6 Bands Like From Ashes to New

6 Bands Like From Ashes to New


Personally⁢ for me, discovering new music is always an exciting venture. As a ⁢fan of⁤ From Ashes to New, I understand the desire to‍ find similar⁢ bands that capture the same energy and ⁢passion. In⁤ my opinion, exploring different‌ bands within the same genre can lead to ⁤amazing discoveries and broaden our musical horizons. From my research, I have compiled a list of 6 bands ⁤that, in my experience, share similarities with From Ashes‌ to New.⁢ So, let’s ⁢dive‌ in and explore these bands together.

Intro Paragraph 2: ‌From Ashes to New, with their‍ unique blend of ⁤rock, electronic, and rap, have created a distinct⁢ sound that⁤ resonates with many listeners. Their powerful⁣ lyrics and energetic performances ⁤have garnered them a dedicated fanbase. If you are a fan of their music, chances ‌are ⁤you will ‌enjoy these other bands as well.

Band 1: Linkin Park

About the Band

Linkin Park is a legendary American rock band known for their fusion of alternative rock, nu-metal, and electronic music. With hits like “In the End” and “Numb,”⁤ they have achieved⁣ global success and left a significant impact on the rock music scene. You can learn more about them on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Linkin Park, like From⁣ Ashes to New,⁣ seamlessly blends ⁢various ‌genres to create a unique ⁢sound. Both bands​ incorporate​ elements of ⁤rock, rap, and electronic music into their songs. They share intense and introspective lyrics, often exploring themes ‌of personal struggles, resilience, and self-discovery. Fans of ‍From ‌Ashes to New ‍will appreciate ⁢Linkin Park’s​ powerful music and emotional depth.

Paragraph 2: Linkin Park has also experimented with incorporating electronic elements, turning their songs into dynamic sonic experiences. They have⁤ been pioneers in ‍the fusion of different genres and have influenced many bands that ⁢followed⁢ their footsteps,⁣ including From Ashes to New.

Band 2:‌ Hollywood Undead

About the Band

Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles. With their energetic performances and infectious hooks, they ​have gained a loyal fanbase. Their music incorporates elements of rap, rock, and electronic music, making their sound reminiscent of bands like From Ashes to New. You can visit their official website to learn more about them.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Hollywood Undead shares a similar musical style with From Ashes to New, blending rap verses with ⁢catchy ​rock choruses. Both bands have a knack for⁢ creating anthemic and hard-hitting songs that resonate with⁢ listeners. Lyrically, they often explore themes of personal struggles, resilience, and empowerment. If you enjoy the energetic ​rap-infused rock sound of From Ashes to New, Hollywood Undead is worth checking out.

Paragraph 2: Another‍ similarity between the bands is their ability to deliver intense and captivating live⁢ performances. Both From Ashes to⁣ New and Hollywood Undead are known for their high-energy shows⁢ that leave a⁣ lasting ​impression on audiences.

Band 3: Nothing ​More

About the Band

Nothing More is an American rock band known for their innovative approach to rock music. Combining elements of alternative rock, metal, and progressive rock, they⁣ have carved out their own unique sound. You can find out more about them on their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

One‌ of the similarities between From Ashes⁢ to New and Nothing More is their willingness to experiment with different musical styles and techniques. Both⁣ bands ⁣infuse their songs⁤ with heavy riffs, electronic elements, and poignant lyrics. They ⁢share a passion for creating ‌music that is not confined to a single genre, resulting in a fresh and dynamic sound. Fans of From Ashes to New will appreciate the energy and creativity of Nothing More.

Paragraph 2: Another noteworthy point is their ability to address personal and emotional themes in their ‌songs, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level. Both bands create music that reflects the human experience⁣ and encourages​ self-reflection and personal growth.

Band 4:‍ Starset

About the Band

Starset is an American rock band ⁤known for their cinematic soundscapes ⁤and thought-provoking lyrics. Their ⁢music combines​ alternative rock, electronic, and symphonic elements to create a unique blend. You can explore‌ more about⁣ them on‌ their official website.

Similarity ⁤and Noteworthy Points

Starset shares similarities with From⁣ Ashes to New in‌ their use of electronic elements to enhance their music. Both bands ⁤create immersive and‍ atmospheric soundscapes that transport listeners into a different world. ⁤They ‍also delve into introspective and philosophical themes ​in ‍their lyrics, making their music more than just entertainment. If you enjoy From Ashes to New’s fusion of rock and electronic, Starset​ is worth a listen.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, both⁢ From ⁣Ashes to New ⁤and Starset‌ incorporate concept-driven storytelling in their albums, ‌adding an additional layer of⁣ depth and complexity to their music. Their ability to craft a cohesive narrative⁤ through ‌their songs is truly ‍commendable.

Band 5: I Prevail

About the Band

I​ Prevail is an American rock band known for their explosive live performances and hard-hitting music. Their sound combines elements of post-hardcore, alternative rock,​ and metal, creating an intense musical experience. To explore more about them, you can visit their official website.

Similarity and ⁤Noteworthy Points

I Prevail and From Ashes to New share a‍ similar intensity ‍and ​energy in their music. Both bands incorporate heavy guitar riffs, infectious melodies, ⁣and powerful vocals ‌into their songs. They also explore themes of personal struggles, resilience, and finding strength in difficult times. If you are ​a fan of From Ashes to‌ New’s ‍powerful and emotive music, I Prevail ⁢is a band you shouldn’t miss.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, both bands have​ gained popularity through their ⁢strong online presence, interacting closely with their fans and ​creating a sense of community. They have utilized ⁢social media platforms to connect with their audience and showcase their music, ⁣leading to a dedicated and engaged fanbase.

Band 6: Dangerkids

About the Band

Dangerkids is an American rock band known for their energetic ⁣blend of alternative rock, rap, and⁤ electronic music. With their high-energy performances and ‌infectious hooks, they have gained a devoted​ fanbase.‍ To learn more about Dangerkids, you⁣ can visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to From​ Ashes to ⁣New, Dangerkids skillfully combine rap verses, electronic elements, and heavy guitar riffs to create a unique sound. Both bands ​excel⁤ in writing catchy melodies and delivering catchy hooks that stay⁢ with ​listeners long after the song ends. Fans of From Ashes to New ⁢will find ⁤Dangerkids to be a perfect addition to⁢ their playlist.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, both bands infuse their music ​with a youthful energy and an undeniable sense of passion. ⁤Their songs‌ are anthems of empowerment and perseverance, inspiring listeners to overcome challenges and reach for their dreams.


From my research, I have discovered these 6 bands that share similarities with From‍ Ashes to New, both musically and thematically. While each band has its own unique sound and style, ⁢they ⁢all evoke the same sense of energy, passion,‌ and introspection that fans of From Ashes to New appreciate.‍ Exploring these bands can ​introduce⁤ you⁤ to new music that you might truly‍ enjoy. Personally for me, finding ⁣bands with similar traits to my favorites is always a thrilling ‌journey, and ⁢I hope ​it‌ is the same for you. So, click on​ the ‍links, open them in a new tab, and give these bands a listen. Who knows, you might find your⁤ next favorite band!

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