6 Bands Like Linkin Park

6 Bands Like Linkin Park


Linkin Park, the iconic American⁣ rock band, has ⁤captured the hearts of millions with their unique fusion of alternative rock and⁣ nu-metal. If you are a fan of their music, you may ⁢be on the lookout for similar bands to add to your playlist. Personally for me, ⁤I believe that discovering new artists with a similar sound can ⁣be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, I will share ⁤six bands that, in my opinion, bear⁢ a resemblance to Linkin​ Park’s musical style and energy.

Intro Paragraph 2: While no band can ​replicate the distinct sound of Linkin Park, these six bands offer their own take on rock music, combining elements of alternative, nu-metal,‌ and other​ genres to ‌create an intense and captivating listening experience.

Band 1: Bring Me ⁤The Horizon

About ‍the Band

Bring Me The Horizon is a British rock band known ⁢for their versatility and genre-blending sound. They have transitioned from metalcore roots to a more melodic ⁢and experimental approach. You‌ can explore their music and learn more about the​ band on their official website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁢ Points

Just like Linkin Park, ​Bring Me The Horizon brings emotional lyrics ‍and raw energy into their music. Their fusion of heavy ‌guitar riffs, electronic elements, and soaring melodies result in a captivating sound. In my experience, fans of Linkin Park’s heavier⁤ side may find ​Bring Me The Horizon’s earlier albums, such as‍ “Sempiternal,” to be particularly appealing.

Band 2: Three Days Grace

About the Band

Three ⁣Days Grace is a Canadian rock band ⁤that has gained widespread recognition for their powerful and introspective ‌lyrics. With over two decades of experience, they have honed their sound, which often incorporates elements of alternative and post-grunge. You​ can find out more about the band on their official ‍website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Three Days ​Grace shares a⁣ similar passion for crafting emotionally-charged rock anthems. Their music combines catchy melodies with hard-hitting guitar ​riffs, creating a ‌balance between aggression and vulnerability.‍ In my opinion, fans of Linkin Park’s introspective and cathartic songs may resonate with ‌Three Days ‍Grace’s hits like “I Hate Everything About You” and “Animal I Have ⁤Become.”

Band 3: Breaking Benjamin

About the Band

Breaking⁣ Benjamin is an American rock band with a strong emphasis⁣ on melodic hooks and powerful vocals. The band’s sound revolves⁣ around a‌ blend of alternative and post-grunge elements, drawing influences from various genres. Discover more about Breaking Benjamin on⁤ their official website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁣Points

Breaking‌ Benjamin shares‍ a ⁢knack ​for delivering emotionally-charged ⁤and anthemic rock songs. Their music features powerful vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and introspective lyrics that create a captivating atmosphere. ⁢In my research, I ⁤have found that fans of Linkin Park’s heavier ​tracks may appreciate Breaking Benjamin’s songs like “The⁤ Diary of Jane” and​ “Breath.”

Band 4: Skillet

About the⁤ Band

Skillet is an ‍American Christian rock band known for​ their energetic performances and genre-blending style. Their music infuses elements of alternative rock, hard rock, and electronic music, resulting in a unique sound. To explore more about Skillet, visit their official website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Skillet combines catchy⁢ melodies, passionate lyrics, and a blend of electronic and rock elements to create their distinctive ⁣sound.⁣ Their music often carries uplifting and empowering messages, much like some of Linkin ‌Park’s motivational tracks. Fans of Linkin Park’s fusion of rock and electronic​ music ⁢may‍ find Skillet’s songs​ like “Monster” and “Feel Invincible” engaging and inspiring.

Band 5: Papa Roach

About⁢ the Band

Papa Roach is an American rock band known for their energetic performances and emotionally-charged lyrics. With a career spanning over two decades, they have stayed relevant by evolving their sound and ⁣incorporating various influences. Check ‍out more about Papa Roach on their official website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Papa Roach’s music combines catchy hooks, intense guitar‌ riffs, and emotionally-driven lyrics, creating a captivating​ blend of alternative rock and nu-metal elements. Some of their songs, like “Last Resort” and “Scars,” resonate with feelings of frustration and​ perseverance, reminiscent of Linkin‌ Park’s ‌early work. In my opinion, fans of Linkin Park’s more aggressive and rebellious⁤ side may find Papa Roach’s catalog appealing.

Band 6: Starset

About the Band

Starset ‍is an American rock band known for their concept-driven approach and atmospheric soundscapes. Their music weaves elements of alternative rock, electronic music, and symphonic elements to create a unique audiovisual experience. To learn ‍more about Starset, visit their official website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Starset’s ‌music ⁣combines elaborate storytelling, atmospheric soundscapes, and heavy guitar-driven sections, resulting in a captivating and cinematic experience. Their concept albums often explore themes of science fiction and existentialism, similar ‍to⁤ some of Linkin Park’s ​lyrical depth.‍ Fans‌ of Linkin Park’s atmospheric and introspective tracks may find Starset’s songs like “My Demons” and “Monster” intriguing and thought-provoking.


In my experience, exploring new bands that share similar qualities ⁤with beloved artists can be a thrilling journey. While‌ each of these six⁣ bands has their own unique sound and style, they all capture the essence of alternative⁣ rock, just like Linkin​ Park. From heavy ⁢guitar ⁤riffs to ​emotional ⁣lyrics, these bands offer a musical experience that resonates with those who appreciate both intensity and introspection. Personally for ⁤me, I⁢ encourage you to dive deeper into the discographies of these bands and discover the‍ gems that await you.

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