6 Bands Like Issues

6 Bands Like Issues


As a fan of the band Issues, I have always been on the lookout for similar artists with their unique blend of metalcore, R&B,⁤ and electronic‌ elements. Personally, ​for me, discovering new bands with a similar sound‌ is‍ always exciting. In my ⁢opinion, exploring different bands ⁤allows us to broaden our musical⁣ horizons and find new favorites. From my⁢ research and experience, I have come across six bands that share some similarities with Issues and are worth checking out.

Intro Paragraph 2: These bands not only‌ incorporate similar musical elements but also⁤ bring their‍ own ⁤unique flavor to the genre. So, if you are a ​fan of Issues ​or ‍simply looking for some new music, these bands ⁢might just⁣ be what you’ve been searching for!

Band 1: Palisades

About‌ the‍ Band

Palisades‌ is a New Jersey-based band ⁣known ​for⁣ their fusion of post-hardcore, electronic, ​and alternative⁤ rock elements. With catchy melodies, heavy ‌breakdowns, and electronic-infused ⁤beats, they deliver ⁤a ‌sound that resonates with‌ fans of Issues.

Similarity and ⁣Noteworthy Points

Both ​Issues and Palisades share a​ knack for ⁢combining heavy breakdowns with infectious melodies. The seamless integration ⁣of electronic elements in their music enhances the overall listening experience. Fans of ⁢Issues would‌ appreciate Palisades’ energetic live performances and their ability ​to create anthemic tracks.

Paragraph 2: ​ If you want to​ explore‌ more ‌of Palisades’ music, you ⁢can⁢ visit their official website.

Band 2: I See⁢ Stars

About the Band

Hailing from Michigan,⁣ I See ⁤Stars​ is a band that beautifully blends metalcore, electronic dance music, and pop-rock ⁣elements. Their music seamlessly combines ‌heavy verses, catchy choruses, and electronic breakdowns, attracting fans from various genres.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

I See Stars and Issues share a love for incorporating ⁢electronic elements into their music to‍ create a unique sound. Both bands experiment ​with‍ clean⁣ R&B-inspired vocals alongside ⁢intense screams, bridging gaps between various genres. Fans ⁣of Issues will appreciate I See Stars’ catchy hooks and ⁣high-energy performances.

Paragraph 2: ​ To find out more about I See Stars and listen to their music, you ‌can⁢ visit their official ⁢website.

Band 3: Woe, Is Me

About the Band

Woe, Is Me was a metalcore band⁢ from Atlanta,⁣ Georgia. They ​were known ⁢for their heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and utilization of both⁢ clean and unclean vocals. Although‍ the band is no longer ‍active, their music ‍still remains popular ⁣among fans of the genre.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Woe, Is‍ Me shares similarities with Issues in their ability to combine soaring melodies with aggressive ‍breakdowns ‍seamlessly. Both bands also experiment with‌ elements of modern R&B, adding‌ a distinct flavor ⁢to‌ their metalcore sound. Fans of Issues would appreciate Woe, Is Me’s emotionally-driven music and powerful vocal ‌performances.

Paragraph 2: If you want to ‌explore more of Woe,​ Is Me’s discography, ⁤you can⁣ find their music on various streaming platforms.

Band 4: Issues & Justin Stone

About the Band

While this isn’t an entirely different band, it is⁤ worth mentioning that Issues collaborated ⁢with independent hip-hop artist Justin Stone‌ for their acoustic version of “Flexin.” This collaboration showcases‌ how Issues’⁢ music ​can seamlessly blend with hip-hop elements, providing a refreshing take on their sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

By ⁣incorporating ‍hip-hop elements, Issues ‌and Justin Stone demonstrate how diverse genres ‍can come together harmoniously. This collaboration⁢ showcases the‍ flexibility of Issues’ sound and their‍ willingness to experiment with different styles. Fans ‌of Issues looking for a unique twist ⁢on their music should definitely ⁤check ​out their collaboration with Justin Stone.

Paragraph 2: You can listen ‍to “Flexin” ‌by Issues and Justin Stone‍ on various streaming platforms.

Band 5: Our​ Last Night

About the Band

Our Last‍ Night is a post-hardcore band⁣ from New Hampshire known for their melodic⁣ hooks, intense breakdowns, and powerful⁣ vocal performances. Their music blends​ heavy elements ⁣with ⁢infectious melodies and showcases their ability to ‌create emotionally charged anthems.

Similarity‌ and Noteworthy Points

Our Last Night and Issues both have a talent for crafting melodic hooks‍ that captivate listeners. While Our ​Last Night leans more towards the post-hardcore ​side,⁣ their music still shares common⁣ ground with Issues in ‍terms of blending heavy and melodic ⁢elements. Fans of Issues would appreciate Our Last Night’s high-energy performances and the emotional depth of their music.

Paragraph 2: To explore more⁣ of Our Last Night’s music, you can visit their official website.

Band 6: Dayseeker

About the Band

Dayseeker is a post-hardcore band from California known for their emotionally⁢ charged lyrics, atmospheric soundscapes, and powerful vocal performances. Their music combines heavy instrumentation with ‍introspective and​ introspective⁢ themes, ‌creating a ⁢captivating listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Dayseeker shares similarities with Issues in ‌their ability to create emotionally poignant‌ music that resonates with listeners. Both bands excel at blending heavy and⁢ melodic‍ elements, resulting in ​a unique and captivating sound. Fans of Issues would appreciate ‍Dayseeker’s emotional depth and introspective lyrics.

Paragraph 2: To⁢ discover more of ⁣Dayseeker’s music, you can visit their official website.


From ‍my research and experience, the six bands mentioned above – ​Palisades, I See Stars, Woe, Is Me, Issues & Justin Stone, Our Last Night, and Dayseeker – offer a similar musical experience to‍ Issues while bringing their own unique touch‍ to the genre. Personally, for me,‍ exploring⁤ new bands that share similarities with my favorite ‌artists is always rewarding. So, if you are ​a ⁤fan of Issues or⁢ simply looking to broaden your musical horizons, ‌I highly‍ recommend‌ giving these bands a ‌listen. Who ‌knows, you might just discover your new⁢ favorite band in the process!

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