6 Bands Like Glass Animals

6 Bands Like Glass Animals


As a fan of⁢ Glass Animals, I have always been on the⁢ lookout for similar bands that capture the unique vibe and ⁢sound that this English indie rock​ group brings.⁤ Through my ‌research and personal experience, I have discovered six bands that ⁣share similarities with Glass Animals, ⁤ranging from their musical ​style to their distinctive lyrics. If ‍you’re a fan of Glass Animals or ⁣simply looking for new music⁤ to explore, these bands are⁢ definitely worth checking out!

Intro Paragraph‍ 2: Glass Animals‌ is known for their eclectic blend of indie⁤ rock, electronic, ‍and psychedelic ​sound, combined with introspective and thought-provoking lyrics. They have created a distinct musical style that sets them⁢ apart. Now, let’s dive into some bands ‌that share similarities with Glass Animals and may just‍ become‍ your new favorites.

Band ‍1: ⁤Tame Impala

About ‍the Band

Tame Impala​ is an Australian psychedelic music project led by Kevin Parker. Their​ music embraces dreamy melodies, synths, and deep basslines that create a captivating atmosphere.⁢ With ‍lyrics that reflect introspection and emotional depth, Tame Impala’s music resonates⁢ with many ⁣Glass Animals fans. ‌Explore more about Tame ​Impala on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Tame​ Impala and Glass Animals share a similar psychedelic sound that immerses listeners⁤ in a ⁢surreal musical journey. Both bands‍ experiment with⁣ evolving textures, intricate‌ production, and introspective ⁤lyrics that delve into personal experiences. If ⁣you enjoy Glass‌ Animals’ introspective⁢ lyricism and their ability to create a dreamlike​ ambiance, Tame Impala’s discography is a must-listen.

Paragraph 2: Tame Impala’s albums like “Currents” ‌and “Lonerism” capture a similar sonic landscape⁢ as Glass Animals, combining rich instrumentals with introspective storytelling. Their tracks “Let ‍It Happen” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” are great starting points to immerse yourself in Tame Impala’s​ musical world.

Band 2: ‍Alt-J

About the Band

Alt-J is an English indie rock band known for their distinctive sound that combines intricate melodies, lush harmonies, and unique vocal stylings. Their music often explores unconventional ⁢themes, capturing the attention of⁣ listeners seeking something different. Check out Alt-J’s official website for more information.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

Alt-J and Glass Animals share a similar experimental approach to music, blending various genres to create a captivating listening experience. Both bands ‍infuse‍ their songs with intricate instrumentals, creative song structures, and thought-provoking lyrics.⁢ If you appreciate Glass Animals’ innovative soundscapes and poetic storytelling, Alt-J​ will‍ surely captivate ‌your musical taste.

Paragraph 2: Alt-J’s tracks like “Breezeblocks” and “Taro” showcase their unique musical style that resonates with fans ​of Glass Animals. Their​ inventive use of instrumentation and haunting‍ melodies ‍parallels Glass ‌Animals’ artistry,‍ making Alt-J a fantastic band to⁣ explore.

Band 3: Jungle

About​ the Band

Jungle is a modern soul musical collective formed in London. Their music​ combines​ elements of funk, neo-soul, and electronic soundscapes, resulting in incredibly catchy and energetic tracks. To learn more about Jungle, visit their ​ official website.

Similarity ⁢and Noteworthy Points

Jungle shares similarities with Glass Animals in their ability to create infectious grooves and memorable hooks. Both bands excel in blending electronic elements ‌seamlessly with organic instrumentation, resulting in a unique and vibrant sound. If you ⁤enjoy Glass Animals’ ability to make you dance and their infectious energy, ‌Jungle is a band you​ shouldn’t miss.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “Busy Earnin'” and “Happy Man” showcase Jungle’s groovy and soulful sound,⁣ akin to Glass ‌Animals’ ability to create tracks that make ⁢you move. With their infectious rhythms and captivating vocals, Jungle is ⁤sure to become one⁣ of your go-to ‌bands.

