6 Bands like Loathe

6 Bands like Loathe


As‍ a fan of Loathe, I am always⁤ on ‌the lookout⁢ for similar bands that bring a unique blend of genres and push the boundaries of their sound. After extensive research and personal experience, I have discovered six bands that share similarities⁤ with Loathe while bringing their own twist to the music scene. If you’re a fan of Loathe, you don’t want to miss these incredible bands!

Intro⁢ Paragraph‌ 2: Loathe is known for their fusion ‍of metalcore, progressive metal, and alternative rock, creating a sound that is both heavy and melodic. They incorporate ⁣elements⁣ of ‌ambient music, electronica, and ⁣even shoegaze, resulting in a truly dynamic and captivating listening ‌experience. Keeping this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of six bands that embody a similar experimental spirit and‍ sonic exploration.

Band 1: Car Bomb

About the Band

Car Bomb is a mathcore band from New York ​known for their technicality and chaotic, dissonant sound. They⁢ effortlessly blend progressive metal, noise rock, and avant-garde elements into their music. With intricate guitar ‍work, complex‌ rhythms, and unpredictable song structures, Car ⁤Bomb creates an‌ intense and exhilarating sonic experience.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy the experimental ​side‌ of Loathe, ⁢Car Bomb’s intricate compositions and boundary-pushing sound will surely captivate you. They share a⁢ progressive mindset‍ and an ability to seamlessly incorporate diverse ‌influences into their music. Check out their website ​ here.

Paragraph 2: Their ability to create ⁢an atmosphere‌ of controlled chaos is reminiscent of Loathe’s ability to ⁢balance heaviness with ethereal and ambient moments. Personally, I find Car Bomb’s technical⁢ brilliance and ​unconventional songwriting style incredibly intriguing and a must-listen ⁢for‌ any Loathe fan.

Band‌ 2:‌ Sleep ⁢Token

About the Band

Sleep Token is ⁢an anonymous ⁤collective of musicians whose music spans multiple ⁤genres, blending elements ⁢of progressive rock, alternative metal, and ambient music. They create⁤ a unique atmosphere with haunting melodies, lush soundscapes, and emotionally charged vocals. Sleep Token’s music often ⁢explores themes ‍of personal struggle and introspection.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Loathe, Sleep Token doesn’t restrict⁣ themselves to a ‌single genre or ​musical style. Their ability to seamlessly blend different influences while maintaining a distinctive sound is reminiscent of⁢ Loathe’s experimental approach. Visit their ‍website here.

Paragraph 2: Sleep Token’s ability to evoke powerful emotions through their atmospheric soundscapes and captivating lyrics resonates with the haunting and introspective side of Loathe’s music. I highly recommend ⁤them ​to anyone who appreciates the depth and complexity Loathe brings to their ⁤songs.

Band⁢ 3: Vola

About the Band

Vola is a Danish band that combines progressive metal, djent, and ​alternative rock elements to craft their unique ​sound. They are known ‌for their intricate melodies, mesmerizing atmospheres, and catchy hooks. Vola’s music ⁢seamlessly blends heavy ⁢riffs with electronic⁢ elements, creating a refreshing blend of aggression and beauty.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

If you enjoy Loathe’s ability to seamlessly⁣ merge heavy and melodic elements, Vola will surely pique‍ your interest. Their progressive mindset, stellar musicianship, and⁣ willingness⁤ to experiment with unconventional sounds and ‍textures align closely with what makes⁢ Loathe stand out. Explore their website⁤ here.

Paragraph 2: ⁤ Vola’s⁤ ability to create dynamic and atmospheric compositions while maintaining a strong sense of melody is reminiscent of Loathe’s approach. Fans of Loathe’s balance between aggression ​and beauty will find Vola’s music a compelling addition to their playlist.

Band 4: Employed to Serve

About the ​Band

Employed to Serve is a British band known for their energetic and ⁤aggressive blend of punk, hardcore, and metal. Their music is ‍characterized by raw intensity,‌ frenetic riffs, and‌ powerful vocals. With thought-provoking lyrics that address social and personal issues, Employed to Serve delivers a visceral listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate ‍the intensity and heaviness found in Loathe’s music, Employed to Serve ⁢is a band worth exploring. They share a similar aggression and ability to connect⁢ with the listener on an emotional level. Visit ⁤their ‍website here.

Paragraph 2: Employed to Serve’s ‌relentless energy and passionate delivery remind me of ‌the more aggressive⁤ side of Loathe. Their uncompromising approach and ability to‌ channel raw emotion make them a compelling recommendation for ⁢fans who enjoy the heavy aspects of Loathe’s sound.

Band 5: Rolo Tomassi

About the Band

Rolo Tomassi is a British band known for their genre-defying blend of mathcore, post-hardcore, and experimental music. Their music incorporates⁤ elements of jazz, electronic music, and even pop, resulting ⁤in ‌a captivating and unpredictable ‍sound. Rolo Tomassi’s dynamic instrumentation, combined with fierce vocals, creates an intense and immersive sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If​ you enjoy the experimental and eclectic side of Loathe, Rolo Tomassi’s fearless genre fusion and adventurous songwriting will undoubtedly​ catch your attention. They share a similar willingness to push boundaries and‍ surprise their listeners with⁤ unexpected twists and turns. Check out their⁤ website here.

Paragraph 2: Rolo Tomassi’s ability ‌to seamlessly blend contrasting genres and create a cohesive yet dynamic listening experience aligns with⁢ what makes Loathe so ​captivating. Their adventurous spirit⁢ and‍ dedication to pushing musical‌ boundaries make ⁣them a fantastic⁢ choice for fans seeking a fresh and innovative addition to their ‌playlist.

Band 6: Lotus Eater

About the Band

Lotus Eater is a Scottish metalcore band known for their aggressive sound, combining elements of hardcore, nu-metal, and djent. Their music is characterized by bone-crushing breakdowns, intense vocals, ⁣and cathartic lyrics. Lotus ‍Eater’s live performances are notorious for their electric energy and raw emotion.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

For fans of Loathe’s heavier and aggressive side,⁣ Lotus Eater’s brutal breakdowns and relentless energy will undoubtedly leave an impact.‍ They share a similar intensity and ⁣ability to​ convey raw emotion‌ through ​their music. Visit their website here.

Paragraph 2: Lotus Eater’s unrelenting aggression and commitment to connecting with‌ their audience on an emotional level remind me of the more ferocious moments in Loathe’s music. If you’re looking ⁢for a band that delivers an adrenaline-fueled sonic⁢ assault, Lotus Eater is an excellent choice.


Personally, for ‌me, discovering⁣ bands like Car Bomb, Sleep Token, ‌Vola, Employed to Serve, Rolo Tomassi, and ⁤Lotus ⁢Eater has been a rewarding and exciting‌ journey. From my research and experience, ⁤I found that these⁢ bands ‍share similarities with Loathe​ while⁣ bringing their own unique flavors to the table. Whether you’re drawn to Loathe’s experimental edge, their balance between aggression and beauty, ​or their heavy-hitting sound, these six bands offer a fresh and captivating listening experience. Check out their ⁣music and websites to delve further into their sonic landscapes.

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