6 Bands Like Lightning Bolt

6 Bands Like Lightning Bolt


Personally, for me, Lightning Bolt is one ⁣of the most exhilarating and unique bands out there. Their explosive noise rock sound combined with their intense live performances make them a truly remarkable ‌duo. If you’re a fan of Lightning Bolt and looking for similar bands to dive into, I’ve compiled a​ list of six bands ⁢that you‌ might enjoy ‌as well. Keep​ in mind that⁤ each band has its own distinctive sound, but‌ they all‌ share aspects that are reminiscent of Lightning Bolt’s raw energy and raw⁢ power.

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we​ get started, I want ⁣to remind you that music taste is ​subjective, and what appeals to one person may not resonate with another. However, from my research and experience, ⁤these bands ⁣have caught my attention with their unique⁤ approaches to noise rock and experimental music.

Band 1: Lightning Bolt

About the Band

First and foremost, let’s‌ talk about the ‍band that inspired this list‍ – Lightning Bolt themselves. Formed in 1994, this duo from Providence,‌ Rhode ‍Island consists ⁣of⁤ drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson. Their music is characterized by loud, distorted basslines, frenzied drumming,⁢ and wild, distorted vocals. With a relentless punk energy and a knack for innovation, Lightning Bolt has become a⁤ revered name in the noise rock genre.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Lightning Bolt’s ‍influence can be heard⁣ in their counterparts such as:

  • Black Pus: Another project ​by Brian Chippendale, Black Pus channels ​a similar level of intensity and distortion, incorporating experimental elements.
  • Ufomammut: This Italian band delivers heavy, sludgy psychedelic metal with⁣ an experimental⁤ twist, much like Lightning Bolt’s fusion of noise and punk.

Paragraph 2: These bands⁤ embody a similar level of rawness and experimentation that fans of Lightning⁣ Bolt may ‌appreciate. They push the boundaries of their respective genres and ⁤embrace a DIY ethos, just as‍ Lightning Bolt has done throughout their career.

Band 2: Death Grips

About ⁢the Band

Moving ⁢on, Death Grips is an American experimental hip-hop group formed in⁢ 2010. Consisting of vocalist MC Ride, drummer Zach Hill, and keyboardist Andy Morin, Death Grips incorporates elements of punk, industrial, and electronic music ​into their sound. Their confrontational and‍ aggressive style, paired⁣ with unorthodox‍ song structures, sets them apart from traditional hip-hop acts.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Death Grips shares similarities with​ Lightning​ Bolt in terms of their powerful, in-your-face approach to music. The band’s blistering beats and intense vocals echo Lightning Bolt’s energy. Fans of Lightning Bolt might appreciate the⁤ chaotic and ​unconventional soundscapes that Death Grips creates.

Paragraph 2: Explore Death Grips’ discography and you’ll be met with a⁢ barrage of abrasive, yet strangely addictive tracks that challenge the listener’s comfort zone.

Band 3: Melt-Banana

About the Band

Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock‍ band known for their frenetic and fast-paced music. Combining punk,⁣ noise, and pop sensibilities, Melt-Banana creates a unique sonic experience. Lead vocalist Yasuko Onuki’s​ high-pitched, rapid-fire vocals layered over distorted guitars and frenzied drumming ⁢make for an‍ explosive listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Lightning Bolt,‍ Melt-Banana ‍delivers ⁤high-energy performances with an experimental twist. Their chaotic and‍ unpredictable sound, coupled with Lightning Bolt’s abrasive style, can resonate with fans seeking adrenaline-filled music.

Paragraph 2: Melt-Banana’s ability to seamlessly blend noise and punk elements while ‌incorporating catchy melodies showcases their ‍unique approach to music.

Band 4: METZ

About the Band

Formed in Toronto in 2008, METZ is a noise punk band consisting of Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies, and Chris Slorach.​ Their music is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, booming drums, and intense vocals. METZ marries raw aggression with catchy melodies, creating a visceral experience for listeners.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

METZ shares a similar ferocity and ⁤energy with Lightning Bolt, albeit with a‌ more structured approach. The band’s noisy, distorted guitar work‌ and pounding ⁢rhythms evoke a sense⁣ of urgency and catharsis, making them a compelling choice for fans of Lightning Bolt.

Paragraph 2: METZ offers a⁣ blend ⁤of raw punk energy and catchy hooks, delivering a sound that is both ⁢abrasive and engaging.

Band 5: Pissed Jeans

About the Band

Formed in Pennsylvania in 2004, ‍Pissed Jeans is a noise rock band that channels ⁣the raw power of punk. Their music‌ combines heavy, sludgy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, and a healthy dose of dark humor. Pissed Jeans’ gritty sound captures the frustration and disillusionment of⁣ everyday life.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

Pissed Jeans’ punk attitude and penchant for creating raw, visceral music align them with Lightning Bolt’s approach. Their confrontational lyrics ⁣and abrasive sound create a ​cathartic experience that resonates with fans seeking a similar intensity.

Paragraph​ 2: Pissed Jeans’ ⁣unapologetic and earnest approach serves as a reminder that⁣ music can be unfiltered and honest.

Band 6: The ⁣Locust

About the Band

Hailing from San Diego, The Locust is a highly experimental grindcore band known for their short, chaotic songs. Their music combines blistering guitar ⁤riffs, ⁤frenzied drumming, and harsh ⁤vocals, resulting in⁣ a sound that is both punishing ​and ⁤captivating.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

The Locust ⁤shares a similar intensity and disregard for conventions with Lightning Bolt. Their music is abrasive​ and relentless, reflecting a similar level of‌ chaos and energy.

Paragraph 2: The Locust’s short and explosive‍ songs, coupled with their commitment​ to pushing the boundaries of grindcore, make them a compelling choice for Lightning Bolt‌ fans.


In my opinion, the bands mentioned above,⁤ such as Black Pus, Ufomammut, Death Grips, Melt-Banana, METZ, Pissed Jeans, and⁤ The Locust, share certain similarities with Lightning Bolt in terms of their raw energy, experimental tendencies, or unique approaches to noise rock and punk music. Exploring these bands can broaden your music horizon⁢ and ⁢introduce you to ​new sounds that​ resonate with the‌ intensity and excitement Lightning Bolt brings. ⁤Click on the band names to check out their websites and dive into their discographies. Happy listening!

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