6 Bands Like I Prevail

6 Bands Like I Prevail


Personally, for me, I Prevail is one of ‌my favorite ​rock bands, and their unique blend of aggressive rock and infectious hooks always gets​ me pumped ⁢up. If you’re​ a fan of I ‍Prevail and looking for similar ‌bands ⁢to expand your playlist, you’re ​in luck! From my research, I’ve discovered six ‌bands ⁢that ⁤share a similar ⁤style​ and ​energy to I Prevail. Check them out below!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before ‌we dive into the list, I want to emphasize that‍ these ​bands may⁣ have their own distinct ⁢sound and style, but they ⁢deliver the ‌same ⁤intensity and emotional ⁣depth that has made I Prevail so popular. If you’re looking to find ⁤new music that hits hard while still maintaining⁣ a melodic edge, ‍these bands are worth⁢ exploring!

Band 1: Beartooth

About the Band

Beartooth is a metalcore ​band‌ hailing from‌ Ohio. Led ‌by the powerful vocals‌ of Caleb Shomo,⁤ the band’s impactful lyrics and ​energetic‌ performances have⁣ gained them a dedicated fanbase. Their ⁤music⁢ seamlessly combines heavy breakdowns,‍ catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Beartooth shares a similar⁣ intensity with ⁤I Prevail in ‌their music. They both blend aggressive instrumentation with powerful ⁣vocal deliveries. Beartooth’s tracks like “In ⁣Between” ​and ‍”Disease” are great examples of ⁣their ‍ability ⁢to capture raw ‍emotions through ⁤their music. Give them a listen here.

Paragraph 2: When listening‍ to‌ I Prevail and Beartooth, you’ll notice ⁤the ‍strong connection between high-energy instrumentals and emotionally charged lyrics. Both bands excel ⁣at creating a captivating ⁤and cathartic listening experience.

Band 2: Asking Alexandria

About the Band

Asking ‍Alexandria⁤ is a British rock band ⁣known for ⁢their combination of metalcore, post-hardcore, and electronic elements. With​ their anthemic choruses and heavy guitar riffs, ⁤they have become a staple in the rock scene. Vocalist Danny Worsnop’s versatile‌ voice ⁢brings‍ an extra ‌layer of depth to their music.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points

Like I Prevail,​ Asking Alexandria has⁢ crafted a unique sound by​ seamlessly blending heavy instrumentation with catchy hooks.⁣ Their songs, such​ as “Into The Fire” and “The Violence,” ⁢convey⁤ a similar⁢ energy ⁤and ‍a powerful, melodic punch. Explore ⁢their music here.

Paragraph ​2: Both I⁣ Prevail and Asking ⁣Alexandria know how to create a memorable and impactful listening‍ experience.⁤ Each​ band has their own distinct flavor while still⁤ delivering heavy-hitting tracks​ with infectious melodies.

Band‍ 3: Crown⁤ the Empire

About the Band

Crown the Empire is a ​post-hardcore band⁤ from Texas. The band’s songs‍ often feature a⁣ blend of clean and harsh ‌vocals, with influences from metalcore and electronic music. Their music showcases an epic and‌ cinematic sound, accompanied by⁤ lyrics that explore ⁢themes of personal struggle and overcoming adversity.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

One ⁣similarity​ between ​I Prevail and ​Crown⁣ the Empire lies in their ability to combine aggressive instrumentals with melodic⁢ hooks. Crown the Empire’s tracks like “Memories of a Broken Heart” and⁣ “Machines” display a balance between ​heavy breakdowns and soaring melodies. ⁤Explore their music here.

Paragraph 2: Both​ bands⁤ excel at creating an emotional impact through their lyrics and instrumentation. ‌The ⁢combination of aggressive ⁢energy and catchy melodies makes ​Crown the Empire a ‍band ⁢worth checking out for fans of I Prevail.

Band 4: Palisades

About the Band

Palisades is a rock band originating from New Jersey. Known for ​their fusion of rock, electronic, and‌ post-hardcore elements, they offer a unique‌ blend ⁣of heavy sounds and infectious⁢ hooks. Their music often​ explores personal⁤ struggles, relationships, and empowerment.

Similarity‍ and⁢ Noteworthy⁤ Points

Palisades exhibits a ​similar dynamic as I Prevail, incorporating elements of​ rock and electronic⁢ music with a heavy edge. Their tracks like “Erase the ⁣Pain” and “Fall”⁣ demonstrate their ability⁢ to⁢ combine aggressive verses with incredibly catchy choruses. Discover their music here.

Paragraph 2: Both I Prevail and Palisades excel in crafting songs that resonates with listeners. The⁣ fusion of heavy instrumentals, electronic‌ elements, and captivating vocals showcase the ‍band’s ability ‍to create memorable music that hits hard.

Band 5: The Amity Affliction

About the Band

The Amity Affliction is an Australian metalcore band that⁣ incorporates elements of ‌melodic‌ and alternative rock into‍ their sound. With their intense​ lyrics focusing ⁣on personal struggles and mental ‍health, ‌they deliver music that is both heavy and emotionally charged.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Amity Affliction shares the same intensity ‌and emotional ‍depth as I Prevail in⁤ their ⁤music. ⁣Their songs like “Pittsburgh”‍ and “All Fucked Up” showcase heavy breakdowns and soaring choruses that resonate‍ with listeners on an emotional level. Check out​ their music ⁢ here.

Paragraph 2: Both bands explore similar themes of personal ‌struggles and emotional ⁤turmoil, crafting music that allows listeners‌ to connect with their own experiences. The Amity Affliction⁤ is a great choice for those who enjoy the emotional intensity ‍of‌ I Prevail.

Band 6: ⁢Hands‌ Like Houses

About the ​Band

Hands Like Houses ⁢is an ⁢Australian rock‌ band known⁤ for their blend of​ alternative rock, post-hardcore, and electronic elements. The ‌band’s music combines intricate instrumentals with melodic hooks, showcasing a balance between aggression and vulnerability.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Hands Like‌ Houses shares a similar balance of​ aggression and vulnerability with I ‍Prevail. ​Their tracks like “New Romantics”​ and “I Am” demonstrate⁤ their ability to seamlessly fuse heavy instrumentation with contagious melodies. Discover their music‍ here.

Paragraph 2: Both bands ‍possess a⁤ knack for blending ‍heavy instrumentals with melodic hooks, resulting in‍ an addictive sound that stays with ⁤you. Hands Like ​Houses is worth exploring ‌if ​you appreciate the combination of⁣ aggression and vulnerability found⁣ in ⁤I Prevail’s music.


In my opinion, these six bands are great alternatives if you’re⁤ a fan‍ of I Prevail ⁤and want to expand your musical horizons. ​Each band brings their own unique approach, but ⁣they ⁣all share the intensity and emotional⁤ depth that ‌makes I Prevail’s music so captivating. From⁢ my ⁤experience, exploring these bands has led⁤ to an even deeper appreciation for the genre. So, give them a listen, and ⁤who knows, you might‍ discover⁢ your new favorite band! Rock on!

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