Band 4: ⁢The Neighbourhood

About the ​Band

The Neighbourhood is an American⁤ alternative rock band known for their dark and moody musical ‌style. Their⁤ music often‍ explores themes of urban life, relationships, and⁤ introspection, creating ​a ⁤captivating blend of atmospheric ⁢soundscapes and introspective lyrics. Visit The⁤ Neighbourhood’s official website to learn more.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy ⁢Points

The Neighbourhood and Glass Animals share a similar atmospheric and ​introspective approach to their music. Both bands explore the complexities of modern life and relationships, painting vivid sonic landscapes with their distinctive sound. If you ⁤appreciate⁢ Glass Animals’ melancholic undertones and introspective exploration, The Neighbourhood is ⁤a band that shouldn’t be missed.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Sweater‌ Weather” and “R.I.P.‍ 2 My Youth”‍ showcase The Neighbourhood’s​ ability to‍ create atmospheric and ‌emotionally charged music that resonates⁣ with Glass Animals fans. Their ⁤distinct sound and captivating ⁢lyrics make The Neighbourhood a worthy addition​ to your playlist.

Band ⁢5:‍ Milky Chance

About the Band

Milky Chance ‍is a German folktronica duo known ⁤for their infectious ⁢blend of folk-inspired melodies and electronic beats. Their music often combines ⁣acoustic guitar, catchy hooks, and introspective lyrics, creating‍ a warm and inviting sonic experience.⁤ Explore Milky Chance​ further on their official website.

Similarity ‍and Noteworthy Points

Milky Chance ⁤and Glass Animals share a similar ability ⁣to blend acoustic elements with electronic flourishes, resulting in an irresistible fusion ⁢of genres. Both bands infuse⁢ their music with ‌introspective lyrics that explore personal​ experiences and​ emotions. If you enjoy‍ Glass Animals’ unique blend of​ acoustic⁣ warmth and electronic elements, Milky Chance will undoubtedly captivate ‍your musical senses.

Paragraph 2: “Stolen Dance” and “Cocoon” are excellent examples of Milky Chance’s enchanting sound ⁢that resonates ​with Glass Animals fans. Their ability to⁣ create catchy melodies and ‍infuse folk-inspired ‍elements into electronic music make Milky⁤ Chance a band ‍worth exploring.

Band ⁤6: Foster the People

About the Band

Foster the People is ⁣an American⁢ indie pop band known for ⁣their catchy melodies, energetic performances,‍ and socially conscious lyrics. Their⁤ music often​ combines infectious hooks, ⁣vibrant ⁣synths, and introspective storytelling. Visit Foster the People’s official website for more information.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Foster ​the People shares similarities ⁤with ⁤Glass ‌Animals in their⁤ ability to create upbeat and catchy indie-pop tracks that stick in your head. Both bands blend melodic hooks, unique⁤ instrumentation, and introspective⁣ lyrics, resulting in music that resonates with a wide audience. If you enjoy⁢ Glass Animals’ infectious and socially conscious approach to music, Foster⁢ the People is a band that should be on your radar.

Paragraph 2: Songs like “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Sit Next to Me” showcase‍ Foster the People’s knack for creating earworms that capture⁤ the⁣ essence of indie-pop, much​ like Glass Animals’ ability to create‍ tracks that ⁣get stuck‍ in your head. Foster the People’s energetic performances ​and catchy melodies make them an⁢ excellent addition to any ⁢playlist.


Personally, for me, these six bands have⁢ provided an immersive musical experience similar to Glass Animals. From⁤ my research and experience, I have found that Tame Impala, Alt-J, Jungle, The Neighbourhood, Milky ⁤Chance, and‍ Foster the People all share similarities with Glass Animals, ranging from their experimental soundscapes to their introspective lyrics. ⁤If you’re a fan of Glass Animals or simply‍ looking to expand your musical horizon,⁤ exploring⁣ these bands will​ certainly be worthwhile.

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