6 Bands Like Grouplove

6 Bands Like Grouplove


As ‍a fan ‍of⁣ Grouplove, I personally enjoy their energetic and catchy indie pop-rock sound. If you’re looking for more bands that share a similar vibe, I’ve got you covered! In my opinion,⁤ these six bands offer a similar upbeat and infectious sound that can get you dancing and singing ‍along. Check them out and discover some new music to add to your playlist!

Intro⁤ Paragraph 2: Grouplove is known for ⁣their dynamic harmonies, catchy hooks, ‌and feel-good lyrics. Their live⁢ performances are energetic and engaging, making them a must-see band for music lovers. Now, let’s dive into some other bands that capture that same infectious spirit!

Band 1: Young ‌the Giant

About the Band

You’re probably familiar with Young ⁣the Giant, an American indie rock‌ band that ⁢gained recognition with their hit songs like “Cough⁣ Syrup” and ⁣”My Body.” They have a unique sound that combines ‌alternative rock⁢ with catchy pop melodies. You‍ can visit⁣ their website to learn more about​ them.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

Young⁤ the Giant, like Grouplove, has a knack for creating infectious melodies⁣ and catchy hooks. ⁤Their ⁤music ⁢is filled with vibrant energy and anthemic choruses that will ​get you​ dancing. Both bands also excel in delivering high-energy live performances ‍that make their concerts a memorable experience.

Paragraph 2: Young the Giant’s lead singer ⁢Sameer​ Gadhia‌ has a charismatic​ and⁤ powerful voice similar to Grouplove’s Christian Zucconi. If you enjoy Grouplove’s harmonies and impactful⁣ lyrics, Young the Giant will definitely capture your attention.

Band 2: ⁣The Mowgli’s

About ‌the Band

The Mowgli’s are an American alternative ‍rock‍ band‌ known for ⁢their upbeat and positive songs. With ​tracks like “San Francisco” and “I’m⁤ Good,” they create an ⁣atmosphere of​ joy and unity. Discover more about them on‍ their website.

Similarity⁣ and ‍Noteworthy Points

Just like Grouplove, The⁢ Mowgli’s infuse​ their music ​with infectious happiness‍ and catchy melodies. Their lyrics ⁤often focus on themes⁤ of love, acceptance, and spreading positivity. If ‍you enjoy the feel-good vibes of Grouplove, The Mowgli’s will surely brighten your day.

Paragraph ⁢2: The⁣ Mowgli’s also incorporate elements of folk and pop ⁢into ⁤their sound, creating a unique blend that will make you ​want to sing, dance, and embrace the joyous spirit of their music.

Band 3: Walk the Moon

About the Band

Walk the Moon is ⁣an American pop rock band ‌known for ⁢their catchy hooks​ and infectious energy. Their breakout hit, “Shut Up‌ and Dance,” became ​an anthem for the⁣ dancefloor. Explore more about ​them on their ⁣ website.

Similarity and​ Noteworthy ⁢Points

Walk the Moon⁢ shares ​a similar upbeat and lively sound with Grouplove. Their songs are filled with irresistible pop ‍hooks and energetic rhythms that will instantly get you moving. Like Grouplove, they also have a knack for ​crafting feel-good anthems that are perfect for singing along to.

Paragraph 2: Walk the Moon’s ⁢lead singer Nicholas Petricca possesses a charismatic stage ​presence that will remind you of Grouplove’s dynamic performances. If you’re a fan of Grouplove’s infectious​ pop-rock style, Walk the Moon⁣ will be right up your alley.

Band 4: COIN

About the Band

COIN is an American indie⁤ pop band known for their synth-driven sound and⁢ catchy ​melodies. Their⁤ songs​ like “Talk Too Much” and‌ “Crash My Car” ⁢are infectious and instantly recognizable. Find out more about them on their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

COIN’s music captures a ‍similar indie pop ⁤energy as Grouplove. Their catchy hooks, upbeat rhythms, and polished productions⁣ make them a perfect ‌choice for fans of Grouplove’s infectious sound. ⁢Additionally, both​ bands have‍ a talent ⁢for crafting anthemic choruses ​that will have you singing along in no time.

Paragraph 2: COIN stands out with their ability to merge modern pop elements with indie rock‍ sensibilities. If you’re looking for more music that combines infectious pop melodies with an indie edge, COIN is definitely a⁢ band⁣ worth checking out.

Band 5: Fitz ​and The Tantrums

About the Band

Fitz and The Tantrums are an American indie pop and⁣ neo soul band⁤ known⁣ for their energetic‍ and soulful sound. Hits like “HandClap” and “Out‍ of My League” have dominated the airwaves. Learn‌ more about them on their website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Fitz and‌ The Tantrums share a similar high-energy and infectious quality with‌ Grouplove. Their blend of indie ​pop, soul, and funk ⁤creates a unique sound that stands ⁢out. ​If you enjoy Grouplove’s ‌fun and lively music, Fitz and The‍ Tantrums will satisfy your⁣ craving for upbeat and ⁢danceable ‌tunes.

Paragraph 2: Fitz and The Tantrums’ ⁤lead singers, Michael ⁢Fitzpatrick and​ Noelle⁣ Scaggs, provide ⁤dynamic vocal performances that add a soulful touch to their songs. Their lively stage⁤ presence and engaging live shows mirror what Grouplove ‌brings to their own performances.

Band‍ 6: Saint Motel

About the Band

Saint Motel is an American indie pop band ​known for ‍their infectious hooks,⁢ catchy melodies,⁣ and theatrical performances. Their songs like “My Type” and “Move” will get you grooving.‌ Check out their website for more information.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Saint Motel captures the same upbeat and‌ lively spirit​ as Grouplove through their‍ infectious⁣ pop hooks and dance-inducing rhythms. Their music often exudes a retro-tinged vibe with a modern twist. If you enjoy Grouplove’s energetic⁢ and ⁢catchy tunes, Saint Motel will keep you ⁤entertained.

Paragraph 2: Saint Motel is known for their‍ extravagant live performances, with catchy choreography and theatrical elements. If you’re a⁢ fan of Grouplove’s dynamic stage presence, Saint Motel’s shows will definitely leave you mesmerized.


From my research and ⁣experience, these six bands ‍provide a ⁤similar joyful⁣ and infectious sound that reminds me of Grouplove. Whether​ you’re⁤ a fan of catchy indie pop-rock or simply looking for some new music to groove to, exploring these artists will surely add some vibrant energy to your playlist. Personally,⁢ for me, discovering new bands that capture the spirit ⁣of Grouplove has been a delightful journey. So,⁤ click on the provided links and ‍embark on⁤ your own⁢ musical adventure!

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