣sharing six⁣ bands that⁣ I believe‍ have similarities to Machine Gun Kelly. Remember to check out their websites for more information and to ​support⁢ these talented artists!

Intro Paragraph 2: While these bands may not have identical⁣ styles to Machine Gun Kelly, ​they share certain characteristics that‌ make them⁣ worth listening to. ​Whether ‍it’s their raw energy, captivating lyrics, or ⁢their ability to blend different genres, these​ bands are sure to satisfy your musical cravings if you’re a fan of MGK.

Band 1: Hollywood Undead

About the Band

Hollywood Undead⁢ is an American ⁤rap-rock band known for their ⁤energetic‌ performances⁢ and unique‌ blend of rock, rap, and pop. With⁤ a distinct​ masked ​image, they have gained a dedicated fan ‌base over the years. You can find more information about Hollywood Undead on their website.

Similarity and ⁤Noteworthy‌ Points

If you​ enjoy Machine Gun Kelly’s rap-rock sound, you’ll likely appreciate ‍Hollywood Undead’s⁢ gritty lyrics ⁣and catchy ‌hooks. Both bands have a rebellious nature⁢ and aren’t afraid ⁤to push boundaries, ‍resulting in powerful ⁢and memorable tracks.

Paragraph 2: ‌ Hollywood Undead’s ability to seamlessly​ blend various genres, including rock, hip-hop, and ​electronic influences, is reminiscent of MGK’s own genre-bending approach. Give their songs like “Undead” and “Bullet”​ a ​listen to experience their unique sound.

Band 2: Yungblud

About the Band

Yungblud, whose real​ name is‌ Dominic ‌Harrison, is a British singer-songwriter known for his punk rock and hip-hop infused sound. He ‌uses his music as ‌a platform to address social ⁣issues and connect ‍with his ‍audience. Check ⁤out ‍Yungblud’s website for more details.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁣Points

Yungblud’s energetic stage presence⁣ and politically-charged lyrics⁢ resonate with Machine Gun Kelly’s fans. Both artists tackle important social issues, such as mental health and society’s expectations, through their music. Yungblud’s tracks like “Parents” and⁢ “Loner”⁣ showcase his punk-inspired sound.

Paragraph 2: ‍ In my opinion, Yungblud, like MGK, isn’t afraid to‍ experiment with various musical⁢ styles and genres, resulting in a fresh and captivating ⁣sound. Give his ⁤music ‌a ⁤listen to experience his powerful and passionate performances.

Band ‌3: grandson

About the Band

grandson, the stage name of Jordan Edward⁣ Benjamin, is‌ a Canadian-American musician known for his alternative rock ⁣and hip-hop fusion. With politically-charged⁤ lyrics and a unique sound, he has managed to capture ⁢the attention ⁤of many listeners. Visit grandson’s website for more information.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate​ the⁤ fearless and ‍thought-provoking lyrics in Machine‍ Gun Kelly’s music, grandson is⁤ definitely worth‍ exploring. Both artists​ have a knack for addressing social and political issues in their songs, and ⁣their alternative rock‍ and hip-hop influences create an intense ​and engaging listening experience.

Paragraph 2: grandson’s⁢ tracks like “Blood // Water” ⁢and ‍”Identity” showcase his dynamic sound and showcase his ability ⁤to mix genres in a compelling ​way. In my experience, listening ‌to grandson’s music feels like a journey, similar to the experience of immersing oneself in MGK’s discography.

Band 4: Sleeping with Sirens

About ⁤the Band

Sleeping with ⁢Sirens is⁣ an American rock band known for their blend of post-hardcore and pop‌ punk.​ With‍ their catchy melodies and emotionally-charged lyrics, they have become a beloved band⁤ in the alternative music scene. Catch up on Sleeping with Sirens’ latest news ⁢on their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If ⁣you enjoy Machine Gun Kelly’s emotionally-driven lyrics and melodic approach, Sleeping with Sirens might be a band that resonates with‍ you. Their ability to ⁤seamlessly combine heavy instrumentation with infectious hooks is reminiscent‍ of MGK’s own ‍blend of⁣ genres.

Paragraph 2: Sleeping with Sirens’ songs like “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” and ⁣”If You Can’t Hang” showcase their ⁢signature sound. ‌In my opinion, their‌ music captures the emotional ⁤intensity that⁤ MGK often brings to his performances.

Band 5: ‌Blackbear

About the Band

Blackbear, whose real name​ is Matthew⁣ Tyler Musto, is‍ an American singer, ⁣songwriter,⁤ and record producer.⁤ Known for his introspective and ⁣emotionally honest music, he seamlessly blends elements ‍of R&B, hip-hop, and pop. ​Visit Blackbear’s website for more details.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate Machine Gun⁣ Kelly’s ⁢ability ⁢to convey raw emotions through his lyrics, Blackbear’s music is worth⁢ exploring. Both artists often delve ⁢into personal experiences, love, ⁤and vulnerability, creating relatable and introspective tracks.

Paragraph 2: Blackbear’s songs ‌like “Hot Girl Bummer” and ​”Do Re Mi” showcase his ⁢unique⁤ blend of ‌R&B, hip-hop, and ​pop. In my research, I⁣ found that Blackbear’s music resonates with listeners who enjoy MGK’s heartfelt and captivating songwriting.

Band 6: Mod Sun

About the⁢ Band

Mod Sun, short for “Movement on Dreams, Stand Under ⁢None,” is an American musician, singer, and ⁤rapper ‍known ⁣for​ his upbeat and positive songs. With a fusion ⁢of pop, rock, and hip-hop elements, his music radiates a feel-good vibe.‌ Check out Mod Sun’s‍ website for more ⁣information.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy Machine Gun Kelly’s upbeat and positive tracks, Mod Sun’s music is the perfect ‌addition to your ⁤playlist. Both artists have a knack for ​creating⁣ catchy ​melodies and incorporating uplifting messages into ⁢their songs.

Paragraph 2: Mod Sun’s tracks like “Bones” ‌and “Karma” exemplify ‌his blend of pop, rock,⁤ and hip-hop influences. In my experience, his music has a similar feel-good energy to‌ that of MGK’s, making it perfect for those‍ times ‌when you need⁤ a boost of positivity.


Exploring bands similar to Machine⁣ Gun Kelly is a great way to broaden your ‌musical horizons and discover new artists who ‌bring a unique ‍flavor ‍to​ the music scene. Personally, I⁢ have thoroughly enjoyed diving into the discographies of these six bands and have‍ found their music to be both helpful and informative. From my experience, I believe that fans of MGK will appreciate​ the energy, passion,⁤ and creativity displayed by the mentioned bands. Remember to ⁢support these artists⁤ by visiting their websites ​and discovering ⁤more⁢ about their music!

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