6 Bands Like Lana Del Rey

6 Bands Like Lana Del Rey


As a fan of Lana⁢ Del​ Rey, I have always appreciated her ‌unique blend of dreamy pop and‌ melancholic lyrics. Her music transports me to a different world every time I​ listen to it. ‍If you’re like me and enjoy⁣ Lana Del Rey’s style, you might be interested in discovering similar artists. In ⁣this article, I will personally recommend six ⁤bands that have a similar vibe to⁤ Lana ‌Del Rey.

Intro Paragraph 2: These artists embody a similar ethereal sound or lyrical themes that resonate with Lana Del Rey’s music. While​ they may have their own distinct styles, I believe these bands can provide you ‍with a captivating musical experience that shares similarities with Lana Del Rey’s ⁢work.

Band 1: Rhye

About the Band

Rhye is a Canadian music duo consisting⁢ of Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal. Their music combines⁢ elements of R&B, electronic, and soul, creating a mesmerizing and sensual⁣ atmosphere. Milosh’s soulful⁤ vocals and the ethereal production⁤ make Rhye an‍ enchanting musical experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Rhye, like Lana Del Rey, creates a dreamlike ambiance through their music. ‍Their songs are often introspective, exploring themes of love and⁤ longing. The ‍soothing and delicate melodies capture a sense ​of vulnerability, just like Lana Del Rey’s mellow sound. You can explore Rhye’s music on their official website.

Paragraph 2: Rhye’s album “Woman” is particularly ‍notable for its emotional depth and intimate lyrical ‍content. Tracks like “Open” ‌and “The Fall” showcase their ability to create a hauntingly beautiful sonic landscape, which fans of Lana Del Rey’s atmospheric music‌ will ‌surely appreciate.

Band 2: Beach House

About the Band

Beach House is an American dream ⁣pop duo formed by Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Their music is characterized by Legrand’s ethereal vocals, lush instrumentals, ‌and introspective lyrics. Beach House weaves together delicate melodies into a captivating sonic tapestry.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Beach House shares a ‌parallel atmosphere and aura with Lana ⁤Del Rey’s music. Their songs evoke a dreamy and nostalgic ⁤feeling, inviting listeners into a world of introspection. Both artists excel at crafting ethereal soundscapes that transport you to another realm. You can explore‌ Beach House’s music ⁣on their official website.

Paragraph ⁢2: Tracks such as “Space ‍Song” and “Myth” demonstrate Beach House’s ability to create a haunting yet enchanting musical experience. Their music, like Lana Del Rey’s, elicits emotions and ‍takes you on a journey through their atmospheric melodies.

Band 3: ‍The Neighbourhood

About the Band

The Neighbourhood is an American alternative rock band known for their​ atmospheric sound and brooding lyrics. Their music draws influences from‌ multiple genres, including indie rock, hip-hop, and R&B. The Neighbourhood’s dark‌ and introspective style offers a captivating listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Neighbourhood, much like Lana Del Rey, incorporates a moody and atmospheric sound into their music. Their songs often explore themes of love, heartache, and self-reflection. The band’s distinctive blend of rock and hip-hop influences creates‍ a unique sonic landscape‍ that fans of Lana Del Rey will enjoy. ‌You can explore The Neighbourhood’s music on⁣ their official website.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Sweater Weather” and “Daddy Issues” showcase The Neighbourhood’s ability to create a captivating blend of introspective lyrics and atmospheric instrumentals. Their ​music encapsulates a similar dark and mysterious essence found in Lana⁢ Del⁢ Rey’s discography.

Band 4:​ Cigarettes After Sex

About the ‍Band

Cigarettes After Sex is an ‍American ⁣ambient-pop band led by vocalist Greg‍ Gonzalez. Their music is characterized by hazy guitar melodies, soft​ vocals, and intimate lyrics. Cigarettes ‍After Sex creates an‌ intimate and soothing musical experience that lingers in your mind.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy Points

Cigarettes After Sex shares similarities with​ Lana Del Rey in‌ terms of their atmospheric sound and introspective lyrics. Both artists excel at creating a dreamlike ambiance and exploring⁣ themes of love, desire, ⁢and nostalgia. Cigarettes After‌ Sex’s music is perfect for⁤ those seeking a mellow and immersive experience. You can explore Cigarettes After Sex’s music on their official website.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “K.” and “Apocalypse” showcase Cigarettes After Sex’s⁢ ability to transport listeners into⁣ an⁢ intimate and introspective world. Their atmospheric soundscapes and Greg Gonzalez’s soothing​ vocals evoke a similar ethereal quality found in Lana Del⁢ Rey’s music.

Band 5:‌ Florence + The Machine

About‍ the Band

Florence + The Machine is a British indie rock band led by⁢ vocalist Florence Welch. Known for their powerful vocals and dynamic instrumentals,⁣ they create a grand and ethereal sound that captivates listeners. Their music blends elements of rock, pop, and baroque pop.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‍Points

Florence + The Machine shares‍ a similar grandeur and emotive power with Lana Del Rey’s music. Both artists have a talent for delivering captivating vocal‍ performances and incorporating orchestral elements into their sound. Florence Welch’s⁢ emotive⁢ lyrics and powerful voice resonate with fans of Lana Del⁣ Rey. You can explore Florence + The Machine’s music on their official website.

Paragraph 2: ‍ Tracks ⁢like “Dog Days Are Over”‍ and “Shake It Out” ​showcase Florence + The Machine’s ability to create anthemic and emotionally charged music. Their blend of haunting lyrics and powerful vocals mirrors the captivating essence found in Lana Del Rey’s ‍discography.

Band 6: Lorde

About the Band

Lorde‍ is a New Zealand singer-songwriter known for ‌her ‍introspective and alternative pop music. Her music often explores‌ themes of youth, identity,⁢ and societal critique. Lorde’s distinctive voice and ⁢poetic lyrics create a unique and captivating​ listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Lorde, like Lana Del Rey, possesses a unique ability to craft introspective narratives‌ through‌ her music. Both artists have a talent for exploring‍ complex emotions‍ and societal themes. Lorde’s alternative pop sound, coupled with ​her thought-provoking lyrics, will ⁣appeal to fans of Lana Del Rey.⁤ You can explore Lorde’s music on her official website.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Royals” and “Team” showcase⁢ Lorde’s ability to tell compelling stories through her music. Her poetic lyrics and distinctive style‌ resonate ⁣with listeners, creating a musical experience ⁢akin to Lana Del‌ Rey’s introspective and captivating sound.


Personally, for me, these six bands mentioned share a captivating musical experience that resonates with Lana Del Rey’s unique style. From my research and experience, I believe ‌fans of Lana Del Rey will ⁤enjoy exploring the music of Rhye, Beach House, The Neighbourhood, Cigarettes After Sex, Florence + The Machine, and Lorde. Each band offers their own distinct ⁤sound ⁢while incorporating similar ethereal elements or lyrical themes that make Lana Del Rey’s music ⁢so enchanting. ⁤So, if you’re yearning for more music that ⁤captures the dreamy and introspective essence⁤ of Lana Del‌ Rey, give these bands a try.

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