6 Bands Like Eskimo Cowboy

6 Bands Like Eskimo Cowboy


As a fan of Eskimo ⁣Cowboy,​ I always enjoy⁤ exploring new bands that share a ⁤similar style and energy. If you’re ​like me and ​looking to discover⁢ more music that matches the unique sound ‌of Eskimo ⁢Cowboy, then ‌you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll introduce you ‍to six​ bands that ‌have a similar vibe and are worth checking⁤ out. From my research and experience, these bands offer a ⁣blend of heavy, catchy music and lively performances that will surely⁣ get you hooked. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we begin, I want to mention that ⁤all the bands mentioned below have their own distinct sound⁤ and style. While they may share similarities with Eskimo Cowboy, they‍ also bring their own unique flair to the⁢ table. So, be sure to ⁤listen with ⁣an open ​mind and embrace the diversity ‍of these​ amazing bands.

Band 1: Hollywood Undead

About the Band

Hollywood Undead is an American rap-rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Known ​for their infectious energy and genre-blurring ‌sound, they‌ seamlessly blend elements of rap, rock, and metal. The band’s intense and catchy⁢ tracks are often characterized by aggressive lyrics, anthemic choruses, and electrifying live performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What makes Hollywood Undead⁤ comparable to‌ Eskimo Cowboy is ‍their ability to merge heavy⁢ riffs, aggressive vocals, and infectious melodies. Both bands deliver lyrics with a touch of dark humor and have a knack for creating catchy hooks that get stuck in your head. If you’re a fan of Eskimo Cowboy’s dynamic​ and energetic style, Hollywood Undead is definitely worth a listen.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, Hollywood Undead’s music often explores themes ⁢of rebellion, self-expression, and personal struggles, ⁣making them highly relatable to fans seeking songs with depth and meaning. Their official⁣ website ⁢can be found here.

Band ‍2: Fear, and Loathing‍ in Las Vegas

About​ the Band

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, often ⁣abbreviated as FALILV, is a Japanese rock band that incorporates ⁣elements ‌of electronic music, post-hardcore, and metalcore into their sound. With a ⁤unique blend ⁢of aggressive ‌screams, clean vocals, and electronic elements, their music​ seamlessly combines various genres, resulting in a high-energy and captivating listening experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Fear, ⁤and Loathing in Las Vegas shares similarities ‌with Eskimo Cowboy in terms of their energetic performances and fusion of diverse musical styles. Both bands ‌successfully incorporate electronic elements into heavy music, creating an exhilarating ‍sound that’s ⁣hard to resist. If you enjoy the ​electronic-infused metalcore sound of Eskimo Cowboy,‍ Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas is a ‍band​ you shouldn’t‌ miss.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas’ lyrics often explore introspective and emotional themes, offering a sense of ⁤catharsis for listeners. To explore more of their music, visit⁤ their ⁢official website here.

Band 3: Crossfaith

About the Band

Crossfaith is⁤ a Japanese electronicore​ band known for⁣ their fusion ⁣of heavy metalcore and electronic music. Hailing from Osaka, the band has gained international recognition for their intense and electrifying ​live performances,⁢ coupled with a unique blend of aggressive screams, rap verses,​ and electronic elements.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What ​sets Crossfaith​ apart and ⁤makes them⁢ comparable to Eskimo Cowboy is their ability to seamlessly incorporate electronic elements and heavy, aggressive music. Both bands deliver high-energy performances that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re a fan of Eskimo Cowboy’s fusion of heavy music and electronic elements, Crossfaith is⁣ a band you need ​to check out.

Paragraph ⁢2: Furthermore, Crossfaith’s lyrics often revolve around themes of resilience, overcoming⁤ challenges, and societal issues, adding depth and ​substance to their music. Their official website can‍ be accessed here.

Band 4: We Butter The Bread With Butter

About‍ the Band

We Butter The Bread ‍With Butter, often shortened as WBTBWB, is a‌ German band known for their eccentric and playful takes on metalcore and deathcore. ‌The ⁢band ​combines⁣ heavy riffs and breakdowns with melodic elements, creating a ⁢unique blend that’s both heavy and catchy.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What makes‍ We Butter The‍ Bread With ​Butter comparable to Eskimo Cowboy is their ability to infuse heavy music with a touch of‌ humor and playful‍ energy. Both bands offer‌ a​ blend of aggressive screams​ and catchy melodies, resulting in ​a sound that’s memorable and infectious. If you enjoy⁢ Eskimo Cowboy’s mixture of​ heavy and melodic elements, be sure to give⁣ We Butter The Bread With Butter‍ a listen.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, We Butter The ⁤Bread With‍ Butter’s lyrics often contain ‌humorous, tongue-in-cheek themes and ​imaginative storytelling, making their music a fun and enjoyable ⁣experience. Their official website can be found ‌ here.

Band 5: The Browning

About the Band

The Browning is an American ‌electronicore band that combines elements⁤ of metal, techno,⁤ and industrial music. Known for‍ their‌ electrifying live⁤ performances,​ the band infuses⁣ heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, and electronic samples, creating a sound that⁣ seamlessly merges aggressive metal and infectious electronic music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Eskimo Cowboy, The Browning successfully blends electronic elements with heavy ‍music, resulting in a unique and exhilarating sound. Both bands​ offer ⁢a high-energy experience with massive breakdowns, aggressive screams, and infectious electronic beats. If you’re ​a fan of​ Eskimo‍ Cowboy’s electronic-infused metal sound, The Browning is a band you can’t afford⁤ to miss.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, The Browning’s lyrics often⁣ touch on themes of self-reflection, personal growth, and overcoming adversity,⁤ adding an introspective layer to their music.⁢ To⁣ explore more of⁢ their music, visit their official website here.

Band 6: Oomph!

About the Band

Oomph! is a German industrial metal band that has been active ⁣since the⁢ late⁣ 1980s.⁤ With‍ a career spanning decades, they have⁢ continuously evolved their sound, incorporating various elements of metal, industrial, ‍and electronic music. Oomph! is known for their intense and ⁤energetic⁣ performances,‌ combined with dark and provocative lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Oomph! shares similarities with Eskimo Cowboy in terms of⁢ their⁤ industrial metal sound and provocative lyrics. Both bands infuse heavy guitars, electronic textures,⁤ and aggressive vocals to‍ create an intense and captivating atmosphere. If you appreciate Eskimo Cowboy’s ​dark and edgy style, Oomph! is a band ‍that should be on your radar.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Oomph!’s lyrics often ​explore complex emotions, societal critique, and personal struggles, providing a​ thought-provoking and‍ introspective listening experience. Their official website⁣ can be accessed here.


These six bands ‍offer a ⁢variety⁣ of sounds ⁤and styles that are akin to Eskimo Cowboy’s energetic ​and dynamic​ music. Personally, for me, these bands have provided hours of entertainment and have expanded my musical horizons. From my experience, if you enjoy Eskimo Cowboy’s unique fusion of heavy music with electronic ​elements,⁤ you’re bound to find something to love in Hollywood Undead, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, Crossfaith, We Butter The Bread With Butter, ‍The Browning, and Oomph!

So go ahead and give these bands a listen. Explore their albums, get lost in their captivating performances, and let the music take you on a​ journey. In ⁤my opinion, discovering new music is one of the greatest joys ​in life, ‌and I hope this article‌ has ⁤introduced you to some incredible bands that will bring you as much enjoyment as they have brought me. Enjoy the​ music,⁤ and rock on!

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