6 Bands Like Framing Hanley

6 Bands Like Framing Hanley


Personally ‍for me, Framing Hanley is a band‌ that​ holds a special place in my heart. Their alternative rock sound and powerful lyrics have resonated ​with me for‌ years. If you’re a fan of Framing Hanley like me and are looking for similar bands‌ to add to your playlist,‍ you’re in luck! In this article, I will introduce you to six bands that share similarities⁣ with Framing Hanley, ensuring you’ll⁢ have new music to enjoy. So, let’s dive in!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we begin, I want to remind you ⁣that music is subjective and personal tastes may vary. The⁢ bands‍ I mention here are based on ‍my research and experience, and while they may not be exact replicas of Framing Hanley, I believe they share‍ enough similarities ⁢to catch your ‌interest. Now, let’s get started!

Band 1: Starset

About the Band

Starset is an American rock band‍ formed in 2013. ​Known for their futuristic and atmospheric sound, Starset combines elements of rock,⁢ alternative, and electronic​ music. Their thought-provoking lyrics explore futuristic‍ themes and societal issues, creating a unique listening experience.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points

If ⁤you​ enjoy Framing Hanley’s emotionally charged lyrics and ‌blending⁣ of genres, ⁢you’ll likely appreciate Starset’s music. ⁤Both bands infuse powerful ‍vocals and melodic instrumentation, creating intense and atmospheric soundscapes. Starset’s stage presence and theatrical performances further enhance their unique style.

Visit Starset’s website for more information.

Band 2: Red Sun Rising

About the Band

Red Sun Rising is an American rock band that emerged in ‌2007. Their sound combines elements of ‌alternative rock, hard rock, and post-grunge. With catchy hooks, infectious ‌melodies, and introspective lyrics, Red Sun Rising has made a name for themselves in the rock music scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Red Sun Rising’s dynamic sound and emotional depth parallel Framing Hanley’s musical style. Both bands excel in delivering powerful vocals, memorable hooks, and introspective lyrics. Red Sun Rising’s‍ ability to balance heavy rock elements with melodic harmonies ‍echoes the versatility often found in Framing Hanley’s music.

Visit Red Sun Rising’s website for more information.

Band 3: Devour the ​Day

About the Band

Devour⁣ the Day is an ‍American⁣ rock band formed in 2012. Combining elements of alternative⁤ metal, hard‌ rock, and post-grunge, Devour the Day ‌delivers a potent and energetic sound. Their music explores themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and overcoming‍ obstacles.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re drawn to Framing Hanley’s heavier musical elements and introspective lyrics, Devour the Day is a band worth exploring. Both bands share a raw and emotional approach to their music, with powerful vocals and hard-hitting ⁤instrumentals. Devour the Day’s ​ability to infuse​ catchy melodies into their intense sound mirrors Framing Hanley’s strengths.

Visit Devour the Day’s website for more information.

Band 4: The Veer‌ Union

About the Band

The Veer Union is a Canadian ‌rock band that formed ⁤in​ 2004.‍ Their music is characterized by a blend of alternative rock, post-grunge, and modern rock elements. The Veer Union’s powerful melodies and relatable lyrics create an engaging listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Veer ⁤Union’s ability to deliver emotionally charged lyrics and memorable melodies aligns with Framing ⁢Hanley’s musical style. Both bands excel in creating catchy hooks and delivering anthemic​ choruses. The Veer Union’s blend of rock subgenres, much like⁢ Framing Hanley, keeps their music diverse ‍and engaging.

Visit The Veer Union’s website for⁤ more information.

Band 5: I Prevail

About the Band

I Prevail is an American rock band that formed in 2013. Their music combines elements of metalcore, alternative rock, and post-hardcore. I⁤ Prevail’s energetic sound, relatable lyrics, and dual vocal dynamic make them stand​ out in the rock music‌ scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If⁢ you appreciate Framing Hanley’s impassioned vocals⁢ and intense sound, you’ll find⁢ similarities with I Prevail. Both bands ‍share a knack ⁣for blending heavy instrumentation with melodic sensibilities. I Prevail’s ability to infuse catchy hooks ⁤and memorable choruses into their intense music mirrors Framing Hanley’s talent.

Visit I Prevail’s website for more information.

Band 6: Egypt Central

About the Band

Egypt ​Central was an American rock band that existed from 2001 to 2011. Their music combined alternative metal, ​hard rock, and post-grunge influences.‌ Egypt ⁣Central’s powerful vocals, heavy riffs, and deeply personal lyrics resonate with fans of emotionally charged rock.

Similarity and‌ Noteworthy Points

Egypt‍ Central’s ability to deliver raw emotion through their music aligns with Framing Hanley’s ⁢style. Both bands excel in creating intense atmospheres, with powerful vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals. Egypt Central’s⁣ thought-provoking lyrics and ability to connect ‍with ⁤listeners on ⁤an emotional ‌level make them a great addition to any Framing Hanley fan’s playlist.

Visit Egypt Central’s website for more information.


From​ my research and experience as a fan of Framing Hanley, these six bands – Starset, Red⁤ Sun​ Rising, Devour the Day, The Veer Union, I Prevail, and Egypt Central – share similarities that make them worth exploring for​ any lover of alt-rock music. While each band brings its unique sound and style, they all deliver powerful vocals, emotional lyrics, and melodic hooks that resonate with fans. So give them a listen, dive into their discographies, and see which bands capture your heart just‌ like Framing Hanley ⁣did ‌for me!

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